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Seduced by two


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I was doing some gardening jobs, for a very attractive lady!!! she made me aware she was married, but had never met her other half, as he was usually working when I attended their garden. His Wife who was always around the home, when I worked would have breakfast in the conservatory overlooking my work area, and she would sit in her nightie, and stare out as I tried to go about my work, I would take the odd glance towards her at times and I found she would make sure her thighs were visible for me and I became quite horny at times and she would smile out at me, then every morning after showering and dressing , she would call me or approach with some instructions for me to attend to around the lawns, her hair was always wet and her top quite low, she was really seducing me, and would bend over in front of me, usually for very little reason, but I ignored it in general, and did not respond to her although it caused me to drip precum and get an erection. One day in the summer I worked quite late and her husband was home from work, and I needed the extension lead plugged in, so I could use a power tool, and she called me in through the top window, to do it myself, as they were both upstairs, so I was just about to walk back out of the house when she came to the top of the stairs in a silk nightie and said come on up I would like you to meet my Husband, as I have told him a lot about you, I was a bit shocked but as I was more or less employed by her I went up the stairs to the bedroom door and she led me inside, and her husband was in the en suite, he came out in his robe and shook my hand, we chatted about my work etc, and as we were talking his Wife lay on the bed and in the process we both could see her shaved pussy, to my amazement he looked at me and asked is'nt she beautiful, and I hesitated but replied yes she is, and he grinned then began to touch her feet and worked his hand up her legs. I was stunned but I felt myself aroused more now than ever, over her, she was smiling at us both, and I knew it was going to be something that I had never experienced before. I was very nervous but so excited I can't describe except to say I became extremely turned on and my hard cock stood out in my overalls, she was loving the attention of us both, she ordered me to sit down on her bed, which I did, but only after I looked at her husband for approval, he nodded at me and the bed, so I felt at ease and I sat down to watch him begin to kiss her feet and he also licked and was sucking her toes, she was moaning and wriggling as he worked on her. It all felt so strange to me, here I was in the bedroom of a man whom I had never met before and he was wanting me to watch him in such an intimate manner with his sexy wife, and she now wants my touch, as her hand grabs the quilt and it is very close to me and I find my hand reaching to meet it, and we clasp hands as he works his tongue up towards her inner thighs, the very thighs which have made my cock twitch on so many mornings during work I could hardly believe what was happening. He began to get very close to her pussy with his hand and his tongue was not far behind, eventually his fingers reached her lips and he spread them to reveal her clit, seeing this nearly caused me to ejaculate, on the spot, his head soon got buried between her long sexy legs, and she moaned in extacy her tongue rolled around the outside of her lips as she looked into my eyes and she stopped grasping my hand and began to wander with it towards my cock which by this point was bursting to get out, and she fumbled and found it so quick that within seconds she had it in her hand and she started to yank it hard and fast, I was almost ready to explode, suddenly she stopped pulling it and she dragged it towards her hot mouth, I was glad her Husband was still facing down as I was so nervous of his reactions, until he looked up at her and demanded that she take her time and make the moments last. This was the approval I needed, so straight away I started to fuck her mouth deep, and I pulled it out, on occasion to look at her saliva on it, which turned me on even more, my pre cum left a trail all over her face, as I slapped my hard wet cock off it, I was going to get my enjoyment, now that they brought me in. I briefly stopped to strip off and nearly fell over with my anxiousness to get back on the bed. The fun was only starting to heat up, although I was sweating so much already, her Husband now moved up, from eating her pussy towards her very beautiful pert breasts, with nipples as rock solid as my cock, which was still getting sucked so deep by his horny wife, I moved further to allow him more room, as it looked like he was going to enter her any second, never before was I present with a man while he was erect, and this did make the whole scenario very very new to me besides the fact that I had never had such an intimate experience with someone else in the room, I took my cock out of her saliva filled hot mouth and her tongue found my balls and she pushed it towards my scrotum, which made my erection double in hardness, she was practically very close to licking my arse, something else which was new to me, no woman has went so close, the tiddle feeling was imence, and I was on the brink of exploding my hot cum all over her, I had to hold off, her Husband was now laying right above her and I could see he was rubbing his erection between her lips and clit, she was getting more pleasure from us both than most woman could imagine. I caught her nipple between my finger and thumb and slightly pinched it, and let go to see it harden even more I then done the other one, before I sucked them and caught each nipple between my teeth, and gently chewed on them, she loved this and her husband complimented me that she was enjoying it, and that her sounds were not her usual, so I was to keep going, I did not need his approval anymore I think he was going to even let me enter her.
Written by twoers

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