Written by mayoman

11 Jul 2015

Hello again, well its been a while but here's part 2.

Well as you know from the first part i was used and abused, raped and buggered by four dirty , smelly old men, they showed no mercy, i was just their plaything to do with as they wanted. Its been a few hours since i was gang banged by those fuckers and my ass is just recovering, wait i hear noises outside, its them, fuck, i think to myself, they're back for more, fuck, fuck, fuck. the door opens, i hear one of them say,* there it is, what do you think *, the other one says,* fuck man, you really fucked him up*, the first man says,*never mind that, its not a beauty contest, do you want to ride the cunt or not*, the second man says, *how much*, 50, says the first man, ok says the second man,* there you go*, and with that the second man walks up to me, undoes his pants and grabs my head, turns my head, removes my gag, replaces it with a strong wire thing that keeps my mouth wide open and then rams his cock in my mouth, without saying a word, he skull fucks me for a while, gags me a few times, he pinches my nose so i cant breath, he enjoys almost suffocating me, he does this a few times, when he is nice and hard he pulls his hard cock out of my mouth and goes to my ass.

I hear him spit so i guess he is going to fuck me, sure enough i feel the hard cock head against my hole and without any word he rams it in me, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck i scream a muffled scream, the pain is unbelievable , * shut that cunt up* he shouts to the first man, who does just that and sticks a smelly rag in my mouth, i guess its an old sock or briefs or something because it tastes foul, but that's the least of my worries, this guy is pounding my hole for all he is worth, fast and deep into me and he has a big enough cock too, the others were about 6 or 7 inches i guess but this guy was a good 8 inches and fairly thick, he was pounding me and i felt every bit of it.

He is getting even faster now and i'm still in pain, wishing he would cum already, he is too big for my poor hole, this is the biggest cock iv ever had, and he is hurting me real bad, although i'm gay i would never have a cock this big in my ass. He is fucking me so fast that his cock slips out of my ass, but he just shoves it back in with force, i have tears running down my face by now but this guy just keeps fucking me faster and faster, he starts groaning now and driving his cock into me for all he is worth, he must be getting close to cumming now.

Finely he gives an almighty thrust and empty's his load in my ass, he grunts and another thrust and another and another, he rests on my back for a while, i feel his cock go soft and after a little while it slips out, i feel him rub his limp cock on my butt and he stands up.

* Well worth it* he says to the first guy, *any time* says the first guy, *we'll hold on to this one for a while, we'll make a few quid off him before we get rid of him* the first guy says, with that they leave.

An hour or so later i hear more noise outside and sure enough the door opens and i hear footsteps behind me, by this time i'm too weak to try to move or resist, i haven't had any food or water in a day or two, this one is different though, it one guy on his own.

He speaks to me, so they found a new one eh, i was hoping they would, this guy sounds young, a teen maybe, but either way he is only after one thing, my ass, and he wastes no time getting down to work, he climbs on board and sticks his cock in me, he is not too big, about 6 inches, he starts breeding me like a rabbit, he is very fast, i guess he is in a hurry just in case he might get caught i guess, he only takes a minute or two and he is done, but he dumps a huge load of cum in me because when he has gone i feel a lot of cum running out of me.

Well that's all for now, i hope you liked my story, as always i welcome feedback, good or bad and don't be afraid to leave a comment or suggestion, what you would like to do with me if you found me in a shed, tied up and naked with a blindfold over my eyes, its just a bit of fun, not to be taken too seriously, just harmless fantasy. I hope to hear from you all soon.