Drunk wife Fact

Crazy nite…

My wife is 39 years old, we're together 15years and I can get a little bored. She is slim good looking but can't hold her drink. She gets very nasty with drink on her and always wants to have sex with me at the end of the nite. The sex is usually awful, just hard work with no end result for her as she does be to drunk to cum. On this nite we stayed in a hotel in dublin and to cut a long story short we where back in the hotel bar chatting with an… Read more

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Hot Yoga Fiction

Two doors down…

For the third time in a week the delivery man dropped the wrong mail to my door. This time it was for a neighbour. Having just moved in I was glad to see an incorrect package dropped for a change. This one was intended for the sexy milf that lived two doors down. I didn't mind delivering this one in person.

As I walked up her driveway I could see she was taking part in a workout in her front room. I rang the doorbell and waited for her to arri… Read more

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My Dream Meetings


I have dreamed of having a few mem and women fuck me for a long time and have discussed this with himself.
Well we arranged a weekend away last weekend and a bit of time for ourselves.

We were in a rented house in the Midlands. And we were playing and he was fingering and licking me. About 9pm he went out the door and I was sitting on the couch . Next I know he comes back in to room and says to me this is ahem and I said hello

N… Read more

Red Head From Co.Donegal Fiction

David , while at friends Beach house Party suddenly eyes are transfixed on stunning Red Head and evening turns into amazing evening…

He stood at the front door of the Beach front home of his best friend, he had just pressed the bell and can hear the party going on inside as the Sun was just starting to go down.

Trisha, long time girlfriend to his best friend , opened door in a stunning red dress ....

" David you made it , perfect James will be delighted he is on Balcony.... looking very swish may I add " Trisha said

It was a classy Black Tie event and David was in a… Read more

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Best friend cheated on her bf with me Dogging

One night that destroyed relationship…

I used to be really good friends with girl called Sophie till one night.
We we're both working till 8 pm on a saturday evening, I was driving us from work to home, We've agreed that her house is empty as her parents left for holidays, we might drink that night.
I was totally up for it, drinking with best friend is always going to be a good night. I haven't thought that this night will destroy her relationship. Quick jump for alcoholics drinks … Read more

The Chronicles of Alex Cross Dressing

young guy discovers his feminine sexual side…

As College had finished and early summer arrived Alex spent most of his day lounging around the house and garden whilst Mum was away at work , a very successful business woman also very independent and sexy , Alex's father had passed away when he was a very small child so it was just him and Mum .
A few weeks after his 18th birthday Alex had met Julia a very interesting and a bit weird also she was a bit Goth'y and wore lots of heavy dark m… Read more

House mate in uni Fact

Caught in the act…

Back when I was in uni I shared a house in belfast with 5 other people. I only knew one of them before moving in. I had a gf and she would come down to visit me and stay over 2/3 times a week. One of the girls who lived in the house was quite pretty and I had worked out in a very short time liked male company alot. One night when my gf didn't come down I was lying in my roof half asleep. My house mate came home quite drunk and she barged straigh… Read more

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Friend in a new light 3 Cross Dressing

Fucked my friend…

Me and Jeff have been at it like rabbits for few weeks now recently we were at a friend's wedding I asked him to ask Laura could he wear her panties under his suit thinking it was for her benefit she said of course.
When we were drinking later on our own Jeff said Laura was horny at thought of him wearing her panties that she gave him a blowjob on the way to hotel as he drove.
He came in her mouth and said when she kissed him after he could tas… Read more

Click+Collect Other

A story with a kinky twist in the tale...…




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By Sally_Rod OP Find posts by Sally_Rod TV/TS
2 weeks ago


"You look like you're off to the nightclub, not the local corner shop..."
"Well, you know I like to keep up appearances, we all need to make an effort during lockdown."
As I touched up my bottom lip with another d… Read more

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Trying to bring back my teenage years Fact


I am married with 2 children and I'm 33years old. I have my own business and I work from home. 2 years ago a friend asked if her friends son could do some work experience with me for 2weeks. I really didn't want this as I work from home and I didn't like the idea of someone else being in my house. But I agreed to do it. The first day paul arrived he was wearing tight tracksuit bottoms with his lunchbox protruding through his bottoms and a t-shirt… Read more

