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A recent story here made me want to share our experience too. We are both almost 40, Lou is 38 and I'm 39. We keep fit, cross fit, cycling club the usual. Lou is about 5ft 6 and about a size 12-14 nice ass and tits, not all skin and bones but not large either. Before we had kids we had some wild nights but things became very civilised over the last 8 or 10 years , now that the kids are older we got to get a few weekends away on our own and start enjoying ourselves more. We were out in Belfast and we had a very passionate weekend. She was dressed really sexy all the time and we fucked like we were in our 20s and it got us thinking about all the fun we had missed. We got horney and started to chat about things we must do before we get too old and Lou asked what I wanted and I suggested the idea of swinging and we slowly got into it. After a few months we went to London and had a great night having fun with a few other couples. She had her first ever lesbian eat out and I loved watching that and I got to fuck her with some other chicks and she gave a couple of guys blow jobs while I watched. It was beyond words we were so glad we did it. About a year later on our anniversary she asked if we should go to London again and I asked her what she wanted. To my shock and suprize she made it very clear that she wanted to try a black cock, all the recent porn and reading up on swing forums had made her want to try and to be honest I was up for seeing it too. She was a stunning girl and I knew it would be awesome to see her fuck some well hung dude like a porn star. So we booked another weekend away to London and joined a club that was guaranteed to have nice back guys. We had to reserve a place and in we went. It was a very busy spot with great dance floor and great music. There were loads of couples like us a few interratial couple and loads of single black men. Lou was very nervous at first but we made a few friends and relaxed after about an hour. We met another couple and openly spoke about what the girls came for and we had loads of very nice men coming up to us and getting the girls drinks. After a while a late 20s tall well dressed Man asked Lou to dance and she did and he worked his way to holding her close and grinding up her short dress. I had a massive boner watching her ass rubbing on a black guy and I saw him kiss her neck and feel her legs ... They soon came up to me and he asked us to come with him. We went up to a room and he immediately started making out with Lou and I sat down and had a drink trying to absorb what was about to happen. He put her on the bed and went down on her, he liked her for a second then pulled out a condom and lube and had is massive cock inside her in no time. He put so much lube that he slipped in just fine! Lou was mourning and quivering like I had never seen before. She was getting pumped hard. I got undressed too and she rubbed my cock as he fucked her. She managed to give me some head when he had her on all fours but she was way too busy having her wish come true. After about an hour and a half he gave her a final thrust and pulled out a condom full of cum. I then took his place and fucked her hard till I finished. She recovered after some time and we thanked the nice man and left back to the hotel. It was so wild,raw and dirty. We had the best sex ever that night. We haven't got a chance to do it again since but we still talk about it in bed.
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