14 Feb 2017

So here comes another true story from my somewhat exciting sex life.

Last summer I was in west cork on a day off. I had decided to head to a particular beach down west that is well known for being a gay cursing area during the summer. I arrived at the beach, parked the car and walk into the dunes. I was wearing a pair of board shorts and a tshirt and caring a towel. I walked along the dunes and saw a couple of guys topless in the long grass at the back of the dunes. I walked over near them and lay out my towel about 20 feet from them. I knelt down on the towel which meant that they could only see the top half of my body in the grass. I stripped naked and lay there sun bathing and thinking about how i was going to approach them. Even though i was sure they were there for the same i was but i was still a little nervous. After a few minutes i knelt up again and spotted the two lads looking over in my direction, so i decided to stand up and give them a look at what was on offer. I felt a little stupid standing there completely naked but it worked. One of the guys waved me over to them so i went to pick up my stuff and he shouted "leave them". I did as he said and turned and walked over to them. When i reached them i noticed that they were both wearing shorts and had towels on the ground. They indicted to me to sit down which i did and they politely said hi and we started chatting. They asked me what my role was so i told them that i was vers but rather being bottom and that i was often very submissive. They both liked the idea of me doing as i was told which i agreed to do completely. Both men then lay on their backs and told me to pull out their cocks and start sucking. Both me were quite large, about 6.5 to 7 inches, one very thick and the other average. I really went to town on there cocks sucking and deepthroating as hard as i could while pulling the other guys cock to keep him hard. I was rock hard and dying to wank my cock but everytime i went to do so they would pull my hand away. After a while it was time for them to fill my hole. The average sized guy said he would go first so he could "open my hole for the monster to fill after". He climbed up behind me and spat on my ass hole, using his finger to wet the inside of my ass. I could feel the head of his cock sliding over my ass hole and slowly he slipped his cock into my ass. I moaned as he stretched my ass out to fit his cock and pushed all the way in. I could feel his balls touching off mine so i knew he was fully inside me. Slowly he started to push and pull his rock hard cock in and out of my ass getting faster and faster with every push. I could see the larger guy was solid watching his friend fuck me so i asked if i could rim his ass and suck him. He turned around and pull my face straight into his ass hole. I licked and rimmed his ass and pulled his cock back through his legs and sucked hard while being hammered from behind. The guy in my ass then suddenly pulled out and told the larger guys to start riding me. They switched positions and i started to rim the second guys hole while the large guy climbed behind me. I felt his cock head teasing my hole, then he pulled my head back and whispered in my ear " i'm going to be easy at the start but i am going to abuse your ass and fill you with cum". He slowly slipped the monster cock into my ass opening me wider than ever before. I moaned and groaned as he started to pump my ass and soon he was at full speed fucking my ass hard and deep and pushing my face deep into the other guys ass. In a quick move the second guy turned around and stuck his cock in my face. He pulled my jaw down and pushed his cock right into my mouth, i took ever inch down my throat. The feeling was amazing , having a monster cock hammering my ass while having a nice sized cock pushed down my throat. Both guys were going hard and i knew they couldn't last much longer. I wasn't wrong, the big guy was first to cum, his fucking got longer and harder and then he blew his load. His breathing got really fast and i felt him fill my ass hole with cum, he slowed but didnt pull out. I could hear him kissing the other guy and then he started to push deeper into my throat. I wasnt sure if he was going to pull out or cum in my mouth when suddenly he pulled back and shot his first load straight into my face then pushed his cock back into my mouth and came again and again. I swallow every drop he gave me. I could feel the large guy pull out of my ass and the cum starting to run down my balls. Both me then lay out on the towels while i knelt in front of them. They both started to laugh and thanked me for pleasing them. As i knelt there with cum all over my face and running down my leg they asked me if i wanted to cum? I said i would love to but only if they were finished with me. They said they were so i wanked myself off while they teased my ass hole and nipples. Once i came i stood up and walked back to where i had left my clothes and i could hear the guys saying they would like to have more fun with me. Standing there covered in cum feeling like a filthy male whore i turned to them and said i would gladly please them any time. After i cleaned myself up i walked back passed the two lads and gave them my number. We have had a good bit of fun since with me being their filthy toy everytime.