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Best ever sleepover


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Have posted before but have another story to share ..... So here goes... my first lesbian experience. This was a number of years ago and me and James hadn't met yet, in fact I was still living in my parents house. I was in my late teens my body was nicely formed and I had that iconic fat ass that draws all the attention these days hehe. This particular day my friend had planned come over to help me with some a level studying and we planned to make an evening of it as my parents planned to go out, we planned to watch a movie have a sleepover, bitch about college girls and talk boys like most girls do. Around tea time about 5pm or so, our door knocked and mum answered I was in my room studying I was wearing a vest top and hot pants just regular comfy home clothes. mum let me know Liz was here and she made her way upstairs to me. Now Liz is about the same size as me a 10 or a 12 with nice womanly thighs and a nice shaped ass, She's curvy but has a flat stomach and outstanding D cup tits that bounce with every movement, her eyes are piercing blue and she has long brown hair that almost reaches the top of her ass. on this day as she entered my room she had on high waisted jeans that emphasised her ass and knee high boots. she had a tight long sleeved black top on and a fur Gillet. she looked fantastic .. We studied for a couple of hours while my parents were still at home and once they left Liz said she wanted to take a shower. I remember her undressing and i felt sure she was almost trying to perform for me she untied her hair and let it flop and then removed her gillet, then she pulled her tight top over her head and revealed the most stunning bra it was red with a lace pattern and frills underneath. and her tits looked great in it a plunging cleavage that i was very jealous of as my boobs are a lot smaller. Next she removed her boots and unbuttoned her jeans she slowly pulled them down over her hips and revealed a cute pair of red knickers again lace with some detail on the pubic area and they were frenchies. she pulled them over her ass and it wobbled as she released her cheeks at this point i remember think stop staring at her shes going to notice. she asked me if i wanted her to leave the shower running when had finished, i need to freshen up so said yes and thanked her. i went back to my room and after seeing Liz in her Underwear felt confused at why it stired up some excitement in me, i was no stranger to sex at this point in my life i was partying a lot and enjoyed sexual activity mainly with myself and the male kind, however i had never felt excited by a girl and certainly not a friend. Anyway back to it after 10 minutes or so she shouted " do you jump in while its hot, oh and could you grab me a towel please " as i entered the bathroom Liz was stood with her back to me with one hand covering her tits she giggled "don't look just throw me a towel" i did this and she wrapped it around and left. i peeled of my clothes and stepped into the shower i scrubbed my body, and washed my hair then i paused, i often enjoyed masturbating in the shower and decided why shouldn't i now "i took the shower head of the wall and angled it between my legs i turned it to high pressure and closed my eyes i used my spare hand to play with my bullet like nipples and felt the intense feeling of orgasm start to creep up i tried to think of cock but my mind flashed back to Liz every time I thought of her doing the same as me bringing herself to orgasm and playing with her big tits. my breathing became heavier and i was trying not to moan i was seconds away from climax when the door burst open , it was Liz don't mind me, i forgot my phone, did you want me to put a pizza on? ohh what are you doing? are you urm?" i felt so embarrassed i could feel myself blushing. i turned the shower of "no honestly i wasn't doing anything , i was just washing myself, have you never heard of knocking" i was mortified, i dried myself and jumped straight into bed. I remember Liz trying to talk to me but i was having none of it. i dropped of to sleep and woke up around midnight to Liz climbing into bed, it wasn't unusual for us to bed share on sleepovers she was just in her knickers and her tits where free to bounce her nipples dark and her areolas nice and big. after pulling the covers over her Liz noticed i was awake and apologised for bursting in she said "I'm sorry and don't be embarrassed i wont tell any one, infact i found it very hot" i was shocked and replied "hot? huh? so your lesbian?" Liz replied "no bisexual, is that weird?" i remember not knowing what to say and just shrugging and we both drifted of to sleep. Now i woke up the following morning feeling pleasure and very wet as i opened my eyes i noticed the covers had disappeared and could see Liz and her ass in the air with her knickers up her ass crack her back arched down between my legs and her and she was licking my pussy "fuck Liz what you doing" "oh loz I'm sorry i thought you might want to experience what i meant last night, shall i stop?" i thought for a minute it did feel good i looked at her her tits hanging in front of me and her her ass was looked great her mouth glistened with my juices, id have been crazy to turn the opportunity away. i pushed her head back down and Liz lapped away at my pussy ,she sucked on my clit and i moaned in delight she felt incredible. i reached down and grabbed her ass. Liz came up and looked me in the eyes then plunged her fingers inside me she massaged my g spot until the pleasure got to much " FUCK.. that's it Liz finger fuck my pussy oh god, oh god I'm cumming fuck." she giggled " shall we continue" i nodded and ripped off her knickers exposing her neat but quite puffy pussy lips i went down and began to eat her pussy , i kept licking and after a while placed finger inside and copied the movements she did to me " before long she came hard in my mouth grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up we kissed passionately and then she position he legs between mine and started to rub her pussy against mine (what i now now as scissoring) we rubbed our pussys together and i watched her tits bounce up and down we both came at the same time hard " and played for the rest of the morning together
Written by Flufflystar

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