Seduced by two Swinging


I was doing some gardening jobs, for a very attractive lady!!! she made me aware she was married, but had never met her other half, as he was usually working when I attended their garden.
His Wife who was always around the home, when I worked would have breakfast in the conservatory overlooking my work area,
and she would sit in her nightie, and stare out as I tried to go about my work, I would take the odd glance towards her at times and I f… Read more

How I fucked a beautiful shy hotwife Swinging

A lovely experience....…

It was last Wednesday when I was off and got an invitation on Kik to come to meet in Dublin for a swinging meet.
I was excited and prepared myself to meet this couple. Around 11 in morning I was in Dublin and then I called them. Mr. A came to receive me and we both went to his apartment. There I met Mrs X....... Wow what a beautiful lady she is I just said. We had a great conversations on few topics to make ourselves easy. We had light drinks … Read more

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Generous Wife Swinging

My wife was feeling very generous last weekend towards a friend of ours.. The weather, the alcohol, and her need for a good fuck got us in a very hot threesome.
It wasn't the 1st time L had fucked another guy while I was in the room but this was all real and not set...lots of wine , cocktails and beer and short dresses and swimwear was a recipe for a lot of sex...

Saturday night was the usual fun, drinks, BBQ, bed... Sunday AM we fired up t… Read more

Coachford Greenway Swinging

Myself and herself went to this location a few weeks ago again, as per the last time we only arrived and with a few minutes a couple arrived in a boyracer car. He was a bit scruffy and he began wanking as he watched us in the rear seat of my car, then his partner who was Spanish joined us in the back seat and she pleasured both myself and herself, the guy kept wanking while watching us he suggested that we go to his place nearby but herself wasn'… Read more

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early swinging part 1 Swinging

It all started very innocently really, Tom and kate lived in the same town, we had been friends for years and we regurlarly went out for drinks or to a show or such like. My name is Kevin and my wife is Deirdre, small town Ireland, I suppose like a lot of people who post on here, our experience of swinging and sex with other couples was more of an aspiration than a fact. So anyway, a few weeks back we had been out to see Tommy Tiernan and had a … Read more

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Black Swinging

A recent story here made me want to share our experience too.

We are both almost 40, Lou is 38 and I'm 39. We keep fit, cross fit, cycling club the usual. Lou is about 5ft 6 and about a size 12-14 nice ass and tits, not all skin and bones but not large either.

Before we had kids we had some wild nights but things became very civilised over the last 8 or 10 years , now that the kids are older we got to get a few weekends away on our own an… Read more

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Amsterdam Swinging

My wife Chrissy and I have been married 10 years, we decided we wanted to try out swinging and group sex before we settled to start our family. We researched on line and found a place we liked in Amsterdam, so we booked a place and off we went.
Chrissy is a petite redhead, really beautiful and has amazing tits with huge nipples when aroused. She always had a fantasy to pole dance so she was delighted to find that she could fulfill that fantasy … Read more

Cuckolded by Jill again part 3 Swinging

There was a knock at the door. “it’s open”, Jill shouted. Did she order room service, and why the fuck is she letting them when she’s fucking my face. Jill squeezed my head between her thighs, her pussy pressed into my mouth. “you’re just in time hun.” He walked over to the bed, and gave Jill a kiss on the cheek. She grabbed him, and sunk her tongue deep in his mouth. She began to unbuckle his belt, and pulled his cock out i… Read more

Cuckolded by Jill again part 2 Swinging

I lay there with my throbbing cock, oozing precum. I tried to make myself cum by flexing it, but I couldn’t. Jill wasn’t answering the phone either. She sent me a text about 30 minutes later, “hope you enjoyed the show, here’s a pic of what you heard, I’ll be up in a few minutes to take care of you xx”. It was a picture of Mark’s cock in her pussy.

