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Second MMF

"Things go further"
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Thanks for the feedback on Pt1, yes this is all true.

So after our fun night, I didn't hear much from either Emma or Dan for a few weeks. I saw Dan out one night but we were with our wives so didn't get much chance to chat about the fact he'd cum on my face, lol.

A couple of weeks after our fun, Emma sent me a message on Facebook asking about setting up a website for the business she was working on as I'm in Web design. She included her number and said to give her a call.

Taking my phone to a quiet part of the office I dialled the number and was surprised and disappointed when she answered chatting about the site and was very professional. I'd begun to think that I was the only one of the trio into a repeat when she said "come over and chat about it on Friday at 7pm. I'll say it to Dan."

From that Wednesday afternoon to Friday crawled and all I could think of was a repeat of the previous time. I took a half day from work, went home and got cleaned and changed before heading to Emma's in a cab, telling my wife I was off to a mates.

When I got there she was greeting me at the door with a soft kiss, looking amazing in pair of black leather trousers and a red silk blouse. I asked where Dan was and she said he'd be here at 8.30pm, but we had to get ready.

Confused, I asked what she meant and she said that she wanted to make me look my best, handing me some hair removal cream. She told me that she had told Dan to do the same and got me to put it on my pubes, ass and stomach. I had to admit I liked the sensation but didn't really consider what to say to my wife.

I went to put my clothes back on but Emma stopped me and said she had clothes for me to wear, taking my hand and leading me to her bedroom. There in the bed was a set of underwear. Matching blue bra and g string and a pair of black stockings. I assumed they were for her but she said "those are my gift to you" and held up the underpants.

I was speechless, but really intrigued so slipped them onto my newly smooth balls and hardening cock. She noticed my cock and pulled the panties aside and began stroking me as she kissed me.

From there, the feeling of her kissing me, the silk and lace and my horniness just made me willing to do anything for her. With my wife I'm very dom but Emma could have got me to do anything.

She pushed me onto the bed and took my cock in her mouth and began playing with my balls before running her finger to my ass again. I was in ecstasy and unconsciously pushed my ass to her hand as she slid inside me. In seconds she had hit my g spot and I was moaning uncontrollablely and cumming in her mouth.

I lay back and Emma began sliding the stockings on to me. She held up the bra and asked did I want to remove what little hair was on my chest. Like I said, I was under complete control so did just that and pulled the bra on when I was smoothed.

She took me to a mirror and asked what I thought. My mind at this point is racing. A few weeks ago I was completely straight and now I'm crossdressing for my best friend? But really what I thought was that I liked it. The feeling of the clothes, the taboo nature of it and mostly how I looked. My ass looked nice and I knew Dan would want me so I was happy. I asked Emma did she have any heels I could borrow. She was surprised but happy to hand me a pair of black 3 inch heels and I thanked the world that I have small feet that I was able to wedge into them. I was unsteady in them at first but managed to stand by the mirror taking in the view. Emma saw this and came to kiss me saying "you've got lovely lips. I'd love to paint them sometime".

I have always been really attracted to women who wear nice makeup, so at the time it felt completely natural to say yes. It was only 7.50 so we had time.

Sitting me at her dresser, Emma went to work, covering my face in primer, foundation, a highlighter and blush before taking a lip pencil and outlining my lips, which are nice as she had said, and putting a red lipstick over it as she whispered to me "I bought these for you", letting me know the plan was working.

She took out some hairspray and managed to get my short hair to resemble something of a pixie cut before showing me the results.

I was blown away. I don't think I was fully passable, but I looked really good.

Emma handed me a blue wrap dress and said that "ladies must look decent, even if they're not" and as I slipped it on, the doorbell rang.

She told me to go downstairs and answer it, so I wobbled down the stairs and made sure it was Dan before opening the door and letting him in.

Eyeing me up in the hallway, he just said "wow" and leaned in for a kiss...

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