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The Chronicles of Alex

"young guy discovers his feminine sexual side"
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Published 1 year ago
As College had finished and early summer arrived Alex spent most of his day lounging around the house and garden whilst Mum was away at work , a very successful business woman also very independent and sexy , Alex's father had passed away when he was a very small child so it was just him and Mum . A few weeks after his 18th birthday Alex had met Julia a very interesting and a bit weird also she was a bit Goth'y and wore lots of heavy dark make up and clothing with big holes in her tights and stockings , she seemed very liberal about everything she was due to arrive in a few minutes around to Alex's house and as this was only their second kind of date Alex was a bit nervous , after sitting and chatting about music , college etc Julia piped up come on then lets see your bedroom , Alex blushed a bit , my God he said it could be a complete mess , probably not as bad as mine she replied as they went up the stairs Julia said out load your mother must be well fucking rich , its a mansion , Alex just smiled as he led the way and pushed open his bedroom door , yes its nearly as bad as mine Julia laughed as she picked up a pair of black undies off the floor mmm sexy she said Alex blushed again , Julia threw herself onto the bed as Alex stood and stared not knowing quite what to do , oh my God she said your a virgin "wow" this is amazing , Alex said its ok you can go if you want " No fucking way " Julia said just stand there , Julia eased herself back on the bed and unlaced her her boots and tossed them onto the floor , she wiggled out of her shortish black skirt to reveal her black tights that seemed even blacker beneath the nylon in the gusset , Alex was just about to say something and she said shhhhh , so he didnt and just kept watching , his penis was rock hard in his pants , Julia whipped off her top to reveal massive flobbly tits in a black bra , she was a plumpish girl but very sexy , she shuffled back on the bed a bit further with her back against the wall , licked her fingers , opened her legs wide and with both hands and fingers ripped a big hole in the gusset of her tights revealing a beautiful very hairy pussy that was gaping pink down the center , Julia proceeded to lick her fingers and stroke her wet pussy occasionally inserting a finger into her vagina , come here Alex she said , Alex moved forward take off your pants and top she said so Alex slipped off his T shirt and hurriedly unzipped and dropped his pants to the floor along with his briefs , Fucking hell Julia said that's a big cock Alex , she reached forward and grasped it pulling Alex forward as she did, he couldn't stop and his cock began to spunk uncontrollably , with cum shooting all over Julia's face and tits , oh fuck she screamed and laughed as she kept tugging hard on him and the cum kept coming , putting her lips over the big hard cock Julia sucked the last remaining spurts of hot sticky cum from Alex's throbbing cock after eventually releasing his cock from her mouth Alex began apologizing , don't be silly Julia said that was fabulous , lay down on the bed here , Alex laid down beside her , Julia began fondling his Cock and balls and kissing his nipples Alex just laid back enjoying it after a short while Julia who had been exploring Alex's whole body said to him do you know you have a very feminine body , Alex replied how do you mean is that bad he said " No " she said I love it but your completely smooth apart from your pubic hair , do you shave she said of course I do he said trying to defend his manly honor " no you dont she said your face is smooth as silk , stay there she said wheres your mum,s room, 3 doors down Alex said on the right , now what are you doing as she and her big wobbly tits bounced out of the room , Julia entered , Jane's room and went into the ensuite sure enough there was a razor and gel she returned to Alex and went into his ensuite and returned with a hand towel and a beaker full of water , right she said spread your legs bitch , Alex laughed and did as he was told , Julia began to shave his man pussy as she called it , There she said that's the front done now flip over and stick your cute bum in the air and spread your legs , which he did and Julia shaved the crack of his peachy white bum , mmm all nice and smooth now she said and mmm I see you like that , what he said , you know she said she , touched his anus again and Alex's cock twitched again , mmm she said as she lean't forward and tongued his smooth ass hole , oh fuck Alex sighed and shuddered that's amazing , by now his cock was rock hard , Julia fingered and licked his hole as she milked his 8 inch hard cock , don't you fucking cum she said till I get this big boy in my juicy cunt as she kept tugging downwards on his dick, you fucking love this she said don't you bitch , oh my god he said I fucking love it , fuck Julia said I would have brought my strap on if I had known or maybe my friend David with the real thing , Julia physically turned Alex over , stay there she said and keep wanking that cock she disappeared out of the bedroom again and was back within a few seconds get these on bitch she said " what the fuck Alex exclaimed are those Mum's yes Julia replied as she rolled up the black stockings on Alex's smooth girly legs , and the bra she said sit up , I feel stupid Alex said well you look amazing to me Julia said as she pushed him down onto his back on the bed , climbed on top and slid his big cock right up inside her and rode the ass of herself for 15 minutes soaking him and mum's stockings , the two of them shuddered to the most amazing climax , after a minutes silence , Julia said whens your mum next out , Monday he said , what all day she said , yes Alex replied , want to have some real kinky fun she said , I suppose Alex replied as the last dribble of spunk ran down his leg .

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