Around 10 minutes later Jill returned. She climbed on the bed, and licked my … Read more

Cuckolded by Jill again part1 Swinging

One of Jill’s friends was getting married, and we decided to arrive a couple of days early as it was a long trip. When we arrived at the hotel, Jill told me she had a surprise for me. She whispered in my ear at the check-in desk, “I’m not wearing any panties, I want your cock in me when we get in the elevator”. My mind was distracted from the check-in process. Jill calmly took over, making small talk with the receptionist, while grabb… Read more

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Mandy's Lesbian Lover - By HornRod Swinging

We were lying in bed a few months ago stroking each other when Mandy asked if I would like to see her fuck another woman?
“Too right I would”, I said as my cock stiffened at the thought of it.
My member was rigid hard a few minutes later and without a second thought I ploughed it up Mandy's slippery cunt hole and shot my seed almost immediately just thinking about Mandy being licked to orgasm by another woman.
I put the word out on Swing4 … Read more

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The Three of Us Swinging

You meet me at the door of the hotel room. I come in drop the bag and kiss you. Hips move immediately. ...I press against you and you get hard instantly. Mmm. I lower my hands over your hard cock then open belt and buttons. I drop to my knees and pull your clothes down. I take your cock deep and enjoy long delicious strokes and the sound of your breathing changing. You pull my head back, hold my throat hard and tell me to stand up. I do as I … Read more

Swinging Around The World Swinging

We arrived into Melbourne Australia and straight away got online to check out swingers club, we found one in the suburbs of MEL.
We arrived around 9pm to a packed bar full of like minded people. CB and I decided to check the place out... rooms with beds in, you can leave the door open for others to look or join in. I then found the swing room, the mirror room ( I know I am going to have fun tonight), orgy room, spa and many other rooms to have… Read more

New girl Swinging


Thought I should introduce myself on the forum. My boyfriend/fiancé shares our stories online and wanted me to get into it too. I don't know where to start to I'll start at the beginning.

I am 26, 5,7' tall, slim 65kg, white with dark brown hair...I fist had sex when I was 17, before that I was into porn and would rub myself to orgasm almost every night, there were nights where I was up till 3am having orgasm after orgasm till my cli… Read more

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Late Night Visitors Swinging

You are out for the evening. I am home alone. Friday night. I am looking forward to our weekend ahead knowing you will either fuck me awake when you come in or me you in the morning. I bath, shave my cunt carefully and moisturize all over. I dry my hair and go to bed. I wear your favorite nightdress....I snooze and half wake up to the sheets pulled back on the bed and your thumbs alternating strokes along my slit and clit. I moan thinking this is… Read more

The Girl Swinging

We have an apartment in town. You have everything set up so nicely. We have our own space, so we buy whips, paddles, everything we want. You have a full length mirror angled towards the bed and one hanging from the ceiling over the bed.
One Saturday morning you ask me to shower. You come in as I do and tell me to shave carefully.... I dry myself off, dry my hair and moisturize. You tell me you are going out for a short while but that when you co… Read more

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DerCat Swing Swinging

We are at our favorite hotel We have checked in and fucked hard. You take Tablet and we shower and dress for dinner. No panties you demand. I put extra body lotion on. ...then my hold ups bra and black zip dress. You take me to tea. We have a lovely tea. You buy me some wine and I get giddy. I spread legs under the table and you finger my cunt. Lady reading ipad at nearby table watches us under her lashes. She shifts on her seat. We joke that we … Read more

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The older the fiddle..... Swinging

By HornRod

Mandy and I are just back from a weekend away in County Clare.
We stayed in this beautiful B&B just outside Ennis.
We arrived on Friday evening and were met by a very welcoming landlady in her 60s who showed us to our room. She gave us our key and told us if we wanted anything just to ring down.
We went out that night and had a few drinks. The weather was atrocious and we were drenched when we got back to the house.
We quickly s… Read more

Taxi Home Swinging

its been a fantasy of mine for my hot wife to blow me and the taxi driver on our trips home from our nights out, we live 40mins away from nearest city.
Last weekend, we headed out and after a few beers I went for a quick rub of her ass, only to discover she was going commando, immediate hard on for my part!.
She usually won't go to the bar on busy nights as she says she's constantly getting rubbed up, this time I insisted so that she could tell… Read more

