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"Away for work"

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Me and my partner are together a good few years now. I have been trying to get her to have a 3some now for the year or so. I don't mind it if a man or woman that we share with because she can get very jealous. We like to talk about it but never made it reality. We watch porn and I had noticed that when we look at girl on girl she gets a lot more excited and wet. I told her on many occasions she can have a free pass but never did take me up on it. She is high up in her job and She travels 2 to 3 days every second week with work to the south and west of ireland. Stays in nice hotels. One day last winter about 9pm I got a text from her saying I'm going to use my free pass. I was shocked to get that text. I text back she didn't see it I tried to ring she didn't answer it. By was I jealous and horny . Who was she with another man someone from work I wasn't cool with that. Maybe a woman this was all running through my mind it was the not knowing that got me. About 10pm I got a photo on whatsapp of her tongue licking another woman's nipple I was relieved to know she had not fucked another man with out me been there. I tried to ring but she wouldn't answer she said she was embarrassed. She texted me the details of what happened. I was so horny reading them. She had dinner in the Hotel bar and got talking to a much younger woman in her late 20s and had a few glasses of wine. And they were chatting and my partner who is 40 asked the young woman was she married or was there a special man in her life. she replied no to been married and said she was bi and had been seeing another woman her own age just for fun. My partner said she said it witb so much confidence and a dirty look in her eye she knew that if she wanted something to happen it was going to happen. The young ask if she had ever been with a woman she replied no but she liked the idea of it. The young woman asked my partner would she like to finish off the bottle of wine in her room. Up to the room they went she said the door hadn't even closed and a young woman had her tongue in her mouth as she pressed her up against the wall. She said she didn't get a chance to think the young woman knew what she wanted and tuck it. My partner was on the bed naked within minutes with the young woman licking her out and then fucked her with long dildo. she said the experience of being with another woman great I'm still trying to get her to have a threesome but it's not happening for me. I do wonder if she has ever met this woman again.
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