Caught in the Act Fact

Taking a Lover to our bed.…

A few years ago I'd been seeing Daniel for hot sex and to be honest I couldn't get enough of him. So when Jim, my hubby, told me he was having a night out with the lads I took the chance and invited Daniel round. After some chit chat we couldn't keep our hands off each other and in no time his shorts were round his ankles and my little red panties were off with my bra pushed up around my neck as he sucked my boobs while fingering my soaking puss… Read more

Leaving room for dessert Fact

A meal to remember…

We were out on a rare night out and had a couple of drinks before heading to our favourite Italian restaurant. We were greeted by the owner and shown to our favourite table in the dimly lit booth. The owner brought us over a bottle of champagne and told us his nephew would be looking after us this evening. He's only new here he said, so be nice..
A few minutes later, a tall tanned smiling waiter appeared at our table. He couldn't help but stare … Read more

Tesco's Fact


I love dressing up when I go out even to Tesco's . We have a 24 hour store open do I dress to please the workers at night. I wear my see through red blouse with a black bra on clearly seen through my blouse. I am 40D bust I onbutton my top buttons to show my huge clevage . I wear my black seamed stockings red seamed to match my red tight Lyra mini skirt. My suspenders clips showing through my skirt. I wear no knickers to show off my big arse. My… Read more

Would you believe Fact

Have we got more time, yes she replied, huskily, we are going to need it…


She led me down the corridor, to a room to the right , at the end, a guest room, I guessed, the curtains were tightly drawn, a double bed dressed only in a white sheet with a single pillow, soft light from a lamp beside the bed , where I noticed a bowl of oil placed alongside.
We undressed each other very slowly, I unbuttoned her blouse, her huge breasts contained in a black lace top bra, cupped in a soft see thro… Read more

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Would you believe Fact

Everytime I look at you, I want you to fuck me really hard…

She lives close by, round the bends, up a hill , on the other side, a deep glen only, divides us.
I cycle quite a bit , she walks a lot , our paths crossed, a hello, a smile, she looks damn good,
always in a tight shirt and ski pants, late thirties with huge breasts and a gorgeous butt.
I did notice when we stopped to chat , she often pushed her breasts forward noticeably, I looked forward to meeting her , I think we subconsciously… Read more

The House invite Fact

Invitation to First meet at House…

Margaret and I had exchange good few messages and after few phone calls we both decided to meet up.
I went to her local village to meet her and the exact location to be kept secret. her main problem was that she is in a small country village that every know knows who is going and stopping . Bits of busybodies . So the first invite was simple introduction and and planning for other events.

We both arranged to meet again and go out to the… Read more

First Time Fact

First time to fill my wife’s mouth with Cum…

First Time

Myself and my wife went away for a dirty night alone, and i had full intentions of making the most of that, it wasnt long when we were in the hotel room that we were both naked and lying on the bed, kissing and touching each other and before i knew it i was on my knees on the matress playing with her clit, she was rolling around the bed with every touch, she then leaned up onto one elbow and took my cock in her mouth, so i was playi… Read more

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Wanking for a stranger Fact


Few years ago I had been chatting to a woman on here for a few weeks. She was married and was only looking soft fun so one day she messaged me to say she would be passing my area and ask me if I was horny. So after exchanging messages for a wile she asked how adventurous was I and would I be up for a challenge so naturally I was intrigued and asked her what she had in mind few minutes pass then I get a message to go to a certain car park and get … Read more

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Stay Quiet Fact

Horny on the bus…

I was on a late night bus journey, the bus was extremely full and other passengers were falling of to sleep. Snuggled up close to my husband,
he looked over at me with a very naughty glint in his eyes, he slid his hand inside my top pushing down my bra and softly rubbing my tits & nipples. He whispered in my ear to pull up my skirt and spread my legs open, he started to rub my pussy lips and clit very softly and very slowly through my knickers. … Read more

A Once Off... Fact

Handjob Heaven…

Living down the country, I ventured up to Dublin one Saturday afternoon on my own to catch up with an old friend. He said goodbye to his wife and we headed for a few early pints, soccer on the tv, usual lads stuff. After a couple hours of drinking we started to walk back to his place. When we arrived back, his wife was still awake in her pyjamas and in the sitting room watching tv. It was obvious she had a few glasses of wine aswell. Shes early 4… Read more

