The Chronicles of Alex Cross Dressing

young guy discovers his feminine sexual side…

As College had finished and early summer arrived Alex spent most of his day lounging around the house and garden whilst Mum was away at work , a very successful business woman also very independent and sexy , Alex's father had passed away when he was a very small child so it was just him and Mum .
A few weeks after his 18th birthday Alex had met Julia a very interesting and a bit weird also she was a bit Goth'y and wore lots of heavy dark m… Read more

Friend in a new light 3 Cross Dressing

Fucked my friend…

Me and Jeff have been at it like rabbits for few weeks now recently we were at a friend's wedding I asked him to ask Laura could he wear her panties under his suit thinking it was for her benefit she said of course.
When we were drinking later on our own Jeff said Laura was horny at thought of him wearing her panties that she gave him a blowjob on the way to hotel as he drove.
He came in her mouth and said when she kissed him after he could tas… Read more

Friend in a new light 2 Cross Dressing

Fucked my friend…

After we had something to eat and had cooled down we both had a shower we shared it and played a bit in there too my first time sucking cock was probably helped by it being so clean Jeff sucked me to and rimmed me as well which was weirdly sexy tbh.
When we were finished he said give me 2 mins in the bedroom to get ready he called me and when I came out he still had the wig on even in the shower because I told him I'm not into blokes blokes if y… Read more

Friend in a new light Cross Dressing

Fucked my friend…

Hi I am a straight male who is in a happy relationship I do watch a lot of porn on my phone lately the usual stuff wasn't doing much for me. I started to look up cross dressers and femboy some of these vids are insanely hot. I have looked at gay porn but when I look at a man I don't feel anything sexual however this femboy/ CD stuff has me so horny.
I jokingly mentioned it to my mate telling him this stuff is hot to watch.
He was pulling my leg… Read more