Written by mayoman3000

24 Aug 2016

Hi all, well i'm back with another story, this time my story starts last winter, it was around 2 or 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon, while i was out pottering about in the garden i heard a lot of shouting coming from a building site a few hundred meters down the road, i stood up to see what was going on, and i could see two men arguing and another man came over to them and there was some more arguing and then one of them left the site, i couldn't really hear but i could that the guy who left either quit or was sacked, as it happened he walked past my house and he was not a happy camper.

Later that evening, around half 5 or 6 i went for a walk and as i was going past the nearest pub i decided to go in for a quick drink, the place was dead, just 4 girls in the far corner and a young man by the bar, as i ordered a pint i noticed it was the man from the building site earlier who quit or was sacked, i sat down in a corner at the end of the bar, after a little while one of the girls got up and went out and i could see that she was in the smoking area having a fag just outside the window, maybe a minute later the man got up off the bar stool and went out to the smoking area, he looked like he had a few too many,after another minute or two i heard the woman say NO, FUCK OFF in a loud voice and she came in and had a few words with the other women and they all got up and left. When the women left i went out for a fag and i went over to the drunk guy and asked him for a light, then i asked him "what did you say to the quare one", he looked at me and said that he asked her did she want a fuck and that he grabbed her ass but she told him to fuck off, oh sorry mate i said, are you nursing a semi, yeah he said i was sacked today and i was hoping i could fuck one of them girls, life's a bitch isn't it i said, i then thought of something , i felt sorry for the guy, i leaned in and told him in a low voice that i lived only a few minutes down the road and if he wanted to follow me that i would give him a few cans, watch some porn and that i would suck his cock, at that he told me to fuck off and i thought he was going to hit me but i stepped back and i said i was sorry and i didn't mean to insult him, i then left the pub and went home.

When i got back to my place and closed the door after me, it may have been a few minutes when there was a knock at the door, i opened it and there was the man from the pub, oh its you i said, are you going to beat me up i asked, no he said in a low voice, well you better come in so i said, i sat him down on the sofa, i went and got him a can and an ashtray and i sat down beside him, he lit a fag and took a drink from the can, so i said what's on your mind, you said you'd give me a blowjob he answered, i said oh right i'll get the laptop for you so and you can pick what porn you want to watch, and so i did just that. He was sat on the couch with his legs stretched out, he was wearing a dirty tracksuit top and bottoms and his cock was starting to show through, he smelled of day old sweat,alcohol and fags, no more than myself he was no movie star, he was about 5'5" thin build, he was late teens or early twenty's i would guess, i knelt down between his legs and pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and his shorts and he had a lovely cock and balls, he was watching straight porn, smoking a fag and drinking his can of lager, i started to lick and kiss his cock and wank him off, he was getting rock hard, his cock was about 6 inches and i was gagging for it, so i deep throated that fucker and gagged myself, i came up for air and went down again, i was sucking this lad for all i was worth, wanking, sucking, licking, licking his balls, sucking on them, taking them in my mouth, back to sucking his cock again, by now he was moaning a little bit and pretty soon he came in my mouth and he shot a pretty big load down my throat , i have to say he tasted nice as i swallowed the lot, i licked him clean until his cock had gone down, then he pulled his pants up and left, as he was going out the door i told him that he was welcome to come back anytime but he didn't say a word, just walked away.

The following Friday at around 2am there was a knocking at the door, i got up and answered it and who did i see but the young lad, he was drunk and had been in a fight, he had a few cuts on his face so i brought him in and i was going to clean him up when he grabbed me and forced me down on my knees he opened his pants and told me to suck it, i was just going to suck his cock when he grabbed my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth, suck it you cunt he said suck it, so i did my best and sucked his cock as best as i knew how, but unlike last time he was aggressive this time and was fucking my face, maybe it was the aggression after the fight, but whatever it was i was loving it, soon he pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned me over, pulled down my shorts and shoved his wet cock in my ass, take you fucking bitch he said and he fucked me as hard as he could, i don't mind telling you that my ass was on fire from the pain, no spit or anything just his cock pounding me and he fucked me hard, very hard, i was crying with the pain, he didn't care, soon my pain died away and i was able to enjoy my fucking, but all to soon it was over, he fucked me as hard as he could and he shot his seed into my guts, no condom, he barebacked me and i loved it, soon his cock went flacid and fell out of my ass along with his cum, it started to drip out of my ass onto the floor, he was exhausted and just sat down on a chair so i went to the bathroom and got a cloth to clean his face with,he lit a fag as i cleaned him up and asked him what happened and he said he had a fight with his dad and his dad threw him out, i asked him where was he going to stay and he said he had nowhere to go so i told him he could spend the night with me if he wanted, he said he was ok with that, i asked him if he wanted a bed to himself or did he want to sleep with me, he said he would sleep with me if that was ok, i said sure, and that's what he did, he fucked me two more times before morning, and four or five times every day for the next two weeks until he made up with his dad and moved back home, he regularly comes over to fuck me every day and i cant get enough of him, my ass is like a deflated balloon from all the sex.

Well that's all for now, as always i welcome comments, good or bad, so get in touch