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first girl experience

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bigtits and i decided to hit the clubs over the christmas week ..seen as how every1 was in the festive spirit we were sue we'd fine some horny women..we headed into temple bar and started getting pissed while looking out for horny looking the corner were 2 lovely looking women..both about mid twentys wearing mini skirts up around there arses so we went over and had a turned out they were 2 english students over for the christmas so we offeres to show them around dublin ...we had a few more drinks and when we tried to get a taxi we were out of the girls offered us to come back to there hotel to the residence bar for a drink..when we got there it was empty just the bar man..we got the drinks in and after while the mood got filthy..we were playing spin the bottle and dares so all of our swinging stories came out and a lot of the girls story were far more filthy then ours..we decided to go up to there room for a bit of fun ..when we got there both girls disapered into the bathroom leaving bigtits and i alone in the room ..they both came out naked and asked if i minded if bigtits fucked as they had always wanted to have sex with a woman...3 girls nakd on the bed kissing licking and sucking each other and me sttod there like a spare 1...i got my cock out and jumped in between them all bigtits had her tounge up 1 of there arses and she was getting kicked and fingered by the other girl so i eased my cock up bigtits ass and fucked her hard while she moaned..i came across her arse and the girls face and sat back and enjoyed the was a great christmas and wait till i tell you about new years...
Written by hornycouple1980

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