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A Surprise Visit

"Oh hi, whats up?.....Shut up and let me in"
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Working at home, house to myself stuck into a work problem when I hear the door bell.

Out to answer and i see its my sis-in Law, we have a bit of a love hate relationship, do i need this now?

I open up and say oh hi whats up?

Reply is a sharp "shut up and let me in"

Here we go i think, too busy for this! As she pushes in

Wait why did my cock just stir i wonder?

I notice the slutty outfit she wearing, low cut top showing ample cleavage and stocking tops just peaking out from below the short tight dress

Whats up i ask again while i drink in the view she notices me and the growing buldge i have

This makes her smile

Thanks for noticing she replies

Well you dont normally dress this well, it suites you i say

You should wear this for me more often

I'd enjoy it

We are both getting more aroused

Come on lets have you show more

I move closet and slide her skirt up over her hips to show her shocking pink lace g string then open buttons to show the matching bra, no need for a push up there, I spank her ass cheek...mmmmm is the reply

We move to my office, she reaching for my buldge as we head there

Pushes me into my chair and kneels in front of me then relases my trobbing cock

I can work with this she says then licks me from tip to base and back

I get a group teams call and have to join

I see a wicked smile appear and she then swallows me to the base while i anser thw call, thankfully the cam is off, the call kicks offas she sucks me for all shes worth, i hit nute and relase a moan of pure encourages her to push on,

Drags me up to stand then pushes in between my desk and me slides her g to the side leans forward to push her ass onto my twitching cock. Mmmmmmm I love it,

Now guides me to her sweet lips and pushes back to force my cock in, wow wet and very tight, i murmer, she looks back and smiles again then slamms back on my shaft and unmutes my mike,

I somehow don't scream in plesure, as she rides my shaft she points out who she would like from their cams on the call

The call ends and i start pounding in rythm with her

She still thinks we on the call and starts getting loud as we fuck

We going to do this more often i say as i feel my balls tighten

Yes first time and i like being on line fucking she replies

I gently push a finger to her ass as we fuck.....mmmmmm we will try that next time

Ill record that meeting for us I manage as we bout cum

Had a lot to tidy up before people arrive home so i slapped her fine ass as i pushed her out and closed the door behind her

One of my colleagues was calling me, saying she wants to have a meeting on a work topic, we get on well and flirt a bit !

I get a txt from my new slut sis in law saying we do this again soon, i reply and say yes this friday, back to my work colleague i say she should call round on friday..... now have to prime my new slut


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