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Dogging Stories

Dogging is a British term which is used to describe sexual activities in semi-secluded areas such as car parks or woodland areas. The thrill unlocks the inner exhibitionist side by having sex whilst being watched by a group of others - this often starts inside a vehicle and can lead to others being involved, but is strongly dependent on the preference of the participates.

The best and active local dogging locations are known by the swinging communities, so couples, males and females can all enjoy dogging in a safe environment. Dogging adventures can be pre-organised by groups or happen completely by accident if caught in the moment in what was thought to be a secluded area.

If you've had your own dogging encounter, planned or spontaneous, share your experiences by adding your story below for others to enjoy.

2 weeks ago

Evening stroll NW Donegal

Right place right time

I was working in North West Donegal, July a couple of years ago. I was staying in a AirB&B with my work crew, and of an evening time I would need, for my sanity to escape to have some down time. The beaches around were a great place to go go and just...

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1 year ago

Best friend cheated on her bf with me

One night that destroyed relationship

I used to be really good friends with girl called Sophie till one night. We we're both working till 8 pm on a saturday evening, I was driving us from work to home, We've agreed that her house is empty as her parents left for holidays, we might drink that...

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