South Dublin Wife Fact

It happened...…

I previously told a story (Handjob Heaven) which happened in November 2019 between an old friend, his wife and me. The whole Covid19 thing in 2020 made catching up awkward so when the first opportunity arose, I made my way back up to Dublin. I was staying over at my friends and thankfully there was no awkwardness over the sexual exploits from the previous November. With the pubs mostly closed it was pointless going out so we just got beer & wine … Read more

Friend in a new light 2 Cross Dressing

Fucked my friend…

After we had something to eat and had cooled down we both had a shower we shared it and played a bit in there too my first time sucking cock was probably helped by it being so clean Jeff sucked me to and rimmed me as well which was weirdly sexy tbh.
When we were finished he said give me 2 mins in the bedroom to get ready he called me and when I came out he still had the wig on even in the shower because I told him I'm not into blokes blokes if y… Read more

Friend in a new light Cross Dressing

Fucked my friend…

Hi I am a straight male who is in a happy relationship I do watch a lot of porn on my phone lately the usual stuff wasn't doing much for me. I started to look up cross dressers and femboy some of these vids are insanely hot. I have looked at gay porn but when I look at a man I don't feel anything sexual however this femboy/ CD stuff has me so horny.
I jokingly mentioned it to my mate telling him this stuff is hot to watch.
He was pulling my leg… Read more

Cheating. Fact

All men cheat…

I worked in a shoe shop up until last year. My boss was the ultimate sleaze bag. our uniforms,white shirt very loose around the boobs and a short black mini skirt. He had fucked most of the girls that had worked in the shop at one time or another. He used to get one of us to stay back on a friday to do a stock take. This would be him standing at the bottom of a ladder with a clipboard while one of us girls would be up the top of the ladder callin… Read more

O's Fantasy Comes True Groups

A surprise from her partner means Orla gets to experience and enjoy one of her ultimate fantasy…

It was fresh Thursday Autumn morning , Orla was on her normal 6am walk around her favourite route beside the lake. She loved to come to the lake as It was always so quiet nobody around and the views of the city are the best around. It was a typical morning walk , trees starting show signs of Autumn , leaves turning beautiful bronze colour and the sky also filled with colour but not a beautiful blue skies of last few days but more a stunning reddi… Read more

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Dream comes true Fact

To good to pass on this opportunity…

Firstly I'd have to say I'm not ashamed of anything that happened in this story. My name is Andy I'm a heavy man not particularly good looking and I'm only 5 foot 7 inches tall. I've never had any luck with the ladies infact the first woman I did have a bit of luck with I married. She is as fat as me. I'd go so far as to say the highlight of our week is doing the weekly shop. Some time ago I got invited to attend a stag in galway. I was unlucky … Read more

Hitch hiker Fact

Hitch hiker…

Driving to a conference the norm music on my chill driving attire for long joureys .ie T shirt and shorts ,I pulled into the service station for fuel and refreshments,
Moving along I noticed a female hitchhiker with a placard with my destination written on it.
Will I .wont I.. I thought it will break the journey.
I pulled in and spoke to her for a couple of minutes. My mind made up. Jump in u have a lift .
No sexuall talk during the j… Read more

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Why do men want to see there wife's fucked Fact

It has to be bigger…

Just reading one or two stories, I can see they are similar to my own. Which leaves me with questions. Not sure anyone could answer them but here's the story. I am married and I have one child and I'm 36 . My husband started asking me if I wanted to be with someone else in front of him to which I replied no but then he started to say that he wanted to see me with someone else and he begged me to do it for him. So I agreed. What I didn't know was… Read more

Be careful what you wish for. Fact


My wife and I have been together for 12years. Extremely happy I would say. My wife is a fitness instructor in her pass life and is now a stay at home mom. I would be a very attractive man, I done part modeling in my teens and early 20s and I've continued to workout and maintain my shape, that's mostly down to my wife. I started to get addicted to porn a few years back mostly films where a guy is sitting watching his wife get fucked I have a very… Read more

Recognised on a Swinger site Cuckold

Wife was recognised by her boss on a swinger site…

My wife and I were contacted by a guy who said he was local to us. He told us he loved the photos of my wife and he would like to meet us for fun. We exchanged several messages including photos of my wife. The mystery guy sent pics of his huge hard cock but none showing his face. We discussed fantasies , his stories really turned us both on. After a few hours of exciting correspondence he sent us a message saying he knew my wife very well. He se… Read more

