O's Fantasy Comes True Groups

A surprise from her partner means Orla gets to experience and enjoy one of her ultimate fantasy…

It was fresh Thursday Autumn morning , Orla was on her normal 6am walk around her favourite route beside the lake. She loved to come to the lake as It was always so quiet nobody around and the views of the city are the best around. It was a typical morning walk , trees starting show signs of Autumn , leaves turning beautiful bronze colour and the sky also filled with colour but not a beautiful blue skies of last few days but more a stunning reddi… Read more

Gangbang!!!! Groups

Sara has always had a fantasy of being gangbanged, just pure raw sex, being taken by a group of lusty men and made to climax over and over again. I've tried to arrange it through people we met on here, but could never get the numbers at any given time. Recently the chance came and it was just out of the blue, we were on a weekend break and went to a lap dancing club for a bit of fun. While there we met up with a football team that were on a weeke… Read more

New year Groups

Sarah my partner and I was at one of many parties over Christmas and new year, we had been out earlier and went to a house party with some friends. Late on into the night there was just Sarah and two other girls left, my friend Paul was getting off with one of the girls and took her to one of the bedrooms to fuck her. The other girl was passed out on a seat, oblivious to the music and laughing going on around her.
As Sarah is teetotal she was … Read more

Slag wife Groups

My wife Lisa has a slutty friend, very slutty. The kind of girl who one brought 5 guys back to our place one night and stayed in the sitting room below us all night with them.
Anyways they went out on a girlie night out and when Lisa came home she was in some state, blouse not buttoned right, bra missing and a fanny tht was so sticky tht I cud only dream of doing it to her and her ass was opened, I was so angry but got me so fucking hard like I … Read more

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FF & FFM Groups

Well it started off as a fantasise and became reality, i had been bi curious for so long that I was gagging for it to happen. Both myself and my hubby are highly sexed and he was delighted I wanted to extra spice. We choose a sexy thirty something lady with fab breasts and a lovely shaven pussy and boy just chatting with her had me dripping.

So one weekend, she came for naughty weekend, when she arrived it was just me and her and I was soon ki… Read more

Lucky John - Part 4 Groups

John had thought his day couldn’t possibly get much better, but he was wrong. As the day progressed he realised that this was possibly going to be the best day of his life. The day was spent in a whirl of laughing, fucking, drinking and more fucking, more drinking, bar-b-que’d food by the pool and then a little more fucking. Luckily Claire and Alison had stocked up on wine and beer for the weekend and by late afternoon the party was in full f… Read more

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Lucky John - Part 3 Groups

John spent a very enjoyable hour fuckin his sister in law before Claire got up. Alison was sucking the last few drops of cum from Johns cock when his wife walked in.
“You guys look like you were having fun?” Claire said casually. “We sure were baby” John answered, “I hope you dont mind?”
“I dont mind sweetie, you can fuck my little sisters pussy as much as you want, just keep enought for me”.
“Oh baby I’m always going to b… Read more

Lucky John - Part 2 Groups

Luck John – Part 2

John was confused. He had just enjoyed the most mind blowing oral sex that he’d ever experienced in his life, but Alison wouldn’t take his cock in her pussy. He knew she wanted it, she obviously wasn’t shy, but something had held her back. Maybe she had been overcome with guily about sucking the cock of her only sisters husband, but he didn’t think so. Something was wrong and he couldn’t figure it out. A little l… Read more

Lucky John Groups

John wasnt happy. It wasnt that he didnt like Alison, he did. After all what wasn’t there to like? At 23 she stood 5’ 6” tall and weighed a little under 9 st. With her long black hair, a fit toned body and the most fabulous tits he had ever seen (and he had seen a few over his 33 years) she was quite a sight. Plus she was good looking, intelligent and fun to be with. No, what was making John unhappy wasnt that she was here, or that he had t… Read more

topless Groups

we were on the beech it was hot i was feeling very horny i asked my man to rub cream on me he got on top as i lay faced down opened my top and rubed cream on my back i could he was gething hard he rubed and rubed and rubed it made me so wet his hands would make there way down the side of my tits ooooooooh how i wanted him to touch them he rubed my legs as he went higher and higher it drove me mad for cock he moved away and we lay there me still f… Read more

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First time swap Groups

Im gonna make this story as short and interesting as possible..........
6 weeks ago my girlfriend Yvonne and I went out with our friends John and Shauna for dinner. We all got pretty drunk and ended up back in their place.
About a year ago I confided to Yvonne that I fantasised about watching her having sex with another guy. We have always had a wonderful and adventurous sex life but she seemed a little shocked at first.
After a while, she be… Read more