Hot Yoga Fiction

Two doors down…

For the third time in a week the delivery man dropped the wrong mail to my door. This time it was for a neighbour. Having just moved in I was glad to see an incorrect package dropped for a change. This one was intended for the sexy milf that lived two doors down. I didn't mind delivering this one in person.

As I walked up her driveway I could see she was taking part in a workout in her front room. I rang the doorbell and waited for her to arri… Read more

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Red Head From Co.Donegal Fiction

David , while at friends Beach house Party suddenly eyes are transfixed on stunning Red Head and evening turns into amazing evening…

He stood at the front door of the Beach front home of his best friend, he had just pressed the bell and can hear the party going on inside as the Sun was just starting to go down.

Trisha, long time girlfriend to his best friend , opened door in a stunning red dress ....

" David you made it , perfect James will be delighted he is on Balcony.... looking very swish may I add " Trisha said

It was a classy Black Tie event and David was in a… Read more

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Lockdown Fantasy 1 Fiction

The first in a series of fantasies, emerging from the current lockdown situation.…

Lockdown Fantasy 1

We all have fantasies. Those situations or scenarios conjured up by our imaginations when we consciously want to be aroused. For the most part, my own fantasies have been pretty consistent for most of my adult life. They involve the same people, dressed the same way, interacting with me in a manner that offers precious little variation from what has gone before. I’ve never really needed variation. They are my fantasies be… Read more

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Mff fun part 2 Fiction

Hotel meet up…

When we got to the room, we didn't waste time taking our clothes off, i admired their bodys giving myself a second to enjoy the moment having two sexy people stood in front of me, the husband sat in a chair close to the bed his big cock in hand and asked us to play with one another as he watched eagerly, we kissed passionately having her toungue in my mouth was making me want her even more, i started to play with her boobs feeling her nipples ha… Read more

Mff fun Fiction

Hotel meet up…

This is fiction for now but hope to make this a reality.
It was a Friday afternoon, I was home alone and horny and decided to go online and chat to some people. A couple who, on and off i had chatted to before invited me to join them in a hotel later that night, I was nervous but decided I'd go, I got dressed up in a shirt black dress and drove to the hotel. As I walked in to the hotel bar I noticed them sitting there in a booth, the man was ta… Read more

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Stranger sex Fiction

yes daddy…

I have coffee in a small cafe close to my work place most days. Ill sit and be distracted my my phone or laptop in a world of my own, but today I noticed my waiter. He took my order like usual but he was smiling and I thought he was checking me out, i brushed it off as me imagining it but could see him looking at me from accross the room, he had a glint in his eye one ive seen on men before, i looked down to check if i could see his cock through … Read more

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My neighbour Fiction

hes been watching me…

I live alone in a small estate on the outskirts of town, most of my neighbours are elderly and keep themselves to themselves but a few months ago when the house accross from mine became available a guy moved in his names mark,he looks around 35 dark shaggy hair and black rimmed glasses hes average build and height not incredibly handsome but not ugly either. Hes a little strange though he seems like a loner and I catch him staring at me alot an… Read more

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Watched with his wife / Part 1/2 Fiction

On one condition.…

Only a couple of weeks ago I was invited to a friends house for drinks - it was his wife's birthday and they'd invited a few people round - both couples and a few singles. I'd chatted with my friend about the party etc. And he'd pointed out that there was a single girl there that I should meet - little does he know of my fab time fun / preferences but then I wouldn't want him knowing that I really wanted to fuck HIS wife already!

So I get smel… Read more

Hot Action in Room 52 Fiction

There's Definitely Something About Mary!…

I sat at the bar, just listening to the soft jazz playing in the background. My date, Mary, a hot blonde in her 40s was late. Ten, twenty and eventually forty minutes went by. There was no sign of her. I stared at my second class of Coke, ready to  get up to leave when I heard,
"Hey, sorry I'm late!" said a soft, bubbly voice, the one I had become used to hearing on the phone. I sat there, a little lost for words. Mary was ten years older th… Read more

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When the cat is away, part 2 Fiction

The admission…

"It not what you think" was her first response. "what do you think I was thinking while looking at those pics" I replied.

