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Friend in a new light 2

"Fucked my friend"
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Published 1 year ago
After we had something to eat and had cooled down we both had a shower we shared it and played a bit in there too my first time sucking cock was probably helped by it being so clean Jeff sucked me to and rimmed me as well which was weirdly sexy tbh. When we were finished he said give me 2 mins in the bedroom to get ready he called me and when I came out he still had the wig on even in the shower because I told him I'm not into blokes blokes if you know what I mean.. He didn't mind and the sight in the bedroom was sensational he had full lingerie set on again but this time it was red with her crotchless bumless panties on he looked so hot. I kissed him and our hands were everywhere I copped a tube of lube on locker and put some on my fingers as we kissed I dropped my hand down the back of his panties and started fingering his ass. After a few mins I removed his panties and started to play with his hole with the tip of my cock which was leaking precum at this stage. I eased it into him and after the initial squeeze it felt so good I softly fucked him and his groans told me he liked it too. We kept fucking for about 5 mins and I was getting close I slowed up the sex so I could reach around and take over his wanking for him he turned around and passionately kissed me at this moment in time nothing else mattered. We were both so into each other now and talked as we fucked I undid his bra as at this stage I was in his ass and I didn't care what I was looking at I undid his suspender belt and he rolled down the stockings all he had on now was panties and wig. As we continued to kiss I said let's see how it goes with no wig as my mind was playing tricks saying he needed to look like a woman for me to stay hard. Wig off now and im still rock hard in his ass I smiled and then said shit maybe I am a but gay after all but it didn't matter cos his tight ass had me in a trance he joked maybe you are more than a bit gay I said shut up as I increased my stride deeper in his ass than I thought I'd get I wasn't gay but I liked this a little too much. My mind raced thinking about my girlfriend but every thought was nullified by my cock in my friends ass and how good it felt. I told Jeff in gonna cum in your ass soon but I want you to put plug in again because we might get another fuck in before we run out of time he said OK and told me to hold his hips and fuck him hard til I cum I was ramming him so fucking hard now and it was so hot my mind wondering what would my girlfriend do if she walked in on us but my answer was I wouldn't care because I had to finish this in his ass. I weirdly spanked his ass as I blew my load in my best friend's bum and I admit now I fucking loved it and my thoughts were thinking how can we keep doing this without anyone knowing. Now we have broke the boundary of this bi/ gay sex we agreed we want to enjoy it for a while before we try to get Laura to fuck both of us we don't want to ruin what we have by rushing the cuckold part of it. We did fuck again before I went home and I took his crotchless panties with me as well as gemma s. The following week at the gym while we showered there was no one in there I walked behind Jeff and rubbed my cock against his bum to tease him he draped his arm back behind my head and kissed me were we getting brazen now as things heated up in there and I was on verge of entering his ass we heard voices coming so had to cool things down although we had to cover our hard ons with a towel as we left. While getting dressed I gave the crotchless panties to Jeff in his hand and told him if he put them on I'd meet him in woods on way home to finish what we started there was no one around so he gave me a quick French kiss before saying he would see me in the woods. We did meet and had great sex again I sent him home full of my cum to his girlfriend who had no idea we were having an affair which is what we had to call it at this stage because I was fucking Jeff twice as much as my own girlfriend at this stage I still won't say im gay because I love pussy too so I'm confused but very satisfied at the moment and Jeff is happy too withlaura he can be a man but with me he's my little femboy as I always insist he wears women's panties while we are gonna fuck. Part 3?. What do ye think?
John D

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