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Discovery of Exhibitionism

"watched while cross dressed"
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Published 5 months ago
By the time I was around 18 I was crossdressing almost all the time I could , I had progressed to makeup and even a couple of wigs, my wardrobe had increased in size 10 fold and mum's things were nearly safe from use apart from the odd suspender belt or bra , she too had become more relaxed and accepting that her son had not turned into the manly he man but more of a feminine stockings wearing get down on your knees for a hunky he man type of person , one particular day whilst home alone and dressed in just bra panties stockings and suspenders with 5 inch heels and wandering casually around the kitchen with a semi erect smooth cock protruding from the black lacy panties I noticed quite by chance a lacy net curtain move from the bedroom window of the large house that backed onto our garden some 25 yards away , It was then that I realised that the tree's that secluded our rear garden had been cut back and cleared, affording a perfect view of our entire kitchen via the huge patio doors we had on the rear of our house as the sun was just in the right place and without appearing to look as I moved to the right of the kitchen I could see the shape of a person obviously male tugging like mad on an erect penis I presumed , I walked to the rear of the kitchen as I thought about the situation , if I looked directly at him it would probably ruin the situation or should I just carry on as before not giving away the fact that I knew I was being watched , the latter seemed more fun and more erotic , whoever the owner of the house was had obviously caught a glimpse of me in the winter months and had the trees cleared after that , I walked back into plain view I could just about tell he was still there , I picked up my phone off the breakfast bar and pretended I was on a call I stood at the patio windows and stared at the flower beds still pretending to talk I pulled down my panties and shimmied out of them all the time saying cum on you horny old bastard look at my naked cocked in stockings , I was so turned on I masturbated like mad with my left hand whilst holding the phone with my right , I really acted out the scene and eventually exploded spunk all over the patio door glass , I just kept cumming and cumming it was so horny knowing he was probably spunking all over his bedroom carpet , I lay against the glass for a few seconds the turned and sexily walked away my round naked bum must have looked so inviting to anyone watching as I bent over and lingered for a second to pick up my panties from the floor.

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