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Evening stroll NW Donegal

"Right place right time"
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Published 2 weeks ago

Author's Notes

"Hopefully I bump into this fabulous couple again."

I was working in North West Donegal, July a couple of years ago.

I was staying in a AirB&B with my work crew, and of an evening time I would need, for my sanity to escape to have some down time.

The beaches around were a great place to go go and just stroll and get some head space. There were a few nice location but one past a grave yard and golf course was great, a small pier were a boat ferried people to an island, other than than that so quite. The last boat of the evening pulled in at about 8 or maybe 8.30, it would be busy with tourists and locals for a while, but then get very quite.

I used to walk on long the adjoining beach and watch the people arrive from the Island and then the cars would disappear towards the village. It was idyllic then.

One evening the car park emptied I was at the far end of the beach and I stroll towards the carpark. As I walked up the path a car arrived, and parked a couple of spaces from mine. There was nobody else around. A couple got out of the car, he walked to the back of the car and lifted out a backpack. They chatted to each other a bit, and then looked my way, we exchanged pleasantries and the walked towards a style at the edge of the carpark.

He got over first, and then the lady, as she stepped over she lifted her skirt a little, I noticed she exposed what looked like stocking tops, her skin so pale in contrast to the blackness of the hosiery. I chanced a second glance, as she turned towards me am smiled.

They continued up and over the sand dune and slowly went out of site. I sat on the wall and pondered, did that just happen.

Feeling a little nervous and brave at the same time, I thought I would venture over the sand dune myself, I slowly approached the style climbed over and headed up to the top of the dune.

At I reached the crest of the dune I could see they had stopped at a viewing spot with timber seat. He was sitting with his back towards me and she was in front of him, she looked towards me and then said a few words to him, she the kneeled on front of him. He turned to look towards me and gestured me to approach with his hand.

I slowly walked towards them, I was so nervous. As I reached them I could see she was sucking his cock, she was kneeling with her skirt pulled up around her hips, a truly fabulous derrière on show, what a vista.

I stood for a few minutes just staring, awestruck, couldn' t believe how amazing this was . What I though we're stockings were in fact suspender tights, and she was wearing a pair of black tanga type panties, allowing full view of her ample buns.

Then she reach one hand around, and pulling her panties to the side, in a pointing gesture fingered and played with her asshole, Sher then pulled one cheek to the side opening up her bum hole, she then turned her head, and said "work away".

I was on my knees so fast I nearly wrecked them, I parted her peachy bum cheeks run my tongue over her fabulous asshole, rimming like my life depended on it. With circular motions I locked the edge of her ass, and occasionally slipped my tongue in a little. She continued to work on her husband's cock, as I rimmed and licked her.

Occasionally I run my tongue along her perineum onto her luscious lips and back to suck hard on her perineum, so delicious.

She reacted with groans pushing back onto my working tongue. Her husband was approaching climax, he straighten his legs as he exploded into her face and mouth. She turned to me and suggested I layout the blacker she was kneeling on. He helped spread the blanket as she kicked her finger having removed his cum from her face. Wipes were produced fro the backpack and she freshed up herself and cleaned of him.

She then lay down on the blanket, arching her back she lifted her bum, and pulled her panties off. She then beckoned me to preform oral again, but time on her pussy, I obliged, lying down placing my head between her legs I started to suck her clitoris, and using my tongue in a side to side motion licking and sucking to beat the band, she tasted beautiful, I would edge the lip of her vulva and back onto her clitoris, occasionally down the perineum and a checking ass rim...yum yum. I slowly worked her clitoris, until she had a sustained orgasm, her thighs almost crushing me as her body kicked in response.

I wasn' t sure where her husband was but realised he was sitting back on the seat, his cock in his hand wanking as he watched us, such a buzz .

I then, on her instruction lay on my back, she stood over me and then lay on top of me top to tail, her pussy firmly in my face and she started to give me oral, I continued to manfully lock her very moist pussy, and finger her ass. I thought she was going to suck by ball inside out...I didn't ...couldn't last long, I exploded with a massive shiver throughout my body, I felt flattened, exhausted, elated and totally emptied.

We lay for a few minutes, just exhausted and saying nothing. She got up and sat on the seat, and I joined the two of the, as we looked out at the islands and ocean. She stood up and stepped back onto her panties and pulled them up and then fixed her skirt.

They suggested that they would head off first and I should follow a minute or so later, incase some one had parked up at the car park as we were otherwise engaged. I watched them disappear over the sand dune, and thought to lucky was I...

I walked back to the carpark, as there car disappeared towards the cemetery and golf course. I returned more evenings to walk the beach over the following few weeks, however was never lucky enough to spot them again.

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