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the dinner

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lana was hostin yet another borin business dinner in her line of work she spend most of her time at borin dinner she sat back listenin to all the old bores talkin shop her eyes started to wonder around the room when her eyes fall on marina, a beauty in all ways, she had long dark hair, big brown come to bed eyes,she had a wonderful curvey body breasts and nipples and could be seen clearly tru her white shirt. when lana seen them she felt her pussy becomin moist she had always wonder wat it would be like to touch and kiss marina, she continued to check marina out wit her white shirt she wore a short black wit knee high boot. lana's pussy juices wher really startin to flow her nipples wher gettin hard under her shirt and she had to stop from touchin herself final she couldnt take anymore so she got out a pen and wrote somethin on a napkin and got up from her table and began to walk towards marina as she walked passed the table lana put the napkin down in front of marina and kept walkin. marina was a little shock at wat happen but she picked up the napkin opened it and read wat it said. it read:'met me out back by the pool i'll be waitin'. marina blushed a little and den smiled. wat lana didnt know was that marina had been wonderin wat it would like to kiss they tall leggy blonde. so marina excused herself from the table and head for the pool lana was sittin at the edge of the pool sippin some wine she didnt hear marina come up behind her there no words spoken marina leaned into lana and stared kissin her slowlt along neck....................
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