My Dream Meetings


I have dreamed of having a few mem and women fuck me for a long time and have discussed this with himself.
Well we arranged a weekend away last weekend and a bit of time for ourselves.

We were in a rented house in the Midlands. And we were playing and he was fingering and licking me. About 9pm he went out the door and I was sitting on the couch . Next I know he comes back in to room and says to me this is ahem and I said hello

N… Read more

Practice Nurse Meetings

Professional Conduct…

Practice Nurse
It started, I suppose by accident, like a lot of things do. It was my practice nurse who asked me if I’d examine her vagina late one evening just as we were closing up. She’s 28, fit, athletic and well-toned. She works out 3 times a week in the local gym and runs regular 10k races and cycling events during the summer months. By accident I caught a glance of her changing her clothes one evening before she left the surgery.… Read more

New Couple (4) Meetings


So i am going to finish up as i do not want to bore everyone to death with every meeting.

A lot of our next meetings followed a similar vein. Turns out she liked dressing up and showing herself to us. We would sit in the room and by now were comfortable enough to be naked as she would come in and ask what we thought of her in various stages of undress. One night she ended up in a revealing bikini and touched herself for us which was a new depa… Read more

New Couple (3) Meetings

Continuation of meets with new couple…

The second meting was a lot better than the first, not only in that i got to participate more but everyone was more relaxed and i suppose i would have been disappointed if they had not got back in touch. I was surprised though to get a call just two days later and not from the husband but from the wife and she basically asked if they could over again that night. She said she enjoyed it the last time and apologised that i was'nt being 'Satisified'… Read more

New Couple (2) Meetings

Conyinuation of earlier story…

So after our first meet I was unsure if I would hear from them agian but a week later they got back in touch asking if we could meet at mine agian.
The wife had enjoyed the first time but had been understandably nervous. This time now that the ice had been broken, she was more relaxed and spoke freely about what she wanted.
She wanted me to watch them in a dogging situation and to watch them inside.

So we went outside and they moved their ca… Read more

New Couple Meetings

My experience with a new couple who wanted to experiment…

I was contacted by a couple who wanted to experiment and have some extra fun. The wife was nervous and was not sure if she wanted to go too far but was willing to experiment.
We chatted and it became clear that she was not up for full on sex but would try some soft fun if we could decide on something that would satisfy us all.
Eventually one night I was contacted by them and they wanted to see if I would listen to them have sex on the phone, I… Read more

Castle On The Hill Meetings

Jack struggling Writer for Erotic Magazine needs to come up with Hot Story to his Boss. He finally gets the inspiration while driving home to write ab…

“Jack , Hello Jack are you there “
Jack suddenly snapping out his dreaming state then noticing his Boss Jennifer looking at him at the from the end of table.
“Oh welcome back Jack nice of you to join us “
Jack noticing now the tone of voice from Jennifer is of displeasure.
“Sorry Jennifer , I was just having thought for new short story for next Issue, apologies “
Trying to ease the slight tension in the room.
Jack is a writer … Read more

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A friend in need Meetings

I could never say no to a friend in need ...…

After a hard week at work a few of my friends decided to head to pub for a few drinks to celebrate completing a big contract . As I had a car they all travelled with me to a nearby pub . The drinks flowed as the evening got late and some friends left for home but Michelle decided to stay on as she lived out of town and asked if I’d drive her home later .. We both decided dinner would be nice finish to our evening so we moved to a nearby restaur… Read more

Horney and pregnant Meetings

Once a slut always a slut…

Having finished my days work on sales and no more clients to meet I decided to head back to my hotel . Hopped in the shower and changed in to my casual clothes I decided to head downstairs for dinner . The hotel was busy as I entered the cafe but I waited to be seated . The waiter approached and asked how many I said just one he said they were full and asked if I wanted to wait , as I was in no rush I headed to the bar to pass some time . I c… Read more

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the sandunes continued Meetings

my naturist beach walks became regular weekend get togethers with my new lady friend. who ile just name mary .
she called me her nude toyboy .mary was afraid her neighbours would start to notice and gossip so I would park in diferent locations and meet up on beach and when happy off with garments and walk naked and swim followed by sex in the dunes .mary was likeing the nude beach frolics .one morning as I passed marys chalet I noticed the c… Read more

