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Arriving in my hotel after the long flight from Europe, I suddenly found myself feeling very horny. I needed some relief. Maybe a shower would help, I thought to myself as I stripped away my clothes that I was traveling in . My skirt slipped down my legs and pooled at my feet. I stepped free, my already bare feet slipping carelessly away from the skirt. I took a few steps toward the bathroom as I unbuttoned the white, just almost see-through blouse. It was on the floor just in front of the door to the bathroom. Wearing just a white bra and panties, I played with the nozzles in the shower until I figured out how to get the water going and the right temperature. The rain-head shoer sent a cascade of hot, steaming water crashing to the black tile floor. I stepped back reaching behind me to unhook the bra. I lay my bra on the sink counter and reached for a big, white, fluffy towel hanging from the bar near the mirror. My eyes caught my hard nipples and I realized I was doing nothing for my horniness. I felt that familiar twinge between my legs as I watched my nipples grow even harder, just by watching them in the mirror. I stepped back and tore my eyes away from my dark, hardening nipples and placed the towel on the bench near the shower. My fingers slipped into the top band of my panties and I was aware of the silky fabric sliding down my thighs. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation of becoming nude and let the panties fall to the floor from just above my knees. As I stood back up straight, I kicked my panties to the corner near the door and reached into the shower. My hand felt the hot water and I knew it was just right. I stepped in and let the hot water wash over me from above. I was soaked instantly, the hot water surrounding me. The rain-head shower is always best but I was wrong - and I kind of knew I would be - the water only enhanced what I was feeling. I reached for the body wash and instead of using the poof I brought from home, I squirted the soap into my palm. I closed my eyes and sighed as my slippery hands slide across my stomach and then up over my breasts. My legs spread apart and one hand slipped down back over my tummy. My legs were already shaking as my slippery fingers slid over my clit. One hand squeezing a breast, playing with a nipple, the other using fingers in many ways. I let a single finger slide into me, and then sighed as my hand pulled back up exposing my clit...I had to kind of squat down a little bit as there was no bench or ledge in the shower, but I was still exposed as my finger slipped across my clit, faster and faster. I could tell this would not take long, but I was also a little nervous about standing in the shower. I left the water on and sat on the floor of the shower. My back pressed to the cold tile of the far wall as, with my knees bent, my legs spread apart. I used both hands now, one flying across my clit, the other circling the hole of my soaking wet pussy. I didn't push any fingers inside, I just needed a quick release and I was rewarded in short order. My breath caught in my throat, I felt the blood rushing through my body. My legs straightened out, my toes curled. I moaned in the shower and felt the echo vibrate against my skin as I let it go and felt the sweet explosion of my orgasm take control. I lost all other sensations and the track of time as my body gave in tot he rush and heat of release. I was back in the moment and felt my breathing before I could hear it. I felt my moans before I could hear them. I lie hand slowly, gently storming through my wetness, careful not to touch my super sensitive clit now as I tried to catch my breath. I knew I wash;t done..but I had to get out of this shower. On shaky legs, I dried off quickly and retreated to the bed. But just as I collapsed and reached for myself....there was a knock at the door. I looked at the clock and realized that she was either early, or she just couldn't wait to get her hands on me..... I scramble from the bed and reach inside the bathroom for the big fluffy robe hanging there. As much as I have looked forward to this would be weird to be naked when I answer the door...what if it isn't her, after all?? I look through the tiny peephole in the door and I see a gorgeous woman standing there looking a little nervous. She is biting her bottom lip and despite the orgasm still echoing inside me, I feel the walls of my pussy tingle and ache for her touch. A touch that I have only now through her words, and my imagination until this moment. Her eyes dart around the empty hallway anxiously and she reaches up to knock on the door again. I blush knowing that I have been staring at her and wait just a moment longer before stepping backwards and opening the door. I just look at her with my eyebrows raised. "Hi ," she offers with a whisper I smile and hold out my hand for her, "Yes. I am so happy you are here!" I lead her in and the easy thing, the tempting thing to do is to throw my robe to the floor and just jump on this beautiful woman that I have flown half the world to see. But. I feel I have to behave myself. I don't want to scare her away. We have a whole week , There is no need to rush the first kiss, the first caress. I want to savor these moments, this moment of innocence, that time when we haven't done anything so risky yet. That time when the whole world has stopped, we wait for our first moments together. I want this time, alone withher in my hotel room, to last as long as we can stand it. I lead her to the bed and she sits, nervously on the end. I giggle as I twist away in a swirling mass of cotton robe and ask if she would like anything to drink, , Anything at sll -- she giggles in response and says a water would be fine. I return and hand her the bottle and then sit across from the desk chair, crossing my legs carefully, and holding the robe in place. Her eyes wander over the exposed skin of my bare foot hanging in the air. As her eyes move along my ankle and the small bit of exposed calf, I swear I can actually see her start to breathe faster. The anticipation is building inside her already. I am suddenly thankful that I had just experienced the amazing release I did, because looking at this beauty in her short dress, her legs exposed as she site on my bed, her breasts rising and falling beneath the thin fabric, I know that if I had still needed that release...she would not stand a chance to resist. It was hard enough feeling my wetness growing inside me, dripping from me, sliding between the cheeks of my ass. I could feel it covering my thighs as I slowly, silently let my legs move together. I clenched the muscles of my pussy for a moment and then relaxed as We and I talked about my flight and the funny story of the taxi driver trying to see more than his mirror would allow and nearly crashing When I stood up after minutes of chatter, She reached out for me, her hand closed around my wrist. I turned to look at the desk and set my nearly empty water bottle down. I reached for hers. Soon it was sitting on the desk next to mine. Her hand never left my wrist, her eyes never left mine.I pulled away from her and turned my body to face her direction , her eyes widened, her breath quickened. My hands reached for the belt that loosely held the robe closed. I tugged gently and the belt slipped open. A moment later, the robe was just hanging on my shoulders, against my body. Her eyes could see the smooth bare skin of my belly, my belly button tucked away from her curious eyes. She reached for me again. But this time, I stepped back. I reached up and pushed the robe off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I stood in front of her, unashamed, ready for her eyes to devour me. But ready more for her lips, her tongue and her teeth to own me. But she and I both knew....this was not her moment. she stood and turned her back toward me and took a single step backward. Her head down, she reached back and lifted her hair away from her neck. I opened the clasp and then pulled the zipper down. To let her dress fall to the floor around her bare feet, her dhoes kicked under the bed a long time ago. She stood there, her back to me, just as naked as I was. "Good girl," I whispered seeing that she wore no bra, no panties. She turned slowly to let me see all of her. I licked my lips at the sight of her wonderful, perfect body, the smooth, soft skin that begged for my attention, that would soon feel the warm wetness of my kiss, and soon after the sharp, but pleasant sting of my hand on her ass. She moaned softly when her eyes met mine seeing that I was already, in my imagination, on my knees feasting at her smooth, bare center. She stepped back and let herself fall onto the bed. Suddenly, I had to taste her Our first kiss would just have to taste like her I decided, as I moved to the edge of anticipation. I was ready for her. I had to have her, had to feel her wetness sliding into my tummy. She lifted her feet to the edge of the bed, bending her knees and opening herself to me, a willing sacrifice for my feast. I dropped to my knees an inhaled her scent. I held my breath, savoring her odor, wanting more. She held her breath, ready for the moment my tongue touched her. Ready to be owned by me.... To be continued
Written by Flufflystar

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