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What a Hot exciting night it was . Me and hubby are new to this swinger stuff. We know some places that it is happing at , so we decided to go for a drive and check things out . We sat in the car talking and watching the view. Cars in and out but nothing...

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Over night bliss

Unexpended surprise to a new experience

Well what to say, I'm a middle aged man and a bit overweight. Usually I live a simple quiet life...... But not this night I work as a sales rep and often have to stay away visiting clients. It's not as glamorous as it sounds, I sometimes l stay at holiday...

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Fantasy 2

Yes please🙏🙏

I was at a charity function and was introduced to a beautiful women hot body dressed very well and long dark hair. Midway through the party I started a conversation with her where I discovered she was a Massuse. I thought there was a spark between us so I...

Take me now

Help make this happen

While getting a BJ in an adult theater, I felt a finger press against my bare ass. Curious, I turned my head to see who had touched me. To my surprise, I was looking at a black female. She was at least six feet tall and was wearing a white, sexy, low back...

Hi all. I'm not even sure why I'm writing this. I think I'm bored or it might be somewhat freeing or some nonsense like that.I'm a secret crossdresser. Only one other person knows this...........and had a lot of fun with it. This is no more. I started out...

To See Her

Read on, she’s waiting there

People peer into their phones, students stare at each other’s phones jostling for seats and avoiding adults. Some laptops come out. A woman with long pink fingernails pads the keys faster than I can think. Work, school, errands, medical appointments; the...

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Deprived of sight, deprived of sound, silk binds you to a leather bench, you know you're in the dungeon by the damp and musky stench With anxiety building in you fast, you love this kind of play, sensory deprivation is the order of the day You're startled...

I was out in a local bar at a birthday party, I went to the birthday boys house party afterwards and his neighbour was in, he asked if I wanted to go into his house with him so i did, with me being naive and alot younger than him, we went straight up to h...

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A usual Sunday night, get the kids to bed, run a bath for myself to relax and read a book with some wine, hubby in the bar watching the football with a few pints, that is until he lands home and I hear more than one voice while I'm laying in the bath with...

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Late night outdoor fun

Casual night out takes a sudden public sex turn

It was a Saturday night out on the town, a few pubs followed by the usual relatively quiet nightclub for a final few drinks. I was out with a couple of friends and everyone was having a good time. Towards the end of the night I returned from the toilet an...

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Sky guy

Fix my TV

Hi Well, let me tell you this. So last week my sky tv decided to stop working leaving me no option but to call sky, after 40mins on the phone I eventually got a visit booked to get it fixed. Well 3days later and I get the knock on the door, (well fuck me,...

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“Please”, we both nod enthusiastically, “don’t let us interrupt your fun!”. With that, I see Paul reach across to Tina’s lap, and she moans with pleasure. I’m seated behind Tina so I can’t see what’s happening, but her sighs of pleasure make it clear that...

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Horny gf

Horny gf

My fiancé Claire is size 10 brunette real looker always grabbing mens attention especially with her dd tits and good looks 33 yo . While out one days she was wearing see tru leggings and her big rack she was turning heads that day I was getting very hard...

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First-Time Swingers - Part 1 - We Meet

Car trouble turns into an unexpected opportunity

Faye and I are in the car, heading for a naughty weekend away. We're both single, with a frienship based on respect and trust; but for the past year we have been sexual partners, getting kinkier and more daring as time passes. Our respective kids are all...

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Married Lady

Best ever

Well seem that it is work Christmas party season at the moment I’ll share a story from my own work Christmas party from a few years ago. So because we all worked in the hospitality industry our Christmas party was held after Christmas, we all met up in ou...

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