1st time with a girl Lesbian

a crush to remember…

I have always been confused about my sexuality, i love men the strength ,power and masculinity is a real turn on , i love everything about a penis i could spend hours sucking a guy off and get genuine pleasure out of it not that I've ever come accross a guy that could last that long. But since I was a teenager I've always had a fascination with women. There body's smooth , the shape of their breasts and the moans they make when feeling pleasure i… Read more

Free pass Lesbian

Away for work…

Me and my partner are together a good few years now. I have been trying to get her to have a 3some now for the year or so.
I don't mind it if a man or woman that we share with because she can get very jealous.
We like to talk about it but never made it reality. We watch porn and I had noticed that when we look at girl on girl she gets a lot more excited and wet.

I told her on many occasions she can have a free pass but never did take m… Read more

Friends birthday Lesbian

My best friend…

This happened not too long ago , before the lockdown came into effect . It was coming up to the time that I call over to my best friends house, I always hope that somethings going to happen between us. We're always cuddling and hugging, and she's constantly touching me whenever she can. Not in naughty places though, although I wouldn't mind. We even have the odd shower together, in bathing suits. Although there was this one time that she poured … Read more

Best ever sleepover Lesbian


Have posted before but have another story to share .....
So here goes... my first lesbian experience. This was a number of years ago and me and James hadn't met yet, in fact I was still living in my parents house. I was in my late teens my body was nicely formed and I had that iconic fat ass that draws all the attention these days hehe.
This particular day my friend had planned come over to help me with some a level studying and we planned to… Read more

On d train Lesbian

Recently, I had to take a trip which required a long train ride, about 4
hours. I had a seat to myself and so did the pretty, but overweight
woman sitting across the isle from me. She was large framed, wearing a
skirt and blouse, her breasts were very much on the large size. She
appeared to be in her early 40's. About two hours into the trip, she
pulled out a blanket and closed her eyes for a nap. It was already dark
outside, and the only l… Read more

Out shopping Lesbian

That afternoon I was home alone and then I decided I could go on shopping. I just needed sexy lingerie to wear on my next night out .

Then I went to the lingerie shop and when I entered the lingerie shop a seductive and impressive business woman approached me.
That lady greeted me with a warm welcome to her shop and enquired how she could help me. I was very impressed with the way that woman looked.

She introduced herself as Odette and t… Read more

Xx Lesbian

As an addict of ‘self love’ and having been so for as long as I can remember, pornography has played an important role in my life. However, being female means that much of my stimulation comes from fantasies. The advantage being that I have a whole library of pornography stashed away in the recesses of my mind, ready and waiting for an opportunistic moment when I can sneak my hand into my knickers and select my chosen scenario to accompany me… Read more

Xxxx Lesbian

Arriving in my hotel after the long flight from Europe, I suddenly found myself feeling very horny. I needed some relief. Maybe a shower would help, I thought to myself as I stripped away my clothes that I was traveling in . My skirt slipped down my legs and pooled at my feet. I stepped free, my already bare feet slipping carelessly away from the skirt. I took a few steps toward the bathroom as I unbuttoned the white, just almost see-through blou… Read more

Tasty Lesbian

I saw her again at the gym. The girl with the perfectly toned body that still had plenty to lust over. Of course, she wore those short shorts again. The ones that clung to her body as she worked up a sweat. I could hardly take my eyes off her.
I tried to discreetly follow her around so I could keep watching. I was never sure if she noticed, until today. She was running on the treadmill, after finishing an intense workout. Her sporty top was alre… Read more

first girl experience Lesbian

bigtits and i decided to hit the clubs over the christmas week ..seen as how every1 was in the festive spirit we were sue we'd fine some horny women..we headed into temple bar and started getting pissed while looking out for horny looking women..in the corner were 2 lovely looking women..both about mid twentys wearing mini skirts up around there arses so we went over and had a chat..it turned out they were 2 english students over for the christma… Read more

the dinner Lesbian

lana was hostin yet another borin business dinner in her line of work she spend most of her time at borin dinner parties.as she sat back listenin to all the old bores talkin shop her eyes started to wonder around the room when her eyes fall on marina, a beauty in all ways, she had long dark hair, big brown come to bed eyes,she had a wonderful curvey body breasts and nipples and could be seen clearly tru her white shirt. when lana seen them she fe… Read more

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my 1st time Lesbian

i was 17 and very curious when i met a spanish girl aged 28 through work we both worked in a dublin hotel she told me she was bi sexual and asked me had i ever been with a girl to which i replied no not yet.from that moment i wanted her so 1 weekend i invited her out with me and my freinds,during the night out i flirted with her and told her how i felt so that night she took me back to her flat where she stripped me naked and kissed me all over a… Read more