The neighbors Fact

How did this happen…

There is two reasons i'm telling this story, the first reason is. I've no one to talk too and I need to share it before I go mad. You'll find out the second at the end. Myself and my husband have been together 8years I'm 29. We live in a private housing estate in kildare. We both need to work to pay for the mortgage. 2 years ago the house next door was rented out to a young couple from dublin. We'll call them Jack and Jill. Jack was a real life d… Read more

Lockdown Fantasy 1 Fiction

The first in a series of fantasies, emerging from the current lockdown situation.…

Lockdown Fantasy 1

We all have fantasies. Those situations or scenarios conjured up by our imaginations when we consciously want to be aroused. For the most part, my own fantasies have been pretty consistent for most of my adult life. They involve the same people, dressed the same way, interacting with me in a manner that offers precious little variation from what has gone before. I’ve never really needed variation. They are my fantasies be… Read more

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Xmas party Fact

Don't get drunk…

My name is sarah, I worked as a financial controller for a hotel in dublin. Its an extremely unpopular position as you have every department head looking for more money than the budget allows. So you are forever having disagreements. After awhile it starts to take its toll on you. You feel everyone is constantly talking about you. There was one manager who got extremely angry with me on one occasion, Pierre was he name, he was french and had live… Read more

Mff fun part 2 Fiction

Hotel meet up…

When we got to the room, we didn't waste time taking our clothes off, i admired their bodys giving myself a second to enjoy the moment having two sexy people stood in front of me, the husband sat in a chair close to the bed his big cock in hand and asked us to play with one another as he watched eagerly, we kissed passionately having her toungue in my mouth was making me want her even more, i started to play with her boobs feeling her nipples ha… Read more

Mff fun Fiction

Hotel meet up…

This is fiction for now but hope to make this a reality.
It was a Friday afternoon, I was home alone and horny and decided to go online and chat to some people. A couple who, on and off i had chatted to before invited me to join them in a hotel later that night, I was nervous but decided I'd go, I got dressed up in a shirt black dress and drove to the hotel. As I walked in to the hotel bar I noticed them sitting there in a booth, the man was ta… Read more

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Stranger sex Fiction

yes daddy…

I have coffee in a small cafe close to my work place most days. Ill sit and be distracted my my phone or laptop in a world of my own, but today I noticed my waiter. He took my order like usual but he was smiling and I thought he was checking me out, i brushed it off as me imagining it but could see him looking at me from accross the room, he had a glint in his eye one ive seen on men before, i looked down to check if i could see his cock through … Read more

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Fanstasys Threesome

one of many…

I have many fantasies, as most of you reading probably have too. So this is one that really excites me that I hope I can make a reality one day.

I like the idea of being used its weird i know but the thought of a guy wanting to use me for plessure turns me on , even better than that 2 guys.

I joined a site similar to this one and got messaged off this guy called shaun he was older than me probably in his early 40s and looks strong. His f… Read more

1st time with a girl Lesbian

a crush to remember…

I have always been confused about my sexuality, i love men the strength ,power and masculinity is a real turn on , i love everything about a penis i could spend hours sucking a guy off and get genuine pleasure out of it not that I've ever come accross a guy that could last that long. But since I was a teenager I've always had a fascination with women. There body's smooth , the shape of their breasts and the moans they make when feeling pleasure i… Read more

My neighbour Fiction

hes been watching me…

I live alone in a small estate on the outskirts of town, most of my neighbours are elderly and keep themselves to themselves but a few months ago when the house accross from mine became available a guy moved in his names mark,he looks around 35 dark shaggy hair and black rimmed glasses hes average build and height not incredibly handsome but not ugly either. Hes a little strange though he seems like a loner and I catch him staring at me alot an… Read more

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Ozzie milf Fact

Hot nite…

It's Perth Australia 2015 and onn sat nite me and my 2 mates are out in the city we go into a well known cougar bar now closed 😏 we get chatting these 2 sexy lafus about 55and 58 one of them is not very keen and keeps saying we have kids your age we were all around 26 then as the nite goes on the 58 year old keeps flirting with all 3 of us eventually she says let's go all the while her mate keeps saying no let's go home there 2 young etc but … Read more

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