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Fictional Stories

Everyone has their own sexual fantasies and writing about them can often be an erotic experience. Reading adult literature is a guilty pleasure that you can enjoy on your own or with company.

Fiction lets the mind run wild, imagining that you are the character in the story which can be the catalyst for introducing a new activity to your own sex life.

Write your own fictional erotic story here and get your creative juices flowing.

Popular Stories

Forbidden fruit

When your good

Life is too short not to do the things that make you happy, And sex is exactly one of those things It started on a rainy Monday morning, I woke up and logged on to swing, I was horny and was looking for a hook up, as I was home alone, First place to check...

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Over night bliss

Unexpended surprise to a new experience

Well what to say, I'm a middle aged man and a bit overweight. Usually I live a simple quiet life...... But not this night I work as a sales rep and often have to stay away visiting clients. It's not as glamorous as it sounds, I sometimes l stay at holiday...

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Fantasy 2

Yes please🙏🙏

I was at a charity function and was introduced to a beautiful women hot body dressed very well and long dark hair. Midway through the party I started a conversation with her where I discovered she was a Massuse. I thought there was a spark between us so I...

Take me now

Help make this happen

While getting a BJ in an adult theater, I felt a finger press against my bare ass. Curious, I turned my head to see who had touched me. To my surprise, I was looking at a black female. She was at least six feet tall and was wearing a white, sexy, low back...

Shore Leave on Risa

Star Trek Fan Fiction

Lieutenant Pickering materialised at the designated coordinates. He was here at last. He was finally here on Risa, the pleasure planet, or so he'd heard. The planet where inhibition was scoffed at and freedom to enjoy pleasure was his hosts only concern....

The Sister-in-Law

A hot sister-in-law finally gets what she wants

There had always been an attraction between me and my sister-in-law. Even when I’d been living with her sister – and then even engaged – that tension was always there between us. I used to look forward to the days during the summer when my sister-in-law w...

Hot and sweaty

Written with someone in mind...

I am driving home after a day cutting timber in the woods when I come across a truck, you are leaning on the hood looking sad and lost…you are wearing a light summer dress, I can see a black lace bra strap hanging loose down your arm, on your feet are a p...

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Holiday Threesome

Wishful thinking

You and I are on holidays when we kind of get chatting to another woman ( Rita) in a bar. Shes about same age as us we'd hang around having couple of beers and a game of pool. I'd often stolen sneaky looks at her ass and I know you had too.. It was the Fr...

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Hot Yoga

Two doors down

For the third time in a week the delivery man dropped the wrong mail to my door. This time it was for a neighbour. Having just moved in I was glad to see an incorrect package dropped for a change. This one was intended for the sexy milf that lived two doo...

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Red Head From Co.Donegal

David , while at friends Beach house Party suddenly eyes are transfixed on stunning Red Head and evening turns into amazing evening

He stood at the front door of the Beach front home of his best friend, he had just pressed the bell and can hear the party going on inside as the Sun was just starting to go down. Trisha, long time girlfriend to his best friend , opened door in a stunning...

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Lockdown Fantasy 1

The first in a series of fantasies, emerging from the current lockdown situation.

Lockdown Fantasy 1 We all have fantasies. Those situations or scenarios conjured up by our imaginations when we consciously want to be aroused. For the most part, my own fantasies have been pretty consistent for most of my adult life. They involve the sam...


Mff fun part 2

Hotel meet up

When we got to the room, we didn't waste time taking our clothes off, i admired their bodys giving myself a second to enjoy the moment having two sexy people stood in front of me, the husband sat in a chair close to the bed his big cock in hand and asked...

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Mff fun

Hotel meet up

This is fiction for now but hope to make this a reality. It was a Friday afternoon, I was home alone and horny and decided to go online and chat to some people. A couple who, on and off i had chatted to before invited me to join them in a hotel later that...


Stranger sex

yes daddy

I have coffee in a small cafe close to my work place most days. Ill sit and be distracted my my phone or laptop in a world of my own, but today I noticed my waiter. He took my order like usual but he was smiling and I thought he was checking me out, i bru...

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My neighbour

hes been watching me

I live alone in a small estate on the outskirts of town, most of my neighbours are elderly and keep themselves to themselves but a few months ago when the house accross from mine became available a guy moved in his names mark,he looks around 35 dark shagg...