Written by jezzy67

21 Mar 2015

I Sat at the bottom of the stairs waiting for you too come find me ... the hotel we were staying at was fairly posh and we had been turning each other on all day .

We had fucked that morning but had decided not to go again , We wanted something a little kinkier and explored the hotel this afternoon and found this area ... after dinner and a drink you told me go wait for you ....

So here i sat on the bottom step of the staircase, legs spread wide my pussy lips glistening as per your request , my dress hiked up my panties were in your pocket since dessert .....YOU stood in front of me your legs squarely planted,your hands gripping the oak twin banisters of the staircase of the hallway.

Your cock and balls hanging, out of the opened zipper of your pants. Smiling i eyed the bulging cock that stared me in the face and remembered your warning and my task ahead , I had to be careful not to spill a drop of your cum on your pants or you would punish me .... usually i loved you to squirt hot cum on my cheeks and chin!

I licked my lips with anticipation, my mouth watering at the though of doing it here in a public place we both loved this ritual of love and lust

I loved the scent of you, burying my nose deep into your balls. inhaling deeply, breathing in your musky sexy scent now slightly spiced with the soap you used during our shower earlier.

I preferred the raw scent of you. I open my mouth and you feed me your stiff cock between my lips. I hungrily swallowed you cock,my green eyes grinning up at you . i hear you moan and let out loud groan and your cock begins to twitch with a life of its own. I Quickly take your cock beyond the back of my throat and hold you there, savoring the feel of you. My nose pressed hard against your tummy and I grab your ass to push your cock even deeper into the tight confines of my throat.

I swallow hard my throat tightening over cock as you thrust hard in and out,,,,,,,,,, You grab the back of my head and urged my mouth to swallow your cock again just how how you like it . I moan your name hard and you shut me up , taking you deep into my throat while swallowing again around your cock.

loving the feeling of your cock being squeezed while being kept so deep in my throat.I slide my mouth up and down your cock, keeping my lips tightly wrapped around you, throat open, so you are being deepthroated over and over again. I could feel your cum beginning to rise, your sperm precumming as usual all over your cock

I cup your balls with one hand as my other grabbed your ass cheek and hold you close against my mouth. I looked up at you and see the look of exquisite pain stamped on your face. your eyes shut and your mouth opening and closing gasping for air . your groaning my name over and over , rocking back and forth on the balls of your feet. I knew were so close - very close.

I slipped my hand from underneath your balls and joined my other hand grabbing your ass. Now with both hands pulling your cock deeper into my mouth, , taking you deep in one swallow I begin to swallow around your cock, hearing you scream above me I feel the cum gush up from your throbbing cock and explode deep into my throat. i keep you there, holding tight, while swallowing you again and again. Finally, out of breath, I released your quickly softening cock, panting and gasping for air. You looked down at me , your face flushed and sweaty, as i gently lifted your cock and inspected it. my tongue searched out the last drops of cum , making sure to i keep your pants clean.

Jesus," you say stuffing your glistening cock and balls back into your pants. " You are fucking amazing!"

The End