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Shore Leave on Risa

"Star Trek Fan Fiction"
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Author's Notes

"This is a first attempt at erotica fan fiction. I'd love to know your thoughts or ideas for more"

Lieutenant Pickering materialised at the designated coordinates. He was here at last. He was finally here on Risa, the pleasure planet, or so he'd heard. The planet where inhibition was scoffed at and freedom to enjoy pleasure was his hosts only concern.

He'd saved up all his leave and finally got to take a long needed break from USS Solstice. It was a Nova Class Science Vessel and hadn't had an exciting mission in a long time. Pickering had enough mapping star systems and surveying worlds for life signs and minerals rich deposits. He needed a break. A break away from the stuffy rigidity of Captain Orwell. Orwell was overbearing prude who all the junior officers thought starched his regulation underwear before wearing. Pickering couldn't be himself around Orwell. Pickering was fun, outgoing, an exhibitionist. Risa was going to be his place to shine.

Pickering stepped off the pad. The warm spiced air tantalising his senses. His uniform felt tight, restricted on him. He couldn't wait to get into something less official.

As he approached the reception to take his lodgings a dark haired beauty with light mocha skin enveloped his in a friendly enbrace. With a soft kiss on the cheek she welcomed him to Risa and took his hand to lead him to the visitor check in. The next ten minutes disappeared in a sea of beautiful Risan hosts each escorting him to his ample lodgings in the main resort complex....

An hour later after a sonic shower, a dermal hair removal and facial rejuvenator he stepped out onto his veranda wearing nothing but light blue pair of shorts made from the purest Risan silk. Risan silk that was so light it felt like a breath on his skin.

He looked around the complex which faced out onto an infinity pool that framed a view of the beach, sea and sky beyond.

'Hello', a voice said nearby. He looked around and smiled.

'Hello, I'm David' he replied.

'Landra' she smiled back, walking up onto his veranda, 'you have just arrived I see. '

'Yes, I just got in an hour ago for ten whole days of this paradise.' he said back, drawing in every detail of her.

Landra was clearly Risan, her rich brunette hair, her golden skin shimmering in the sunlight, her deep blue eyes and full lips signalling a deep sensuality and her loose silk dress fluttering gently in the breeze hinting at her exquisite figure underneath.

'May I offer you pleasure David?' she asked and she came close to him on the open veranda.

Before he could reply, Landra reached up an kissed him. She smelled amazing. Landra pulled a string on her shoulder releasing her dress to fall free exposing her full naked body to Pickering.

She was a little over 160 cm in height, her frame was lightly set but not skinny. Her breasts fell magestically on her chest and her shapely hips and bum accentuated her sexy curves. Her pubic hair was cleanly removed except for the smallest strip and her exposed vulva was rose pink like a flower.

Pickering drank in her beauty and as she pulled him close to kiss him again she too pulled the string on the side of his shorts, letting them fall to the floor exposing his now semi erect penis.

He was never so glad to have booked the voyeur/exhibitionist resort for his leave time. He could let himself be free and unimcumbered by Orwell stifling rules.

Landra withdrew her kiss and began to kneel in front of Pickering. She took his semi rigid cock in her hand and started to lick it slowly. He could feel the intensity brew up in his balls as she started to flick the tip of his penis with her tongue, stroking him with her hand, bringing him to full erection is seconds. She took him I to her mouth and slowly began to suck and lick on his stiff cock, his head went back in instant pleasure. It had been so long, about six month since that flirtatious encounter with Beshra the visiting Orion scientist.

He quickly looked around and only now began to notice other people around and all of them enjoying pleasure in some way or just watching other be pleasured. A man and woman lay naked on a day bed by the pool. Pickering notice they were watching him and Landra, mutually pleasuring each other while watching. He loved the idea of being watched.

Landra took him all the way into her mouth, he could feel her tongue on his balls and she made a gentle noise that resulted in what felt like a vibration all the way through his cock. He moaned lowly with pleasure, pulling Landras head back to look her in the eyes as she pleasured him.

She looked up, withdrawing his cock slightly and grabbed her breasts, fondling them and sucking his cock while she met his gaze. He could feel his balls filling as she sucked him hard. He look at the couple watching them as the female with her pale blue skin stroked the males ribbed alien penis, smiling at Pickering as she stroked him.

Landra pulled her lips from around David's engorged cock, precum clearly oozing from the tip. She stood and kissed him then whispered to him to take her.

Pickering turned her around and put her hands on the verandas glass rail. He stood behind her and dropped to his own knees. He pulled her ass cheeks apart as she push back to expose her wet pussy. He slowly kicked her up and down from her large clitoris to her bum hole. She pushed back into his face begging him to take her.

Pickering slowly stood up behind her and reached around to fondle her hard nipples and supple breasts. He pulled her close, his cock manoeuvring between her legs, seeking the warmth of her pussy. Landra reached back between her legs and guided him into her. He slid all the way in, feeling her grasp him within with a rhythmic massage. He started to thrust slowly at first pushing deep into Landra.

He looked over at the couple watching. The male was now in a position behind the kneeling female taking her from behind, thrusting hard and fast. They both maintained their watching of Pickering and Landra's trist.

Pickering thrust harder and harder into Landra for what felt like hours, feeling the tight pulsing of her pussy grab around him, wet pussy juice soaking his cock and balls. The two alien watchers still observing him and being watched back in return.

David could feel himself close to climax but wanted to ensure Landra shared the pleasure.

'I'm close to finishing' he whispered in her ear as she moaned back to him. She suddenly pushed harder back on him and he could feel her pulsing get stronger, she moaned deeply and with a gush she expelled a deep breath and said she had orgasmed.

David had not climaxed yet but was ready to blow. Landra pulled herself off his cock and she knelt in front of him again her wet ass facing the alien watchers who had now finished and were lying on their day bed exhaling smoke consumed from a tube beside the bed.

Landra kicked Pickering's cock and taking the shaft in her hand began to take him in her mouth again. A finger from her free hand reached between his ass cheeks and played with his ass as she sucked.

Pickering felt a deep pleasure build from within himself. He could feel his balls tighten and Landra sucked and played with him, stroking his cock and taking the head into her mouth.

Finally the sensation was too much for David to resist any longer. He looked down at Landra pleasuring him and whispered he was going to finish very soon.

Landra took him into her mouth, swirling her tongue around him and she stroked his cock.

Pickering looked up and saw the watchers still there, looking intently after their own exertions.

David aroused even more at being watched threw his head back as Landra took him in and out sucking and licking.

He felt a huge surge in his cock and balls and knew he was at climax. He moaned 'I'm there' to Landra, who took him deep as he exploded into her warm mouth, swallowing every drop and sucking for more. His shoulders slump in instant relaxation the moment he finished.

Landra kept him in her mouth as he softened. When she was finished she stood and kissed him passionately tasting both him and her from her mouth.

She whispered 'I must go now. See you around David', Landra picked up her dress and wandered off across the complex in a carefree step.

The alien couple who had been watching were gone. Pickering pulled back on his silk shorts. A gentle beep came from the wall panel. He opened the message on screen, it was a video message from the couple.

'Nice show, maybe we could join you next time' The message ended.

'I love Risa', Lieutenant David Pickering thought to himself. Now for my next adventure here.....


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