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Waited long time for this Fact

True story…

This happened when i was married but now seperated , a good few years ago now . Ciara was a lesbian. When we were introduced, my husband told me that she was. I'd known other lesbians throughout my life but there was something different about her. We hit it off immediately and became the best of friends. Whenever my husband and I got the chance to go and hang out at our local pub ,Ciara was there as part of the group of friends that meet up but n… Read more

Fire ? I Fact

You never know your luck…

Having finished a big contract I decided I needed a break and headed for the sea for a few days . Enjoying the break and scenery I decided one night to go and have a few beers no work in the morning so no worrries about getting up early . Being off season the bar was quiet so I headed to bed early .I drifted off to sleep and I woke to the sound of an alarm, jumping up I checked the time it was 4 am. I rushed to the door to find the hallway full … Read more

My ex at a party circa 2006 Fact

I always thought I had a faithful wife, I'll let the reader tell me whether its the case or not…

My wife (ex now) and I were at a party several years ago, a house warming where everyone was drinking and having a great time. There was lots of intermingling and the reality was there were few people I knew whereas Sue knew nearly everybody. It was one of Sue’s work colleague’s party, so she was busy chatting and talking. She was also a manager there so there were members of her team there. After several hours’ numbers started petering out… Read more

christmas story Fact

christmas story…

hello all .... this happened just before christmas ...... we live in ennis . we are together some years .....Mary and i just do the normal things in life but things changed somewhat at christmas all started with my sister asking could her 19yo son leave his car at our place so he could meet his friends and spend a evening in town ,,,,,,, they live in the country about 15 miles away ....i said yes ,,,,,, he was going to staying with one … Read more

Still Teasing me at work Fact

The next meeting…

We move to the next meeting, im only thinking about licking nibbling and teasing that sweet pussy, making you moan for me to fill you so don't realise you corner me by a pillar slightly out of view... the meeting starts, its a plant one so lots there. Soon as the speaches begin i feel a hand pull at my zip, i look round and no one looking at me. I see a smirk on your face as you reach in and stroke me, i start to stiffen as you stroke and rake yo… Read more

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Tales of the unexpected Fact

Part 2…

…..........So after I pulled out of her she asked me for the condom with my cum in it she tied a knot in it and put it in to her handbag. Apparently it was going to be a ‘gift’ for her fella. She then told me that we were invited round to her friend’s house so we got dressed and set off stopping at an off licence on the way we got some beer & wine. When we arrived at her friend’s house there was a party in full swing, a few neighbours i… Read more

Tales of the unexpected Fact

First meet turns into an epic night…

Part 1
As I sat in the hotel bar waiting for my hot date I drank a bottle of beer and then another and soon after another as my date was late. I was confident that she was coming as we had been chatting online & whatsapp for a few weeks but I was getting a little bit uneasy as I drank beer & waited. My phone pinged and the message read 'be there in 5 minutes' so I asked her what her tipple was. I had just received her glass of wine to my table w… Read more

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Four at the mount Fact

A great foursome in the summer…

We aranged to meet this couple down at
A.well known dogging spot ..mandy if i recall..blond about 45 big tits and her boyfriend or fuck bubby about 15 years younger than her. We all took abit of a walk around the picnic area talking aload of balls and then went back to my carliz got in the back and mandy got in beside her and they bother left there doors open. Mandy coxed me over to her with a smile while liz just opened her legs and exposed h… Read more

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Sis in law Fact

Sis in law jealous of sis getting some…

I'm married now about 10 years. My wife's sister was a year younger than her and before we were married would often go out on nights out in our company. One night around Christmas we had been out and my now wife's mother was away for the nite so the plan was for me to stay the night with my wife at her house. So the 3 of us got home in taxi. We went into the living room and my wife wanted to go bed as she was a bit worse for wear. She went to bed… Read more

one two many Fact

few to many at the pub…

well this story maybe unbelievable but it is true me and a few friends went out for a few drinks and i haven't been out in a long time so i was looking forward to it so the hubby was looking after the kids as i got ready i got more and more excited and going out and letting my hair down i got ready and kissed the hubby goodbye and ran out the door in to a waiting taxi and i was gone i made it to the pub and saw my friends and the good girls ther… Read more

