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Out shopping

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That afternoon I was home alone and then I decided I could go on shopping. I just needed sexy lingerie to wear on my next night out . Then I went to the lingerie shop and when I entered the lingerie shop a seductive and impressive business woman approached me. That lady greeted me with a warm welcome to her shop and enquired how she could help me. I was very impressed with the way that woman looked. She introduced herself as Odette and then I was sure she was the owner. She was a sexy and beautiful mid-forties woman; long black hair, green eyes, long legs to die for and a sensual smile when she spoke… She had a French accent and her voice was also very seductive, as all her look was. I told her I was looking for some sexy outfit to wear on my next night out . She smiled and told me she had the perfect match for me. Then she brought a sexy red crotch less cat suit and led me to a changing booth in the back of the store, leaving a younger sales clerk at the counter. When we were behind the closed door Odette begged me to strip and after I was naked, she proceeded to measure me very thoroughly with a tape. She smiled with every touch of our bodies. She took every opportunity to feel my boobs and nipples as she helped me try on the red cat suit. Of course all her manipulations of my tits had my pussy dripping wet. Odette got on her knees and started measuring my hips. She was close enough to be able to smell my wet dirty crotch. She even wiped her finger across my uncovered vulva. She smelled her finger, while smiling up at me. Then she insisted that I put on a crotch shield before trying on some other panties she had selected for me. I took off the red catsuit and Odette helped me roll down the brand new panties; adjusting the crotch shield. She used her finger to stuff the shield between my labia and tightly against my asshole, before helping me try on three different sizes of panties. She managed to rub her hands all over my butt and vulva. I even managed to have an orgasm from her touch; trying to muffle my moans, so Odette could not be aware of my horny condition. I closed my eyes and almost melted, as I moaned through an orgasm. When she finished removing the last pair of panties I stood there facing her, with that soaked panty shield wedged between my pussy lips. Odette finally plucked the shield from between my wet thighs, and she smiled commenting: “Oh My… you are a very sensitive girl…” I leaned forward a little, pushing my wet cunt towards her face. Then the French lady placed her hands on my thighs and buried her nose in my pussy. It looked so erotic looking down at her. I felt her tongue probing my cunt. She did some things with her tongue that drove me crazy. I had to place my hands on the walls to keep from falling and soon I started to feel the rise of my second orgasm. I assumed that after making me cum Odette was finished with me and would allow me to get dressed, but she turned me around. I had to place my hands on the wall in front of me, as she made me bend forward, causing my butt to stick out. Then she placed her hands on my ass cheeks and spread them apart. I felt her cold breath on my asshole. I couldn’t believe it when she licked my asshole. She stabbed my asshole with her tongue, and it was driving me crazy. She slipped a hand between my legs and played with my clitoris, while continuing to rim my asshole until I had a third intense orgasm. This time I was moaning loud enough that anyone there could hear me. When I recovered myself, Odette helped me get dressed again. As soon as I was presentable, she led me back to the counter and her young clerk girl. She had a shy smile on her face. I could not help blushing, because that girl knew what had been going on in the changing room. I had been so distracted after the orgasms that I had forgotten to put my own nylon panties back on. They were resting now on top of the counter. I snatched them up and stuffed them into the plastic bag. After purchasing the red cat suit and a pair of sexy black thongs, Odette followed me to the exit and wished me a pleasant day, and invited me back whenever I needed anything like sexy panties etc . I went home and had a light dinner. I was so fucking excited that during the night I was awoke until I had masturbated so much that my pussy was sore. The next afternoon I returned to the lingerie store, with the excuse of another purchase . This time Odette sucked my pussy and asshole until she made me have three loud orgasms. Then she showed me her wet pussy lips. I ate her. When she was finished, she just went outside the changing room. I was disappointed that she had left so quickly. I was dressing back when the door opened again. It was another young sales clerk. The girl was an attractive blonde, no more than twenty years old. Her clear green eyes were sparkling as she knelt in front of me, and started eating my pussy. I sat there on the bench stroking her hair, until I let out a howl. She smiled up at me as she stood up. When she lifted her dress up I looked directly at her perfect trimmed mound. Her clitoris was sticking out like she had an erection. I couldn’t resist sucking on it; until I felt her body shiver and then she assured me that she had a very intense orgasm feeling my tongue so deep… Later on that night I drove myself crazy masterbating myself wearing my brand new crotch less red cat suit. All I could remember those two women that had made me cum sooooo good…
Written by Flufflystar

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