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I saw her again at the gym. The girl with the perfectly toned body that still had plenty to lust over. Of course, she wore those short shorts again. The ones that clung to her body as she worked up a sweat. I could hardly take my eyes off her. I tried to discreetly follow her around so I could keep watching. I was never sure if she noticed, until today. She was running on the treadmill, after finishing an intense workout. Her sporty top was already soaked, her nipples clearly showing as her perfect breasts bounced through her run. I couldn't help but stare . It actually helped keep my mind off my own run, my own fatigue, and how silly I must have looked all sweaty like this. No way could I match the beauty of the short shorts girl. I glanced down at my own breasts as I ran. Nothing special. Nothing compared to - Our eyes met. She was looking at me, and smiling. She had slowed to a walk, and drew a towel across her face to wipe the sweat away. Time slowed down as the towel uncovered her eyes, locked on mine. Her hair flowed over her shoulder wildly. I watched in awe as her eyes swept over my body, and she bit her lower lip. She continued to watch me as she stepped off the treadmill, towel wrapped around her neck just high enough not to obscure the view of her shapely tits . She briefly lingered before she disappeared around the corner, headed for the locker room. I hit the stop button in a frenzy and nearly toppled over myself. Frantically, I wiped my face and jumped off the treadmill to follow her. I didn't know what, if anything, would happen, but I couldn't risk missing it if it did. The door was closed when I rounded the corner. I glanced about to see if anyone was around. It was empty . With a deep breath, I gathered up my courage and made a headed for the door. Moving past the sinks, I could see that the changing area was devoid of people. I heard the distinct sound of the spray of water from a showerhead. I set my towel on the bench and inched my way toward the showers. Nervously, I dared to stick my head into the shower area. My eyes were met with the most beautiful sight I could imagine. There she was, wearing nothing but those short shorts, hands up and facing the wall opposite me. Her perfectly rounded breasts practically called out to me, nipples standing out straight while water mixed with sweat drew streaks down her tits . She brought her hands down to caress them and as she did so, turned her head to face me. I could have sworn her eyes lit up brighter than usual when she saw me watching her. She smiled and squeezed her breasts, … herself to open her mouth in a gasp. Her look said it all. It beckoned, saying "Come to me." She smiled as she lowered her hands to her waist and turned, showing me that wonderfully built butt. I stepped fully into view then, still unsure of what I should do. She was only 10 feet away. I stepped forward, and she leaned a hand on the shower wall and glanced down at my top. Instinctively, I pulled it up and off, letting my perky boobs fall out. She reached out and took it from me as I approached, balling it up and tossing it to the side. She watched intently as I entered the stream of water. I jumped, as it was colder than expected. My nipples were quickly hardening and I knew it. Apparently, so did she, as she stared at them with a look like a hungry animal . I followed her gaze downward, and no sooner than I had broken eye contact, she was latched onto my breast. She took a wide "bite," her tongue flicking my nipple this way and that. Shocked, I stood there with my arms in the air unable to act. Then she sucked, and pleasure shot from my chest down to my crotch and back again. She let go with a pop and stood up straight again, about a head taller than I was. She licked her lips and spoke the first words I had ever heard her say. "You're so tasty." I hit instant overdrive. Lust took over and I grabbed her perfect butt through those shorts, the shorts I'd always wanted to touch. I pulled her tightly against me, pressing her warm mound into mine, and buried my face in her luscious breasts. Her arms wrapped around my back and pulled just as tightly. I tasted her sweat. I couldn't breathe, but I didn't care. I squeezed those cheeks as hard as I felt I could, and I could feel the shape of her pussy through those shorts like I always dreamed I would. The water ran down her back and over my hands. I felt her hands sliding down my back. Then came the rocking. With a gentle rhythm, she began rocking her hips against me, using her hands on my back to pull me tighter as she rocked back. The friction on my crotch was an amazing feeling, as if she knew exactly how to rub me the right way. I finally came up for air between her tits, thankful that the water was on her back and not in my face. It was all I could do to catch my breath as I stared up at her chin, panting and moaning. I started to swing my hips with her rhythm, pulling myself up against her as she rocked back. It was so intense I could have exploded in orgasm at any second. I humped until I could only whine into her chest with each rep. I realized that I was not the only one making sounds, as a loud, sensual cry reached my ears. I buried my face in her tits again and clenched every muscle in my body as the moment finally came. I would have made a mess all over both of us had we not been in the shower already. I nearly screamed into her breast, pounding my pussy into hers as hard as I could. With all the strength I knew she had to have, she picked me up by my butt and held me tight as her moment came. I wrapped my legs around her and held onto her shoulders. She squeezed me through her orgasm, sending powerful aftershocks through me. She cried out, "ooooh," with a squeal as she finished. My breathing was so heavy having been through my most intense experience in the gym yet. She set me down and turned the knob to cut the water without turning around. Smiling, she bent down to pick up my soaked top. "I'll see you next time, Tasty..." With that she walked out of the showers with my top over her shoulder, that perfect butt swaying back and forth at me. When I'd finally recovered enough to follow, she was gone without a trace. All except for a clean, dry pair of shorts identical to those she always wore, waiting on the bench for me.Xx
Written by Flufflystar

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