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Lesbian Stories

Sexual practices involving just women often display an engagement of erotic affection. If the women are exclusively sexually attracted to women only, they are classed as a lesbian.

However, it's fairly common that many women in heterosexual relationships have lesbian fantasises that they'd like to fulfil. For swingers, participating in lesbian sex can unlock many first-time bisexual experiences and introduce a taste for regular MFF threesomes. Desiring lesbian sex can raise many questions about a person's sexuality; bicurious, bisexual, gay or just happy to have an open mind.

Probe into the lesbian intimacies in our collection below. Are you also desiring a lesbian exchange or experienced one that you'd like to share?

Since the first covid lockdown I had been finding it hard to sleep . I have tried everything from warm milk to green tea to sleeping tablets . The only thing that works is very large amounts of alcohol .the only problem with that is I can then fall into...

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Anonymous 1 year ago

1st time with a girl

a crush to remember

I have always been confused about my sexuality, i love men the strength ,power and masculinity is a real turn on , i love everything about a penis i could spend hours sucking a guy off and get genuine pleasure out of it not that I've ever come accross a g...

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Anonymous 1 year ago

Free pass

Away for work

Me and my partner are together a good few years now. I have been trying to get her to have a 3some now for the year or so. I don't mind it if a man or woman that we share with because she can get very jealous. We like to talk about it but never made...

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Flufflystar 1 year ago

Friends birthday

My best friend

This happened not too long ago , before the lockdown came into effect . It was coming up to the time that I call over to my best friends house, I always hope that somethings going to happen between us. We're always cuddling and hugging, and she's constan...

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Have posted before but have another story to share ..... So here goes... my first lesbian experience. This was a number of years ago and me and James hadn't met yet, in fact I was still living in my parents house. I was in my late teens my body was nicel...

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Fs 3 years ago

Recently, I had to take a trip which required a long train ride, about 4 hours. I had a seat to myself and so did the pretty, but overweight woman sitting across the isle from me. She was large framed, wearing a skirt and blouse, her breasts were very...

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That afternoon I was home alone and then I decided I could go on shopping. I just needed sexy lingerie to wear on my next night out . Then I went to the lingerie shop and when I entered the lingerie shop a seductive and impressive business woman appro...

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As an addict of ‘self love’ and having been so for as long as I can remember, pornography has played an important role in my life. However, being female means that much of my stimulation comes from fantasies. The advantage being that I have a whole librar...

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Arriving in my hotel after the long flight from Europe, I suddenly found myself feeling very horny. I needed some relief. Maybe a shower would help, I thought to myself as I stripped away my clothes that I was traveling in . My skirt slipped down my legs...

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I saw her again at the gym. The girl with the perfectly toned body that still had plenty to lust over. Of course, she wore those short shorts again. The ones that clung to her body as she worked up a sweat. I could hardly take my eyes off her. I tried to...

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hornycouple1980 12 years ago

bigtits and i decided to hit the clubs over the christmas week ..seen as how every1 was in the festive spirit we were sue we'd fine some horny women..we headed into temple bar and started getting pissed while looking out for horny looking the co...

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Anonymous 13 years ago

lana was hostin yet another borin business dinner in her line of work she spend most of her time at borin dinner she sat back listenin to all the old bores talkin shop her eyes started to wonder around the room when her eyes fall on marina, a b...

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slutwifecouple 13 years ago

i was 17 and very curious when i met a spanish girl aged 28 through work we both worked in a dublin hotel she told me she was bi sexual and asked me had i ever been with a girl to which i replied no not yet.from that moment i wanted her so 1 weekend i inv...

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