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Mandy's Lesbian Lover - By HornRod

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We were lying in bed a few months ago stroking each other when Mandy asked if I would like to see her fuck another woman? “Too right I would”, I said as my cock stiffened at the thought of it. My member was rigid hard a few minutes later and without a second thought I ploughed it up Mandy's slippery cunt hole and shot my seed almost immediately just thinking about Mandy being licked to orgasm by another woman. I put the word out on Swing4 that we were looking for a bi/bi-curios-woman who would be interested in joining Mandy for a fuckfest. As we are now tipping into our 50s we advertised that we'd prefer a more mature lady to join with us. We got a number of replies, mostly single blokes, which we always rule out, then a few swinging couples and then finally Eileen. Aged 55 she wrote asking to be allowed to give it a go. “Game fucking on,” I said to Mandy after a few weeks of communicating with Eileen. We met in a mutually agreeable hotel. After the proverbial chit-chat, and a few drinks, it was time for action. Eileen was certainly not behind the bush when it came to getting down to business. We had just entered the room when she ripped off all her cloths leaving just her bra and knickers on. There was a visible massive dark damp patch between the crotch of her knickers. Mandy too took off all her cloths and stood stark naked in front of Eileen asking her, “what you want to do first?” Without reply, Eileen dropped to her knees and buried her head between Mandy's hairy snatch. I could hear Eileen gulping, licking and slobbering on Mandy's by now sogging wet fanny. Fuck me but my rod was rock hard watching Mandy getting licked by this woman. Mandy's legs buckled with a massive orgasm. Her whole body trembled as it ripped through her from head to toe as she continued panting. Mandy fell weak onto the floor. Eileen took the opportunity to rip off her bra and tear off her knickers before mounting Mandy's face and riding her swollen pussy into her face. It wasn't long until Eileen was bucking like a bronco, shooting creamy cum juice into Mandy's mouth and all over her face. Both women lay there exhausted. “Come join the fun,” Mandy teased. “I will in me bollix,” I said as my prick strained to be released. “I'm having too much fun watching the two of you, fucking each other,” I said. “Suit yourself,” said Eileen as she took hold of Mandy's hand and led her to the bed. The two women repositioned themselves in the 69 position and it wasn't too long before Mandy had three fingers buried up and working at Eileen's wringing wet gee. Eileen for her part was again slurping away on Mandy's pussy. A few minutes later Mandy was rocking around the bed screaming as another massive orgasm surged through her, while Eileen's pussy was again gushing cum juice. I had been rubbing my cock all the time watching the two women as they came. By this stage I was ready to unleash the monster. I dropped my strides and tore off my top until I was standing in front of the two women bollix naked, with the veins on my 6 inch member full and bursting to cum. Both women hungrily watched me with my cock in my hands as I eagerly stoked it. “Oh no you don't,” said Mandy. “You said you didn't want to shag us, so now you can do whatever you want, but you can't shove that big piece of trembling flesh into either of our pussies.” I told Mandy to mount Eileen's face while I dragged Eileen down until her legs were hanging over the end of the bed and her dribbling pussy was on show for the world to see. “Rub your pussy, Eileen,” I said. “Rub the fucking thing till it squirts more of that cum all over the place.” Eileen began rubbing her fanny while I positioned my rod just at the tip of it and began moving my hand up and down along its shaft roughly Mandy was face fucking Eileen. I watched, as I continued to rapidly stroke my cock, as her back ached and another orgasm burst from her. I noticed Eileen's clit enlarge and watched as she quickened her hand rubbing her public mound, until the flaps of her pussy began to quiver and the first signs of an orgasm begin to mount. Within seconds I saw her pussy muscles contract as they went into convulsions as multiple orgasms raged through her. By now there was no holding back. I chucked harder on my throbbing cock until streams of white creamy googy spunk spurted from it and squirted all over and into her pussy lips and onto her belly button. The three of us just fell back totally exhausted. When we finally recovered, we agreed to meet up again, but the next time, I told Mandy, that I wanted to have my rock hard cock buried up in Eileen pussy when she cums and to feel her intense multiple orgasms grip around it and slide up and down on it..
Written by HornRod

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