"Let me explain".......yes I did not tell you I was meeting the group from the theatre and yes I should have told you but I did not know until that evening, an hour before hand and yes the pictures do suggest that I was flirting and possibly more with some of the younger males and yes I did enjoy myself but it is not what y… Read more

When the cat is away Fiction

The one who stays at home…

It is the quite ones you have to watch.
Last weekend I had to fly out on Friday afternoon for the weekend to work all day Saturday in France, sounds great but not this time of the year, January, in a holiday resort town.
Bored and alone I was looking at Facebook and noticed my wife pinned in a group photograph, in a pub with a group for the local theatre group, mostly younger males and a table full of drinks. Strange, nothing was mentioned to … Read more

On your own doorstep Fiction

Opportunity knocks…

The end of the Celtic Tiger had various effects on people and for me one was that I had to work from home, gone the hours of commuting and now I look out the spare bedroom window when distracted. Eventually I realised the routines of the residents, especially the stay at home mummies after the school run and those who's husbands/partners did not get home to late in the evenings.
My wife's work patterns is a basic 9-5, leaves at 8 home at 6, cons… Read more

Azure dreams Fiction

Of gods and sex, and the azure sea that bathes us all in desire…

She glides towards him, her bare body moving elegantly across the fathomless ocean, describing a perfect arc around the moonlight's reflection on the azure surface.

He remains motionless, merely waiting. His body is as bare as hers on this warm summer night. The haste of unfulfilled lust burns bright within him, just as the memories of a thousand nights of shared passion linger inside her.

Even gods despair sometimes, he thinks, and a litt… Read more

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Babe in the woods Fiction

Do dreams cum true ????.... Sa...…

Having nothing much to do on a fine summers day I decided to go for a long track in the woods so took a long drive out in to the country where I knew there was some nice walks by a secluded lake . I parked got my walking gear and headed off enjoying the sunshine and peace . Following a narrow path I headed deep in to the woods following a little stream listening to the water rippling over the rocks and a few birds singing in the distance ..An h… Read more

Who seduced who ? Fiction

Could be fact or fiction a story of lust…

It started off like any other day but it was soon to change . I had a part time job as a delivery man and was on my last stop of the day with only one parcel left marked urgent there was a message on the parcel to ring before delivery which I did for directions . The phone rang and was answered by a lady who gave me directions to her house deep in the country . Soon I arrived at the house to be greeted by a gorgeous blonde in tight jeans and ho… Read more

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Old Friends, Part 3....New Beginnings Fiction

Rachel takes Control…

Rachel sat at her desk, it was late, everyone had left for the evening except herself and Ben. They had been working late an evening or 2 a week as there was a lot to do. The only distraction was knowing he was only a few short steps down the corridor. He had taken to bringing her a mug of coffee about 7pm. He would arrive with 2 mugs and perch himself on the edge of her desk, leg dangling loosely as he discussed some client or other as if it was… Read more

The Kanky Pussy Fiction

Every woman's fantasy…

‘Hi God I'd love to lick your kanky pussy,’ was his first message and only message.

I knew he meant ‘kinky,’ but the typo made me so wet. Thinking about his big, clumsy, fingers missing the ‘i’ and hitting the ‘a’ made me imagine what would happen to me when his little finger slipped into my ass while his middle finger was lost in my kanky pussy. Knowing that his tongue would bring it all together in the end.

How could he… Read more

Into The Storm Fiction

Whether on top of a mountain staring across an ancient glacier valley or low in the wet sand at the foot of an Ocean, the foreboding feeling within our core when a storm is coming is primal.
We're preprogrammed to not fear it, to ignore it and to bask in the veneer of safety the furnishings within our modern world.
But Mother Nature always knows best.
She's been here a lot longer than any of us and in the rythmic sway of her hips, she dances … Read more

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Old Friends, Part 2....Rachel's Story Fiction

Rachel sat across the desk from her new Boss…Mr Hogan, Ben, he said they knew each other from boarding school yet she couldn’t place him. This unsettled her she didn’t like to be caught unawares, EVER and especially not on her first day in her new job. He had not been part of the interview panel as he was away on important business, she had expected to maybe have a meet and greet with him prior to her first day but when she had phoned to re… Read more

Old Friends .....Ben's Story Fiction

Ben sat at his desk watching the screen in front of him, he’d made sure to be in early with the monitor switched on so he didn’t miss a thing. He seen her arrive, He watched how she had walked into reception confident but slightly nervous, he guessed. He’d know that walk anywhere, just like every other part of her body he had committed it to memory a long time ago and he was glad to see little had changed. He thought about all those times h… Read more

The Shallows Fiction

"You know where to find me" were his final words that night.

