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How I fucked a beautiful shy hotwife

"A lovely experience...."
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It was last Wednesday when I was off and got an invitation on Kik to come to meet in Dublin for a swinging meet. I was excited and prepared myself to meet this couple. Around 11 in morning I was in Dublin and then I called them. Mr. A came to receive me and we both went to his apartment. There I met Mrs X....... Wow what a beautiful lady she is I just said. We had a great conversations on few topics to make ourselves easy. We had light drinks and then the real scene started when Mrs. X left us for a while in living room and came to us in her sexy lingerie. Oh my gash! My mouth was opened and Mr. A was praising her beautiful wife and he allowed me to get involved with her. I straightly went near her and hold her hand. I kissed her then both of us came on the couch and started to touch each other erotically. I started French kissing and pressing the beautiful ass of her with one hand. Her beautiful face took my all attention and I gave 100 of kisses on her face, on Tongue, on forehead and on the neck. Then I carressed her full body. I saw that a heavenly lady was with me. I made her naked by removing her panties with my mouth. It took me 20 minutes to do it slowly by teasing her. Then Mr. A asked us to go to the bedroom. All of us started moving I was behind the Mrs. X and you will not believe I was watching her heavenly body her ass and her back and her lovely legs so greedily that I couldn't wait to touch them. After coming to the bedroom Mr. A allowed us to start. Mrs X was just standing near bed I just jumped on her and took her to the bed with myself. I STARTED on her like a hungry wolf and kissed her whole body. I enjoyed to kiss her lovely butts for 10 minutes then I turned her front side and played with the lovely boobs. Mr. A was sitting on a chair and stroking his cock. I started to kiss, lick and eat the pussy now. I put my finger in her and licked her delicious pussy. After that I put my tongue in her love hole and she started shivering. She gave me the signal to fuck. I was dying for that I just follow the order of my lovely queen and put my cock inside her pussy. I started to fuck her slowly and then vigorously. We changed from missionary to doggy position and then she came on top. I was just enjoying. After 20 minutes of fucking both of us came. O God....... We were satisfied. Mr A brought us few drinks and snack and after 15 minutes we started again. This time she kissed me nice and gave me a good blowjob. Wow people I was in clouds I was flying with her oral skills. After 5 minutes we started 69 where I got a chance to eat her pussy thoroughly and inserted my finger in her asshole. We were just enjoying each other. Then she climbed me and sat on my 6 inches cock and started fucking with good speed. We were enjoying, she was kissing on my chest and on lips while fucking. Suddenly I heard her voice with pain aaaahhhhhh fuck......... and I saw Mr. A started to push her my side by putting his cock in her asshole. What the feeling it was...... Wow....... I was so excited that I started to fuck her hard towards upside. She was in mix of pain and pleasure and was yelling on us....... Yes bastards come on fuck me...... And started biting my lips and tongue. Her beautiful boobs were touching my chest firmly. Really I enjoyed a lot. Both of us men came inside her. She got some nice yelling orgasms and kissed both of us. I took off my condom and cleaned myself. Mr. A also went out to dispose his condom and to clean. I asked Mrs. X to fuck her beautiful asshole but she was tired. I didn't ask again. All of took little rest and then I left out. Really I ll never forget that experience.

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