Written by Anonymous

28 Sep 2008

i met mr slut in a popular dublin club when i was 18 and he 19 we were instantly attracted i asked him 2 dance and he said yes as we danced i could feel his stiff cock through his jeans pressing against me,that nite we kissed passionately as we danced i wanted him inside me so much my pussy was so moist as we made our way outside but i held back as he slid his hand in my knickers not yet i said as i waved for a taxi home with my freind.on our 1st arranged date i was still gaggin to feel his cock inside me so i wore my sexiest underwear as we finished dinner n headed 2 a club i pulled him into a shop door way where i got down on my knees and unzipped his already hard cock and started to tease his cock with my tongue before i gently tugged as i sucked and licked him,he pulled me up and lifted me up against the door and pulled my knickers to the side as he slid his cock deep into my wet pussy and fucked me ragged as the odd passer by heard my cries