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Meeting with other swingers can be an experience is that not often forgotten. The build-up, anticipation and excitement of an encounter is what makes swinging meets a special erotic practice. Meetings tend to be planned in advance, but a spontaneous encounter can present many sexual thrills as well.

Finding other swingers is a process that this site makes incredibly easy to do; you can easily use the site's search facilities to find your ideal partner(s) to explore your own inner sexual desires. The site has connected thousands of partners together with some fascinating stories discovered.

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One evening a good few years years ago my husband ( now ex husband ) decided we were going to go out to lunch to a hotel a five minute walk from our house , we couldn’t decide what we wanted and when we looked at the carvery selection, all the food looked...

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I have dreamed of having a few mem and women fuck me for a long time and have discussed this with himself. Well we arranged a weekend away last weekend and a bit of time for ourselves. We were in a rented house in the Midlands. And we were playing and he...

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Practice Nurse

Professional Conduct

Practice Nurse It started, I suppose by accident, like a lot of things do. It was my practice nurse who asked me if I’d examine her vagina late one evening just as we were closing up. She’s 28, fit, athletic and well-toned. She works out 3 times a week in...

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New Couple (4)


So i am going to finish up as i do not want to bore everyone to death with every meeting. A lot of our next meetings followed a similar vein. Turns out she liked dressing up and showing herself to us. We would sit in the room and by now were comfortable e...

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New Couple (3)

Continuation of meets with new couple

The second meting was a lot better than the first, not only in that i got to participate more but everyone was more relaxed and i suppose i would have been disappointed if they had not got back in touch. I was surprised though to get a call just two days...

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New Couple (2)

Conyinuation of earlier story

So after our first meet I was unsure if I would hear from them agian but a week later they got back in touch asking if we could meet at mine agian. The wife had enjoyed the first time but had been understandably nervous. This time now that the ice had bee...

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New Couple

My experience with a new couple who wanted to experiment

I was contacted by a couple who wanted to experiment and have some extra fun. The wife was nervous and was not sure if she wanted to go too far but was willing to experiment. We chatted and it became clear that she was not up for full on sex but would try...

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Castle On The Hill

Jack struggling Writer for Erotic Magazine needs to come up with Hot Story to his Boss. He finally gets the inspiration while driving home to write about one of his hottest experiences.

“Jack , Hello Jack are you there “ Jack suddenly snapping out his dreaming state then noticing his Boss Jennifer looking at him at the from the end of table. “Oh welcome back Jack nice of you to join us “ Jack noticing now the tone of voice from Jennifer...

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A friend in need

I could never say no to a friend in need ...

After a hard week at work a few of my friends decided to head to pub for a few drinks to celebrate completing a big contract . As I had a car they all travelled with me to a nearby pub . The drinks flowed as the evening got late and some friends left for...

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Horney and pregnant

Once a slut always a slut

Having finished my days work on sales and no more clients to meet I decided to head back to my hotel . Hopped in the shower and changed in to my casual clothes I decided to head downstairs for dinner . The hotel was busy as I entered the cafe but I waited...

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my naturist beach walks became regular weekend get togethers with my new lady friend. who ile just name mary . she called me her nude toyboy .mary was afraid her neighbours would start to notice and gossip so I would park in diferent locations and meet up...

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Woke at 6am it was going to be another cracking hot day .Monday my day off and as a naturist where better to go than the beach before the crowds hit it , coffee into the car and off to enniscrone a long beautiful beach streatching all the way to to river...

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So last night I had a date arranged with a lady I had met through friends over the weekend. She is a super lady and we got on really well on saturday night when we met in a friends house (they were likely setting us up). During the day i text her to say i...

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Me and mrs always wanted to try bi fun we were out one night got chatting to hot cpl at bar of hotel the guy was very hot mrs got turned on straight away, so as night passed on drinks kept comeing them mrs turns too other girl and say is it time for yere...

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self and the girlfriend went to a well known dogging location last saturday night. we had heard about it but never done it. She only been with one other guy besides me. But she is game for a laugh. So we arrived in this fairly big car park outside of town...

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