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Best friend cheated on her bf with me

"One night that destroyed relationship"
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Published 1 year ago
I used to be really good friends with girl called Sophie till one night. We we're both working till 8 pm on a saturday evening, I was driving us from work to home, We've agreed that her house is empty as her parents left for holidays, we might drink that night. I was totally up for it, drinking with best friend is always going to be a good night. I haven't thought that this night will destroy her relationship. Quick jump for alcoholics drinks before work, 8 hours later we were done and ready to go home and drink. I've left my car at my house and we walked to her, it started like regular night, few drinks, nothing special, talks about her bf etc. Nothing special, she got a little upset that her boyfriend is not looking after her. I insisted to stay over for a night so she doesn't stay upset all night. Finished drinks and went up to her room, straight to bed. Few minutes into and I've started toucher her nipples, you could see that she was up for it. Few more movements before she went, grab my hand and take it to her wet pussy. You could feel how wet she was already just after touching her nipples so I went off to touch her clit and went inside with my fingers, gosh such a wet pussy, ready for the action. Few more movements inside her pussy with fingers and she moved her hips against my dick, started moving her ass up and down on it. She was defo waiting for it. Turned around towards me and we started kissing, a romantic kiss that got her even more wet! She was already turned on, I've decided to take her panties off and lick that sweet wet pussy. First lick, taste really good, hairy as you could feel them around (not a bother!). Every lick was getting her more turned on. She was moaning like crazy, enjoying a good pussy lick, I went in with my fingers, even more moans. She was waiting to get fucked. We were best friends, talked about sex before, so I've asked her twice if that what she wants, if she wants to have sex. She moaned twice that she wanted, pussy was already dripping from all the wetness. I've took off my pants, slowly and gently enterded her wet pussy, she was waiting for it, every inch deeper she was more into it, moving for pleasure. I've started slowly, gradually increasing speed, in moments she took her shirt off and I was able to admire her beatifull breast which made me even harder, fucking her even faster. We went like that for at least 20 minutes, fingering in between. I wanted to come inside of her, didn't let me. Can't blame her, her decision. Missionary was the best position for that, bit on her belly so I could admire the ass I'm fucking. Ended up coming inside her mouth. Great night to remember! I wanted to repeat this again but she didn't want to because of her boyfriend. Thats the end, thats I how managed to fucked my bestfriend and made her cheat on her bf.

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