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Cuckolded by Jill again part 3

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There was a knock at the door. “it’s open”, Jill shouted. Did she order room service, and why the fuck is she letting them when she’s fucking my face. Jill squeezed my head between her thighs, her pussy pressed into my mouth. “you’re just in time hun.” He walked over to the bed, and gave Jill a kiss on the cheek. She grabbed him, and sunk her tongue deep in his mouth. She began to unbuckle his belt, and pulled his cock out inches above my head. She leaned down to suck it. He pulled off his shirt, and played with her tits. I was a helpless voyeur tied to the bed, with my head trapped between Jill’s thighs. Jill sucked his cock hard, then raised herself up to kiss him, releasing my mouth from her pussy. She told him to remove his trousers from around his ankles, then faced away from him. She lied on me 69, as Mark removed his shoes and trousers. She tugged my hard cock, and hovered her pussy over my face. She was dripping wet. “fuck me” she ordered, wiggling her ass to Mark, inches above my face. Dirty bitch was going to have her pussy fucked an inch above my face. Jill stroked my throbbing cock. “glad you’re enjoying this”. She was right, I wanted to watch his cock fuck her. Mark slid his cock in. His balls were nearly touching my face, but I realised I didn’t care. Jill let go off my cock ,and threw her head back, as he entered her. She moaned as he slid in and out slowly fucking her. My cock throbbed watching her pussy being stretched by his cock. Mark slid out of her and rubbed the head of his cock on her pussy and asshole. This drove Jill wild, and she lowered her pussy onto my face. Her pussy was dripping wetness into my mouth. Mark continued to taunt her asshole. She adjusted herself, so he could fuck her pussy again. His balls rubbed on my face, and I could his sweaty cock. Jill grabbed my cock. “don’t stop licking, kiss my slutty pussy”. I licked her clit, with Marks cock in her drenched pussy. Jill took my cock in her mouth as a reward. She took it all in her mouth, then sucked it up to the tip, until it fell out. She pumped it with her hand. “lick his cock”, she ordered as she slowed down stroking it. Jill inched forward, so I had little choice on the matter, bringing Marks balls onto my nose. I licked the underside of his cock, and Jill’s clit. Jill moaned with delight, and sucked furiously on my cock. The combination of a cock in her pussy, mine in her mouth, and my tongue on her clit, sent her over the edge. Her body shook violently on top of mine. After she stopped shaking, she pumped my cock, and sucked on the tip. “cum in me boys, fill me with cum”. Mark pounded her pussy, and grunted as he unloaded into her pussy. He pulled his cock out, and Jill lowered her used pussy onto my mouth. Marks cum flowed out. I licked her salty pussy as she deep-throated my cock. I shot a big load of cum into Jill’s mouth, while I cleaned Mark’s cum out of her pussy. The taste was disgusting, but I didn’t want Jill to stop sucking my cock. After she took every drop in her mouth, she turned around and kissed me. She still had most of my cum in her mouth, and unloaded it in mine. She licked up Mark’s cum that had spilled on my face, told me to open wide, and spat that into my mouth as well.
Written by countrygent

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