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My wife Chrissy and I have been married 10 years, we decided we wanted to try out swinging and group sex before we settled to start our family. We researched on line and found a place we liked in Amsterdam, so we booked a place and off we went. Chrissy is a petite redhead, really beautiful and has amazing tits with huge nipples when aroused. She always had a fantasy to pole dance so she was delighted to find that she could fulfill that fantasy at the same time. She put her name on the list and when her name was called "Chrissy from Ireland ", she was on cloud nine. We had decided to just enjoy the experience and have no regrets. Chrissy is very outgoing and not at all shy, so she had no problem doing a turn on the pole naked. She was getting a lot of attention and I was approached by a large German called Per, he said "your wife is very beautiful, are you here to play?", I said we were. He explained he was single as the majority of the men seemed to be. "Can I fuck her?" he asked, I said yes that's why we're here. I called Chrissy over and introduced her to Per, and offered her hand to him, he smiled and led her to a large bed where others were fucking. He kissed her before laying her on her back, spreading her legs wide and eating her freshly shaved pussy. She was moaning as his tongue explored her cunt, and I could see his large cock that swung under him was rapidly growing and sticking straight out, ready to enter her. He got up, his beard was wet from her cunt, he put on a rubber and got on top of Chrissy. I wondered if she could take his cock, it was massive, he rubbed the head on her slit and eased it in, he started slowly then upped the pace, his large belly was powering his cock into her, then with a final thrust and a big groan he filled the bag in Chrissys cunt. He brought her back to me and said " wow, what an amazing pussy she has, you're a very lucky man ". Soon after we met with a black couple from the UK, they took us to a couples room where anyone in there is consenting to the others. I went down on Gail and fucked her right beside Chrissy as Paul done the same thing to her. Three other men in the room, an Asian man, a Dutch guy and a French guy all fucked Chrissy before we left. It was an amazing experience and we have had amazing sex reliving it again and again, we have no plans yet to repeat it, but maybe one day we will.
Written by MM

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