I was with a policeman Swinging

I was just visiting a swinger club in central Europe. It was a nice stylish place. Like other girls in the lifestyle, I like places with style. Swimming pool, sauna, 3-floors, and even a disco. There were about twenty people in the club, mostly the type of folks who go in groups, like those physical worker types, who go out with their workmates and do not socialize well with others. Yeah, I was bored. Of course, I got looks from the man, but bein… Read more

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Pub crawl Swinging

Had an amazing time with a wonderful European couple I'm in Berlin for the weekend and I was doing a walking tour and met a lovely girl and her boyfriend. Her names Katerina and he was Ivo. We all had to introduce ourselves and people were keen on my background as I am brown yet from Ireland. These two were from Prague and asked me some tips about visiting dublin/ ireland and I was glad to give them advice on visiting.

We had a 3-4h walk a… Read more

1st Time Swinging

The reason i decided to join a swinger site was due to an experience i had in the city centre one night with a couple i bumped into.I was out on the town with a mate on a Friday night having fun in a well know establishment in temple bar. The place got packed and we ended up drinking by the bar and befriended a sexy couple in their 40's. it was getting near midnight and my mate was well on at this stage / slightly messy and i was thinking of bail… Read more

Brian's Magic Member By HornRod Swinging

By HornROD

Mandy and I have never had as many responses, or photos from couples since we put up our profiles here on Swing4Ireland.
One such couple we decided to meet up with for a wild hot foursome swing session were Brian and Janet from Offaly.
We arranged to meet the at a hotel in Portlaoise.
Both were in their 40s and looked good. Janet was a leggy 5'-8' with a nice round bust. She was wearing a tight mini-skirt that if it had of been… Read more

HornRod doubles with HardHorn Swinging

By HornRod

Trawling through the many emails from Swing4Ireand a couple of weeks ago, I came upon this one called:
-HardRod wants to meet up with HornRod.-
Opening it, I read that this guy Rod and his wife Cathy wanted to meet up with Mandy and myself for a foursome. They also supplied photos of themselves both naked and clothed. I have to say I was well impressed with Cathy’s hairy snatch.
I showed the email to Mandy. She was intrigue… Read more

Swinger Club in Budapest Swinging

We took a taxi to the house in a silent soburb. The house was still well within the city limits but a good 20-minute drive from the center. We rang the bell and the owner opened the door. Led us through the reception where we could leave our valuables and into a dressing room. All who arrived first visited the dressing room (equipped with showers). The house was large with two flowers plenty of towels and condoms freely available to anyone. By th… Read more

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Free Ride Home. Swinging

We had spoken it about often just before cumming but tonite we were putting in action wht we had often cum talking about.
My wife went out wearing a plunging sheer red dress that showed the outline of her nipples with black FMBs and wht cud be best described as a thong or a picee of string swallowed up by her pussy lips.
As we left for home outside the city, she walked the taxi rank looking for a suitable driver to deliver us to the end of our … Read more

Mandy, Young O'Hara and me. By HornRod Swinging

I was lying on my back with Mandy on top grinding her pubic bone into me. My stiff cock was moist with her wet pussy juices. I heard her groan quietly, knowing that she was nearing another orgasm. I felt her breasts tip off my chest each time she slid down my cock. She was so wet that the juices running from her were flowing down my arse cheeks. She suddenly threw her head back, drove her pussy onto me and shuddered as a massive orgasm raced thro… Read more

Role play & steamy swinging Swinging

Role play & steamy swinging

Great , we get the news that a couple D & M , who we met before are coming over on Saturday evening,  they are not new to swinging and we have met before and we had a very good sexual experience then, I was in charge of getting the food and drink prepared for the evening, I knew we were going to have a great night because D had asked could he see J in her Air hostess uniform & we were going to go one better than th… Read more

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School Disco Fun Swinging

School disco time :

We love school discos because we always have a great night & its a great place to meet likeminded people who are up for a good time and as we both have a uniform fetish its a good place to go,,
MY girl J gets dressed in her old school uniform, a short blue skirt with no tights showing off her tanned legs, a striped white shirt with the collar up, a shaped blue v neck jumper with her shirt hanging out, hair in pig tails &… Read more

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