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First-Time Swingers – Part 2 – Paul & Tina turn us on, and we go for it

"“Our new friends waste no time”"

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Author's Notes

"Read Part 1 to see how we ended up in the car … or start the journey with us here! xxx I HOPE YOU ENJOYED PART 2.  THE ADVENTURE WILL BE CONTINUED IN PART 3 😊 xxx"

“Please”, we both nod enthusiastically, “don’t let us interrupt your fun!”.

With that, I see Paul reach across to Tina’s lap, and she moans with pleasure.  I’m seated behind Tina so I can’t see what’s happening, but her sighs of pleasure make it clear that she’s enjoying whatever it is that Paul is doing to her.  Faye can’t resist – she leans forward from behind Paul’s driver seat, and looks down at Tina’s crotch.  “No panties” she mouths at me, as her face grows flushed.  

“Do you want me to ‘turn you on’”? I ask with a wicked smile.  Faye barely hesitates before nodding, and I press the switch on the remote control for the beads in her ass.  Tina looks back, smiling seductively, as she hears the vibrations from deep within Faye.  “Ooh, you are a naughty thing” she whispers to Faye, licking her lips as Paul continues his ministrations. 

“I can’t help it” Faye answers.  “You guys are just so sexy, and I’m so turned on right now.  I need to come as well”.  She hesitates.  “But … in your car … with you guys here … I don’t know.  We’ve dreamed about this, and fantasised about it; but I don’t know if I can”.

“You can”, Tina assures her.  “Trust me, we’re good with it.  I’ll feel more comfortable actually, if you guys are playing as well, I won’t feel as self-conscious”.

I suspected this last comment was more to reassure Faye & I than anything else, as Tina seemed to be supremely at home with being fingered by her husband in the presence of two strangers.  Nevertheless, it seemed to be enough reassurance for Faye, who lay back on the seat beside me.

“Andrew, baby, I need you to play with me.  I need to cum so bad.  Paul & Tina have me more turned on than I’ve ever been, and I want you to work your magic on me.  Please, Andrew, I need it, now”.

It was my turn to hesitate.  I hadn’t forgotten that I was wearing nothing but a pink babydoll lingerie outfit under my coat, and I knew that part of getting Faye to cum would be to open my coat so she could feast her eyes on my sexy look.  But after a moment of fear, I rationalised that the couple in front of us had his fingers buried deep in her pussy, so I decided we might as well go for it.

“As you command, My Mistress”, I intoned seriously, slowly opening the buttons on my coat.  I saw Faye’s eyes open wide – she hadn’t expected that I’d go so far as to let this couple see how I was dressed.  I could see her chest flush with excitement, as her breathing got faster.  I shrugged off my coat, and I saw Paul’s eyes open wide in the rear-view mirror.  “Damn, that’s sexy as hell” he complimented, urging Tina to look.  She turned in her seat and saw me reaching for Faye’s pussy, all the while with the beads in her ass audibly vibrating, me in my sensual lingerie, Faye sitting with her legs open side, no panties under her skirt.  “Wow, you two could teach us a thing or two”, Faye exclaimed.  “I’m so happy we picked you up, you’re our kind of people”.

I bent down, blowing air gently over Faye’s pussy.  I could see she was literally dripping wet, a damp spot forming in the skirt under her ass.  I knew she was so ready for me.  “I’m going to lick all the juices from your pussy that I can” I whispered to her, then I’m going to finger fuck your pussy and your clit all at once, and make you cum til you scream”.  This was no idle boast, Faye knew she lost control when I played with her like this, and that she could and would cum like a nuclear explosion. 

I licked her pussy from bottom to top, initially teasing her by running my tongue along her outer lips, barely touching them.  Faye arched her hips, trying to make closer contact, until she couldn’t resist and she grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face deep into her pussy.  “Lick me, you slutty whore” she commanded, “worship my pussy and prove how much you adore my body”.  She was really getting into this, not forgetting we had an audience for the first time ever, but also not letting it inhibit her.  She was going for this exactly as though we were on our own, but now with the extra added deliciousness of knowing we had this gorgeous young couple within touching distance, watching us.

I tongued her pussy, and nibbled on her clit, sucking it and nipping it between my teeth to that exact point where she was on the verge of not being able to take it.  I drew back my head, and offered her my fingers to suck on, which she did.  I took them from her mouth, telling her that she didn’t need to wet them with her mouth, because her pussy was already so dripping wet, that she was such a cumslut that all she needed was to have her pussy filled, to match the beads still vibrating in her ass.  I shoved two fingers as deep into her pussy as I could, and slowly withdrew and pushed them back in a few times.  “That’s not enough for you, is it, you horny bitch?” I asked her, and then adding my little finger into her ass where I could feel the beads vibrating inside her.  I then lay my thumb on her clit and started pistoning my hand in and out of her as hard and as fast and as deep as I could, fucking her pussy and ass all at once, whilst stimulating her clit with the rapid-fire stroking of my thumb.    

I could feel her orgasm building in her, as her breath shortened and she bucked against my hand as hard as she could, maximising the stimulation to her clit, pussy and ass.  “You’re gonna cum for me, baby” I told her.  “You’re gonna show Tina and Paul how much of a slut you are.  You’re gonna squirt for me, aren’t you?  I’m putting my head down to catch your cum, I want you to squirt straight into my mouth and all over my face.  I need you cum.  CUM FOR ME, BABY!!!”

As I yelled, Faye screamed, thrashing about in the back seat.  I kept my head between her legs as she started to squirt, covering me in seconds.  I swallowed what I could catch, and the rest matted my hair and dropped on to the seat.  I slowed my hand movements, gradually coming almost to a stop, very slowly and gently massaging her, inside and out.  Faye collapsed in a heap, a sensual smile of satiated desire spreading on her sexy face.

As Tina spoke, I jumped.  I had been lost in the lust and arousal and passion of the moment, now my doubts and insecurities kicked in and I couldn’t believe that we had just done what we had just done.  OK, Paul & Tina had started it by having Paul finger Tina in front of us, but we had allowed ourselves to get completely carried away.  Maybe far too much so.  What would they think?  Were they shocked?  Disgusted?

“That is without doubt the sexiest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entre life” Tina exclaimed.  “Fuck, you guys are amazing!  Awesome!  That was incredible.  I love that you guys are so fucking close and so sexy, that was just simply fucking amazing”.  “For sure”, Paul added.  “You guys would show up any of the younger couples we’ve swung with.  Please say we can spend time together in the hotel this weekend.  We’re up for anything you’re up for, you’re fucking amazing!”

I have to admit, their obvious delight did two things for me.  It assuaged any fears and doubts I had – they clearly relished what we had done, and wanted more … with us!  Also, I have to admit it fed my pride a little, to think that they found Faye and myself sexier and bolder than couples half our age.  I looked at Faye, slumped in the corner in post-orgasmic bliss.  “What do you say, Baby?  We’ve fantasised about this long enough, and Fate seems to have delivered us to this hotel this weekend in the company of Paul & Tina – are you game?”.

After that start?” asked Faye rhetorically.  “BRING.  IT.  ON.!

Written by Anonymous

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