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the sandunes encounter Meetings

Woke at 6am it was going to be another cracking hot day .Monday my day off and as a naturist where better to go than the beach before the crowds hit it ,
coffee into the car and off to enniscrone a long beautiful beach streatching all the way to to river moy ,backed by sand dunes with a golf course behind them.
6.45 beach was empty .armed with beach towel,swimming shorts on off I set after a few minutes up the beach off with the togs I was f… Read more

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Two in one Night Meetings

So last night I had a date arranged with a lady I had met through friends over the weekend. She is a super lady and we got on really well on saturday night when we met in a friends house (they were likely setting us up). During the day i text her to say i would be a half hour late as i had to meet a new client late in the afternoon and the meeting could run on. I was certain i wouldn't need the extra time but want to cover my ass. She replied tha… Read more

bi night Meetings

Me and mrs always wanted to try bi fun we were out one night got chatting to hot cpl at bar of hotel the guy was very hot mrs got turned on straight away, so as night passed on drinks kept comeing them mrs turns too other girl and say is it time for yere bed yet to which she replied though you would never ask we all went to there room mrs eat her pussy first hot guy sucked me off wow bi fun way too go lol… Read more

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Dogging Meetings

self and the girlfriend went to a well known dogging location last saturday night. we had heard about it but never done it. She only been with one other guy besides me. But she is game for a laugh. So we arrived in this fairly big car park outside of town after 10 pm, there were some street light but a few dark areas which we headed to. Some cars were parked there about five in all, we drove around not really knowing what the scene was. There was… Read more

the rest !!! Meetings

We both lay on the bed ,, not a word sally got up and undressed to her bra and stockings ,, what a vision !! She started to undo my belt and trousers and as she pulled them off her mouth conected with my cock she pulled it out and took it deep into here mouth her eyes looking up to me full of mischief in no time my cock was pulsating and felt like it was going to expode and which she slipped a condom on and sat on my cock and ground her hips to g… Read more

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persistance sometimes pays off !!!! Meetings

After months off email chat and some sexting we finally agreed to meet for a snack ,,,, I was so looking forward to this because the lady in question was married and needed discretion ,,,, and it took some hard graft to get her to agree to lunch ,,,, anyway we met at a hotel miles from where she lived lol ,, we ordered drinks and awkwardly tried to chat ,, online the chat was always risque ,, but sally (not her name) was very shy ,, we got our fo… Read more

Just a little fantasy meeting that a friend and I plan to act out very soon Meetings

You and I have have arranged to meet in Langtons… You are to arrive wearing nothing but stockings, crotchless panties and a peep hole bra under a coat. I walk out to meet you in the car park and as you lean in to pick up your bag I roughly shove 2 fingers into your already wet shaved cunt and slide them in and out fast and hard, making you gasp and your knees buckle a little. I stop fingering you and let you lick my fingers clean before turning… Read more

new fuck buddy Meetings

It was my fantasy come true....
was out recently with a group from work and got chattng up with a group of 30-40 year olds in the smoking area of the local pickup joint. I was not really looking for anything that night but I started to talk to a girl called claire that was in the other group. She was 40 with 2 kids but you would not have guessed as she was still hot and cute. Claire was about 5'3 with heels and wore clothes that hid any curve… Read more

The Booty Call Meet: Part 1 Meetings

Its Wednesday, 5:00; no red dots, no emails, not even a wink. Being a single male sucks on this site. Then, wait for it, the phone buzzes; a text message from X, ‘Hi stranger, are you free for quick coffee’? Yes, I reply; drop by to my gaff and say hi . Thinking there is no chance of a reply, 5 mins later a reply: ‘OK, see you in 30 mins’ ... SHIT, SHIT, SHIT ... will I cancel, will I make an excuse? No, feck it, meet her, as I run… Read more

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What I'd like to do to you........ Meetings

"I have to go here."

"Oh ok so u dont want me to tell u how I'd like to slide down to body and suck our juices off ur cock?"

"Carry on telling me, I'll be driving!"

