Connolly station Gay

While recently traveling to drogheda I had an hour to kill at station was late and quiet. I went to the toilet n into last cubicle. Noticed some holes in wall n took a peek there was an older guy playing with himself so I finished n left. Saw him come out 10 minds later. Had my coffee n went back in. Went same cubicle. A few minds past n heard somebody go next door. Saw this eye looking thru n stood up showing my cock. A hand came under wall so I… Read more

Beach Bum Gay

So here comes another true story from my somewhat exciting sex life.

Last summer I was in west cork on a day off. I had decided to head to a particular beach down west that is well known for being a gay cursing area during the summer. I arrived at the beach, parked the car and walk into the dunes. I was wearing a pair of board shorts and a tshirt and caring a towel. I walked along the dunes and saw a couple of guys topless in the long grass a… Read more

Naughty Bi Guy Gay

So this is my second story and again a true one. As you will see from my profile i am a bi guy and i do enjoy the man on man fun i have had. A few months ago i started chatting with a guy on here (bob, not his real name lol) and we got on very well. After a few days of chatting on and off we decided to meet up in a cafe in Cork city for a coffee and to see how we got on. The meeting went well, we had got on great chatting about rugby and other co… Read more

Cycling buddy with benefits, Part 2 A quick ride! Gay

Both Shane and I work from home which is convenient if the weather is conducive to an unscheduled training session. Shane works for a multinational company so does do the business trips abroad every few weeks.
One Monday morning about 8:30 am he texted “fancy a quick ride”, he had been in France for a week only arriving home Saturday evening. I told him I be ready by 11:00 am, asked where he wanted to go, two hours available and meet him at … Read more

Cycling buddy with benefits Gay

After years of being active playing various sports injury and eventually knee surgery resulted in me taking up cycling. As a new cyclist I was too fit to be considered a beginner but not technically strong enough for the local cycling clubs so I needed a cycling buddy. Luckily a neighbour was willing to show me the ropes.

Shane was mid-thirties, married and big into his cycling, flash bike and all the gear. He was an active type but normally i… Read more

straight lad Gay

Hi all, well i'm back with another story, this time my story starts last winter, it was around 2 or 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon, while i was out pottering about in the garden i heard a lot of shouting coming from a building site a few hundred meters down the road, i stood up to see what was going on, and i could see two men arguing and another man came over to them and there was some more arguing and then one of them left the site, i couldn't … Read more

my fantasy 2 Gay

Hello again, well its been a while but here's part 2.

Well as you know from the first part i was used and abused, raped and buggered by four dirty , smelly old men, they showed no mercy, i was just their plaything to do with as they wanted. Its been a few hours since i was gang banged by those fuckers and my ass is just recovering, wait i hear noises outside, its them, fuck, i think to myself, they're back for more, fuck, fuck, fuck. the doo… Read more

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my fantasy Gay

Hi all, this story is something i have been thinking about for a while, i am sitting on a park bench on a summers day, no body around, just me, when next i feel a sharp pain in my head and i pass out, next thing i remember is coming around and i'm tied up, naked and lying on some hay in a shed, my hands and feet are tied and i have a collar of some sort around my neck and a heavy chain going off my collar to a large eye bolt in the wall, what the… Read more

my first time Gay

Hello again, i hope you liked my first story, well i'm going back a good while for this one, while using a public toilet, having a shit, i started to read the writing on the walls and door that guys had left and some phone numbers, i found i was getting hard and thought to myself, am i gay, id like to try this, why not, so i made up my mind that i would try it. That evening i went to one of the places written about on the toilet wall, i don't mi… Read more