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I never knew I liked that taste

This all took place during the single days of my early thirties. I was hopeless at meeting girls on night's out and in fact had very few sexual partners other than a couple of long term relationships where the sex had always been boring, or at least had g...

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My head sliding down You standing Against the wall pining Blind of what s happening. You feel my hand On your neckCarressing. Feeling a sensation of Cold running A ice in my hand Rubbing your tits Hot and cold feeling. My head going down Slowly In your ba...

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Wet Knickers

My Delicious Mrs

When I came upstairs I was ready to go to bed. We were both tired after a long day so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the bedroom door and saw what was waiting for me. Joanne was kneeling on the edge of the bed, ass up and face down. She was wear...

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Fucked in the Woods

Little Blue Knickers

When Joanne told me that she had tried dogging with a previous partner I was, as she says herself, less than impressed. I was jealous and annoyed but after I digested the information, and masturbated about it multiple times, I found myself wanting give it...

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1st Gangbang

Hotel Fun with 4

We were away for a dirty weekend in Athlone when this happened. It wasn’t planned which made it even more kinky for some reason. We had a romantic meal and a few drinks in the restaurant and then went to the hotel bar. After a few more drinks I went to th...

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Well where do I start...just seperetated and had taken in a couple of lodgers .... Yes you wish me too ...but no a couple of lithaunian labourers ... So any way we got invited to house warming in an apartment... We arrived on time a bottle of vodka in han...

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My Mrs and I had been together for 8 years. It took a while but I finally confessed that I loved thinking of her fucking another guy while I watched. She was reluctant at first, I think she thought I was trying to catch her out, but eventually she told me...

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Long time ago me and my partner were invited to wedding in a really nice hotel so we decided to make a bit of a weekend about it so stay Friday wedding Saturday and home on Sunday Friday came and few drinks with artner and bed nothing to exciting wedding...

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Fun in Toilet

Every guys fantasy

This happened many years ago myself and my gf were out watching one of my old football clubs playing and we headed back to a nearby pub to had few drinks I offcourse was driving so I insisted that she have a few drinks we new all the lads as in my playing...

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Next morning

Co-worker The next morning... I woke up next morning to her naked, the duvet was partly covering her, I could see those breasts I had sucked on and felt last night, the duvet went down exposing one of those legs that I had over my shoulders. I was hard st...

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Just the Two of Us and a Couple of Friends

Foursome for the first time part one

It’s late in the evening we’re sitting in a nice bar sipping on a relaxing drink…. “You look good enough to eat” you whisper in my ear. “That better be a promise” I laugh as I see our new friends order a drink at the bar. When they join us at the table I...

Hi guys I have to tell you about our night While mr c and I (mrs c) have had some lovely meetings with both couples and singles I reveal this one Last weekend we booked a hotel in Athlone and had been chatting to new member 12 over the week What he was of...

Shore Leave on Risa

Star Trek Fan Fiction

Lieutenant Pickering materialised at the designated coordinates. He was here at last. He was finally here on Risa, the pleasure planet, or so he'd heard. The planet where inhibition was scoffed at and freedom to enjoy pleasure was his hosts only concern....

A Surprise Visit

Oh hi, whats up?.....Shut up and let me in

Working at home, house to myself stuck into a work problem when I hear the door bell. Out to answer and i see its my sis-in Law, we have a bit of a love hate relationship, do i need this now? I open up and say oh hi whats up? Reply is a sharp "shut up and...

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Another few weeks passed before I was asked to join Laura and Paul again. We had by chance met up in the sauna again and they asked if I could join them that evening, I didn't have to asked twice. We made our way back to their house and Laura disappeared...

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