"How I'd suck u hard all over again suck the juices out of u and continue to electrocute u.
Than straddle ur fading hard-on and tease it back to life with my wet cunt rubbing it back and forth over my clit and wet lips. When ur finally semi hard, I'll suck the tip of ur co… Read more

Long time coming..... Meetings

So the flirty, dirty texts, dirtier pictures had been swapped for a few months. The tension was unreal, we both knew what we wanted but it just hadn't happened.

So there I was in Croke park, beep - picture- beep 'Thinking of you'. Fuck, what a picture, Jen in an unreal dress. She looked amazing. I could feel myself harden, this was the usual response! Anyway, back to the match. Two mins later - Beep - "I'm on the train, I'll be in Dublin at 4.… Read more

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Night club sex Meetings

My partner and I make no secret of our swinging among our close friends.we met up with a few of our friends in temple bar recently and were having a laugh with our mates as you do on a Saturday night when we were introduced to a friends new girlfriend.she was gorgeous slim dark skinned big brown eyes and a dress that hugged her sexy body.we were feeling a bit horny after a good few drinks and as the girls started to dance on a packed dance floor … Read more

blow my fuses Meetings

I had been chatting to *Ian (name changed to protect privacy) for a couple of weeks and had met him for a chat one evening where he impressed me with his wit and banter and although nothing had happened between us , we both agreed to meet again and see where it led . he arrived promptly and we chatted for a while , flirting and laughing , both anticipating what might happen , we fell onto the bed giggling and I reached out my hand to stroke his a… Read more

Part 1 of a great story Meetings

He took one last glance into his rear view mirrior as he wished himself luck. He grabbed the beautiful roses lying on the front seat and slowly got out of his car. He quickly looked around to see if any neighbours were watching. He slowly opened a little black gate, hoping it would not disrupt the calm air. Creeping slowly towards his destination, mixed feelings of nerves and emotions flowed through his body as he turned his hand into a fist and … Read more

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Abby's fancy... Meetings

**This is a piece of fiction**

It was a bright Sunday morning, and Abby was laid out in her bed. Adjusting her eyes to the sun coming through her window, she felt like there was a stone pounding her head. It wasn’t, it was just the beginning of her hangover. Abby had been out with her girlfriends on a Saturday night adventure. Dinner at Wangs, followed by pre going out cocktails at Tosh. They then went to Tickle for more drinks then f… Read more

Days Gone By Meetings

Days Gone By

**Dear reader, I’m going to warn you now this is a long story. If you want to head straight for the sexy time, head down about half way and start there but I know that you’ll want to get the whole story so please, start from the beginning**

It had been a long week for James but it was nearly over. Looking at the time on his laptop screen, he finished up the last few emails for work that needed to be sent out. He said goodby… Read more

First Encounter Meetings

As I step out of the shower, I hear my mobile vibrating on the bedside locker. I quickly glance at the screen and ignore the private number ringing. After a few seconds a voicmail comes through which arouses my curiosity. A softly spoken woman says she is feeling naughty and wants a bit of fun. She gives me concise instructions where to meet and at what time.
As I pull up outside, I feel a mixture of lust and apprehension, how will she look, wha… Read more

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meeting kate Meetings

some months ago i met a lady off this site .. wow she is really something wonderfull....

the meeting was in a local hotel lounge we met in a quiet corner and over a coffee talked about our desires which lead to touching she stroked my now hard chap through my trousers as i rubbed between her legs and round her magnificent breasts her nipples standing large and firm through the cloth .. boy am i hot she says so we decided to me… Read more

Hot air Meetings

As we texted what we wanted to do to each other we became more and more hot & fustrated.
We were not supposed to meet tonight as our partners were in and even texting was pushing it.
Luckily my wife got an invite to go out and your husband had an early morning and went to bed.
Suddenly we both could not wait till tomorrow.
We both jumped into our cars and you raced to where I told you to meet.
You pulled into the layby just in front of my ca… Read more

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dreams Meetings

It was a cold november day. The air was fresh after a recent fall of rain and golden leaves danced along the footpath with a touch of elegance.
He sat on the park bench alone... She was late.The thought of their recent texts messages and flirting notes forced him to concele the bulge forming in his trousers as he longed for her to arrive.
Not knowing what she looked like, he thought of his lips pressed against the tattoo she had placed above he… Read more

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