First experience Fact

So been in my mid twenties and from Mayo I was a normal ass. But even for been an idiot I did have a really hot girlfriend. She was independent and did not put up with shit from anyone.
Anyway we booked a holiday in grand canary and stayed in a hotel with a lot of other young couples. Been the age boys are dumb I would get really possible of my girl and her going topless. She had great d cup breasts and I could tell all the other guys were al… Read more

the shopgirl finale Fact

kate was likeing all this new stuff I was doing to her .she only ever had sex with her husband john before.a man who only thought kate got her needs by him mounting her and filling her with his seed .so I decided to come back the next nite with kates approval .
this time I brought the goody bag ,armed with vibrating anal beads a vib and lube
after a lot of kissing foreplay etc .it was time to rim her lovely bum .working my tonge properly had … Read more

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the shop girl part 2 Fact

kate had met me at the door no bra on just her knickers ,where is john I asked, the thought of a 3 sum racing in my head .
he is down in cork for the week helping his brother painting his new home.we were alone I knew kates breasts were beautiful although always with clothes over them but seeing them bare wow gave me an instant erection and it was instant.
before I got a word out she simply said get undressed and fuck me .and when she said fuck… Read more

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the shop girl Fact

growing up in a small rural town getting my first paid job in the local shop at 18 .2 married men and one married woman about 30 there to show me the way of shop life .kate was a beautiful looking woman great breasts and poured into her jeans .
coming into work was a joy always hopeing to catch a glimpse of her breasts when she stooped down . always wearing loose tops there was plenty of quick glimpses of what was off the menu. toilet breaks … Read more

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A tease at work Fact

I am standing at her desk hands on the edge looking at the issue we trying to solve and then feel her press against my hand with her leg. Next i feel her slide closer and i feel her push harder against me. I push my hand a bit closer and start pulling her skirt up slowly not to draw the attention of our boss and colleagues. I feel her leg rub against mine so reach up and stroke her pussy through her damp shear pantties. I hear a slight gasp and … Read more

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Caught Fact

My car broke down coming. From Belfast. I jumped. On. Bus i sat beside. A mature. Lady as tbe bus got out in the country. The driver switched off the inside lights it was winter. It was a old bus no. Heating. The lady beside me had a skirt on big tits nice face she must have been feeling. The cold becuse she took a blanket. From her bag and send do you mind if i put it over both. Of use its very. Cold so she did i fell. Asleep. And when. I woke i… Read more

Married Woman Fact

A brilliant find... 33 and stunning looking brunette. She wasn't a 10/10 but a a close 8 or so and had a killer body. She was a friend of my work mates and she would be at most of our nights out. For about a month I didn't pay much attention to her because she was married but after some time we became good pals and would text and stuff.

I couldn't help but wish I could get with her. One night after a few drinks I asked her what she's doing g… Read more

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Desire Fact

Married 4yrs very much in love and very possessive and jealous. My husband and I bought a house in kildare. We had a slightly older couple for neighbors we were in are late 20s and were in there late 40s with kids. She was beautiful stunning he was starting to let himself go. We kept are distance as you do. I knew she was very glamorous but I didn't see her as competition until I seen my husband's phone, he had text his friend Philip to say he ha… Read more

The Fart That Almost Ended the Marriage Fact

My two favourite things are laughter and lust – each enhances the other and I love it when they go hand in hand.

My second husband (I’ve been married twice) and I had a great marriage. It was open and evolved as we wanted it to over time. My first marriage ended because I fell in love with a girl, so I refused to marry my second husband unless I could maintain my bi-sexuality. Just as important to me was how much we made each other laugh … Read more

Christine Fact

I can’t remember the exact moment that we met. I can’t remember because everything up until the moment she looked at me was so insignificant, it couldn’t have mattered. I wish I had known it would matter, so I could have savoured the build-up and replay it over and over in my mind.

“Jennifer, this is Christine, our new receptionist,” echoes in my mind when I relive, in slow motion, the moment I turned without a care into Christine… Read more

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