Written by mayoman

28 Feb 2015

Hi all, this story is something i have been thinking about for a while, i am sitting on a park bench on a summers day, no body around, just me, when next i feel a sharp pain in my head and i pass out, next thing i remember is coming around and i'm tied up, naked and lying on some hay in a shed, my hands and feet are tied and i have a collar of some sort around my neck and a heavy chain going off my collar to a large eye bolt in the wall, what the fuck i think to myself, i cant speak as i have a ball gag in my mouth, then i get a sharp pain in my head again, i must have been hit from behind and carried here, where ever here is.

As it starts to get dark i hear a noise outside, four men come in, he's awake one of then says, they laugh, they gather around me, i try to speak but i cant, my gag is doing its job, "what" says one of them and then laughs and kicks me in the ass, i try to scream but i cant,the one of them picks up the chain and lifts me up off the ground by my neck with it,"ok faggot your ours now and we're going to have some fun with you" with that he punches me in the face and i see stars, i fall to the ground with a thud and i groan with pain then he says "right boys i'm first", then he pulls out his cock, starts wanking until he is hard, its a nice cock, not too big, he flips me over on my stomach and lies on top of me, he stinks of stale sweat and fags, he's an old man with dirty old clothes and wellies with splattered cow shit on him, i can feel his breath and i can honestly say he never used a toothbrush, he starts feeling my ass and next thing i know he rams his cock right up my ass, again i see stars with the pain,no spit or lube, nothing, i try to scream but all i can do is try to wriggle away, he tells the others to hold me still and they do just that, one each on my arms and the other on my legs holding them tight together making me feel every thrust he gives me, i'm in a lot of pain and this dirty fucker is fucking me as hard as he can and grunting like a pig as he hammers his cock into me, the others are cheering him on, telling him to fuck the dirty fag he wants it, he start to get rougher and faster, he must be getting close, he gives me a good hard shove and grunts, then another one and another and another and then lies on my back for a moment.

"right who's next" he says, "me" says the fellow on my legs, i am still pinned down by the other two, so i hear shuffling and the guy on my legs is shoving his cock into my sore ass, about the same size as the first guy and just as smelly, but i guess with all the cum from the first guy in my hole this guy isn't too bad but he is just as rough and he starts slapping my ass and saying " take it cunt, take it fag, fucking cunt, dirty fucking cunt, fucking bitch, fucking slut" and so on and taking his cock all the way out and ramming it back in, the others are egging him on and laughing, after a while he puts his arms under my arms and pulls himself as deep as he can onto me and cums in my hole, i can feel him shudder as he cums, he pulls out and spits on me and kicks me in the side, i try to squirm but i'm held tight.

"Right" says the third "my turn, here hold him" he climbs aboard my used and abused hole, "Christ lads he's all loose and messy, next time i go first", with that he starts to fuck me, slow at first then harder and faster, he's a little bigger than the first two but not by much,i can hear the slaps as his body hits mine, he is really going to town on me and he is taking his time

going as deep as he can and almost pulling out " that's it baby take daddy's big cock you know you want it" well i can hardly feel anything anymore, i'm just a blubbering mess, he finishes at last.

My hole is numb by now and there is still one more guy and he is just as old, smelly and disgusting as the other three, he swaps places with the third man and he rams his cock in me as hard as he can, his guy's cock is bigger than the others and i feel every bit of it, a big thick head being rammed in me and pulled out with a lot of grunting and cursing and insults, all directed at me, spitting on my head and face, all the while pounding me ass as hard and as fast as he could, so much so he was getting out of breath, at last he dumped his dirty load in my hole, rested on me and got up after a while,

The first man threw an old horse blanket on me, and gave me a kick in the ass and said "gather yourself up bitch and you better be fresh for us again later tonight, fucker" and with that they left.

Well that's it for now, if you like it i might add on to it later. All comments welcome as usual