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Cuckolded by Jill again part1

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One of Jill’s friends was getting married, and we decided to arrive a couple of days early as it was a long trip. When we arrived at the hotel, Jill told me she had a surprise for me. She whispered in my ear at the check-in desk, “I’m not wearing any panties, I want your cock in me when we get in the elevator”. My mind was distracted from the check-in process. Jill calmly took over, making small talk with the receptionist, while grabbing my stiffening cock through my pants. When we were checked-in, Jill led the way to the elevator. I followed behind her trying to hide the bulge in my pants. She gave me a kiss and discreetly rubbed my cock. As the doors opened, she unzipped me, and we jumped in the lift. She had my cock out before the doors closed. I lifted her short skirt, and was greeted by her bare wet pussy. I thrust my cock in, as she lifted her leg, resting it on the hand rail. I rammed her up against the elevator glass, deep thrusts into her sopping pussy. I figured I had about 30 seconds before someone entered the lift. Jill pressed the button to the fifth floor. “You have 10 seconds to make me cum, or else”. “or else what?” I grunted, as I fucked her as hard as I could. Jill gasped for breaths between thrusts. The doors opened before I made her cum. She dismounted my cock, fixed her skirt and exited the elevator. I pushed my hard cock back in my pants. As we walked to our room, she explained the or else”. Because you failed to make me cum in the elevator, I’m going to tie you to the bed, cum on your face, and tease your cock”. Sounded fun to me, so I didn’t argue. Jill instructed me to take my clothes off and lie on the bed with my head towards the bottom. She produced four restraints from her suitcase, and tied my arms and legs securely to each corner of the bed, with the restraints looping around the legs of the bed. My cock stood fully erect covered in wetness from Jill’s pussy. Jill stripped naked, then put on a pair of black shiny stockings with lacy tops, and her black pointy stilettos with red soles. My cock throbbed watching her roll the stockings up her legs. She stood up and walked over to the bed, sat down beside my head, and put on a black lacy thong. “I’ll be back in a while, don’t go anywhere”, as she put on her beige coat over her bare breasts, and tied the belt at the front. The coat just barely covered the tops of her stockings. She handed me my phone. “call me if you need anything”, she said laughing, as she strutted out the door in her lingerie and trench coat, barely covering her ass. I called her right away to see where she was going out in public in stockings and a coat. She didn’t answer. I called again ten minutes later to tell her the joke was over and she could come back. I thought about her sitting in the bar having a drink, with nothing but a thong under her coat. The men at the bar staring at her stockinged legs, maybe giving them a flash of the lacy tops, or uncrossing them showing her thong. My cock throbbed, but I couldn’t touch it with the restraints. Jill called my phone around half an hour later. I put the phone on speaker, as my hands couldn’t reach my ear. She didn’t speak, but I heard some background noise. I could hear her moaning. She’s being fucked. She’s cuckolding me again, and she tricked me into being tied up in our room. I could hear what sounded like his thighs slapping on her ass, pounding her pussy. I pictured her on her back, with her legs wide in the air. Her stiletto heels pointing to the ceiling. My cock began to ooze precum. Her moaning was getting louder, “yes Mark, fuck me, your cock feels fucking great”. Mark was her fuck buddy when she was in college, and was also going to be at the wedding. Mark grunted as he orgasmed. I couldn’t believe she cuckolded me again. We had agreed that she was done fucking guys, and that it was just a phase. I was angry with her, but I still wanted her to come back and sit on my throbbing cock, and tell me all the details. The call ended.
Written by countrygent

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