He'd spent the night on the couch. The pre dawn light waking him to the pain.
His head. His body.
As he sat up the images from the previous night came flooding back to him and he held his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes. The empty wine bottles and shards of glass at his feet as he stood a further reminder to what had transpired.

Reaching for his board shorts, he moved ca… Read more

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Fall Alone Fiction

The morning light crept over the horizon slowly.
Each shard of light making its way into the world, carrying eternal warmth and caressing his face and bare body. The night before he wanted the physical to distract him and walking barefoot and barechested across the dark meadows to this place, his place he had finally found peace and calm.
Sleep had still proved impossible but his thoughts were calm now. His breathing measured and meditative an… Read more

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A Dialogue About Love While Having Sex in an Office Fiction

“There is no meaning in the world. We ascribe meaning to nonsense.”

“So there’s no meaning to us? I mean nothing to you?”

“You always compare apples to oranges.”

“Am I the apple or the orange?”

“You would have to be the banana, wouldn’t you?”


“How else?”

“You might have been referring to my sanity.”

“Then I would have said ‘bananas,’ not ‘banana.’ I’m nothing … Read more

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The Road of Excess - Part 2 Fiction

She’d spent the day strolling along the city streets, caressed by the sounds, smells and noises of its inhabitants and she’d felt the familiar draw, the primal need to be torn from this place to somewhere deeper, darker where she no longer had to think.
To ground her body and calm her breath a moment , she’d sat a while on a bench and from behind her dark shades she previewed the scene in front of her.
This part of the city felt like a m… Read more

The Road of Excess - Part 1 Fiction

As Polly lay staring at the ceiling, her mind wandered to when she’d been here before.
It seemed like a life time ago but as the evening light gently left the room the feelings from before came flooding and she smiled, biting her lip at the delicious memories of before.

“You like that don’t you ? don’t you ?” the figure above her pleaded.
“Absolutely, you’re amazing” she said with as much encouragement as she could muster and… Read more

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Detonate Fiction

He sat on the short board staring at the surface of the water in front of him and closed his eyes, savouring the feeling.
The summers sun that day had long since faded but the air and the ocean that surrounded him was still warm.
Those that had shared this playground had left, bidding farewell with a nod and he finally felt at peace.
He’d never planned on being out this long, but the draw of the ocean kept him here and he savoured her embrac… Read more

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Amphitrite’s Embrace Fiction

He lay back.
Resting his head, letting his body drop and begun to try and gain control of his racing breath. His mind had long been lost to her.
He could feel his heart in his chest hammering in time and he could hear it in his ears.
No other sound seemed to matter for these moments.
She lay around him, holding him. Her embrace familiar and it encompassed not just his body but his weary mind.
He was truly spent but he knew she’d hold him, … Read more

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Adventures in La La Land - Day 2 Fiction

He sat on the beach.
The same beach he’d spent so much time on.
The remnants of her taste and scent was still on him in addition to the jet lag and hangover.
His greying beard and his lips tasted of her and a set of bruises from her fingers on the top of his bicep and shoulder as he turned to his right to watch the falling sun approach the far off hills in Malibu.
In far off cities choked by grey winter skies and even greyer people he imagi… Read more

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A Whole lot of lust Fiction

As a child she’d spent summers sitting on rocks staring at the movement of the sea. The smell of the air, salty and fresh as the white waves broke in front of her. The tumultuous movement of the surface at times, distorted by wind, tides and the moon itself mirrored how things had been.
Her fears, her uncertainties, her loneliness, her anger and hatred at the injustices that befell her consumed her senses at times and she’d find herself ho… Read more

The Parable of Pleasure (A Fairytale) Fiction

Once upon a time, in a kingdom much like this one, lived a Princess named Pleasure. She had been born with the gifts of love and light, generosity and pleasure, and a true faith that everyone – everyone – deserved such gifts, no matter how lost they had gotten along the way.

She was brought up in the darkness of selfishness. She was conceived by a Queen, who believed it was her duty to have a daughter, even though the Queen didn’t get a… Read more

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