Underwear removed Romance

No knickers, wet pussy…

I was going to a party with my husband, I was gettting ready in the bathroom, he came up behind me wrapped his arms around my waist, making eye contact with me in the mirror and whisper growled into my ear, you will do everything I tell you to do tonight, straight away I was horny as fuck.
I was wearing a long black dress with a slit up one leg.
He told me not to wear a bra, and as we got to the party he told me to remove my knickers and give… Read more

A Sea of Trees Romance

She walked slowly through this place her senses alive and attentive for every sound, every smell within this ancient place and its shadows drew her in deeper with every step. Her imagination delighted within her senses and where there were roots, moss and branches entwined she saw arms, hands and shrouded figures shepherding her, welcoming her, comforting her in this far off place.
Her senses, a compass and a map of the trails were all that sh… Read more

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The Meadow Romance

“Grandmother, can I get you anything before I leave ? we won’t be long”
“Another glass of wine would be perfect my dear”
“You know you shouldn’t”
“There are many things in my life I shouldn’t have done but indulge an old woman and leave me to these treasures”

Siting in her armchair sipping her wine, her bones were tired but her second glass of Spanish Rioja warmed her body and she looked across and the book cases tha… Read more

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The Artist Romance

In her naked stillness, there was infinite peace, expanse, transcendence. Her body contorted like a beautifully broken corpse on the concrete floor.

The first 10 minutes were the hardest. Her body wanted to move, her muscles longed for fluidity, but she transformed her impulses into the release of abeyance. It required both her thoughts and her physicality to completely submit to her will. The only restraint was her own, the room, and the men… Read more

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Visit to Her Office Romance

Oh James had pictured Trish at desk feeling herself after the morning Sexting they both had. James couldn’t get the thought of me being on those moisten lips Out of his head. So he headed into work on his day off, there was a few people at their desks and James said Good Morning.

“ What brings you here this morning James on your day off “ one of the fellow workers ask ....
“Patricia ask me in for meeting said be only 10 - 20mins.... H… Read more

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The Glass Desk Romance

Was a typical Monday morning meeting at JusJoc Architects and all the departments head people sitting around the large company Glass Desk as the Boss Trish was given us the update on the Big meeting company had on Friday.
Trish today was looking so different her Hair was down and even though still wearing suit and shirt it was more casual top button open and shirt more looser not her normal rigid self. Oh she is a task master , you never want to… Read more

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staircase sex Romance

I Sat at the bottom of the stairs waiting for you too come find me ... the hotel we were staying at was fairly posh and we had been turning each other on all day .
We had fucked that morning but had decided not to go again , We wanted something a little kinkier and explored the hotel this afternoon and found this area ... after dinner and a drink you told me go wait for you ....

So here i sat on the bottom step of the staircase, legs spread … Read more

Home Early Romance

It had been a long day, starting badly and becoming steadily tougher-a typical Monday I guess you could say. At least I had finished work an hour early and would have some time to relax before my wife got home from work, or at least that's what I thought until I turned the corner and saw her car parked in front of the house. Even better i thought - we would have time to chat before dinner- a nice change.
As I opened the door and headed for the … Read more

Fires Rekindled Romance

The sun sone brightly on that morning as she lay back on the balcony and allowed her mind to take her back to the trip she would never forget, the man she never savour again, the electric rythms that shook her world and made those memories sweeter than any chocolate coated strawberry and more fulfilling than any gourmet meal she had ever or would ever taste again.....It all began on that chilly day that hung on the edge of Autumn, while the scene… Read more

synchronicity Romance

making polite conversation, candles burned on the table, casting pools of dim light through the room, music softly playing in the background. We sat ... listening to the mundane nuances of our respective days, and I allowed myself to recline into the chair... your eyes met mine, we were not strangers, we were familiar with each other, I had not seen you for some time , in a delicious moment, i recalled the taste of your lips , the touch of your h… Read more

Last Letter In The Alphabet Romance

The evening began at her house where he picked her up and whisked her off to dinner at his place. As they arrived at the house, it was getting dark, and there were no lights on in the house.

He opened the front door, and, after taking off his shoes and hers also, went around the house lighting candles along the hall and in the rooms they would be occupying. After leading her into the dining room, he left her waiting in the dining room while he… Read more

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our 1st fuck Romance

i met mr slut in a popular dublin club when i was 18 and he 19 we were instantly attracted i asked him 2 dance and he said yes as we danced i could feel his stiff cock through his jeans pressing against me,that nite we kissed passionately as we danced i wanted him inside me so much my pussy was so moist as we made our way outside but i held back as he slid his hand in my knickers not yet i said as i waved for a taxi home with my freind.on our 1st… Read more

maiden voyage Romance

I met a fanastic man in a wine bar the other niteand he invited me out on his boat the next day.
it was the perfect day for a trip on a boat i thought as i pulled my black bikini on.

i turned round and there was ben that was his name dressed in swim shorts and holding a bottle of wine!
i walked towards the boat and i started to get a little moist as i seen his hard cork waitin 2 pound me hard.… Read more

Let's be together Romance

Tender skin,
soft under my finger tips.
Dark eyes that watch my touch,
closing only when overtaken by pleasure.

A pretty face,
framed in soft hair.
Unpainted lips,
responsive to my gentle kiss.

Full round breasts,
youthfully eager for attention.
Each nipple firming
to my loving touch.

Soft smooth skin,
tender on inner thighs.
Shapely legs open
to my gentle persuasion.

Delicate secrets revealed,
hungry to … Read more