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As an addict of ‘self love’ and having been so for as long as I can remember, pornography has played an important role in my life. However, being female means that much of my stimulation comes from fantasies. The advantage being that I have a whole library of pornography stashed away in the recesses of my mind, ready and waiting for an opportunistic moment when I can sneak my hand into my knickers and select my chosen scenario to accompany me in my ‘play time’. The fantasy which I’m sharing with you now has been around for roughly 16 years and given me many hours of ‘play’ time and many, many orgasms!......... Sometimes life gets pretty hectic so, every year, usually September once the kids are back at school, I take a weekend to myself where I don’t have to be wife, mother or daughter, just be me. On this particular occasion I grabbed the two man tent and a sleeping bag, and set off for my quiet weekend. I arrived early afternoon to bright sunshine and decided to set up camp in the furthest corner of the site. I’d nearly finished smoothing out the ground sheet when a shadow cast over me. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that at first I didn’t notice anything. Suddenly I looked up and for some stupid reason I jumped at the sight. Standing in front of me was the most beautiful wonan I’d ever laid eyes on! She had very long, thick, blond hair, ivory skin with just a few pale freckles over her nose and the most voluptuous lips drawn into a smile. Her long neck led down to a deep cleavage, sculptured legs and exquisitely pedicured feet. She was so beautiful that I just stood there gawping for what felt like an embarrassingly long time, (although it was probably only a couple of seconds!) I was aware of my heart pounding and my breathing getting deeper, I was shaking slightly and was acutely aware that I was becoming very wet. Her eyes sparkled as she laughed slightly “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you jump. I noticed you were on your own and wondered if you might like some company?” with this she held up a pack of beers .Feeling acutely embarrassed and praying to God that she couldn’t read my mind, I accepted. We sat down and she opened two and passed one over, as I took it our fingers touched for the briefest moment. I was shaking and all I could think was ‘stay cool, don’t let her know or you’ll scare her off’. After some polite ‘weather’ conversation it transpired that we were both nurses. She had a really relaxed way about her and in no time we were chatting as though we’d known each other for ages. Along with the copious amounts of chatting was rather a large consumption of lager and due to the fact that I hadn’t yet eaten that day I was feeling rather light headed. As we were talking I was becoming more and more desperate for a pee, but didn’t want to break the conversation just in case she decided to go. Eventually I had to give in but realised I didn’t know where the toilets were. “Don’t worry” she said “it’s miles away. Just go in the woods it's fine. Actually I need to go too so I’ll keep look out for you.” And with that she stood up. We got to a partially secluded area, I pulled my skirt up around my waist, pulled my knickers to one side and squatted down. I was so desperate that I started to pee straight away but was still nervous as this was during the day and looked up to see if my lookout was still ‘looking out’. To my astonishment my lookout was looking straight between my legs! I jumped again and let go of my knickers by mistake, the problem was that I couldn’t stop going! She was laughing again, not a wicked laugh, more of a mischievous one. When I’d finally finished and stood up, feeling rather giddy from a combination of alcohol, embarrassment and extreme horniness at the thought of this beautiful woman staring straight between my legs, she glanced at my knickers and said “well they’re not doing you much good now are they, you might as well take them off.” At that point I really thought I was going to pass out but she seemed to interpret the pause as hesitation. “There’s no need to be embarrassed! Look, I’ll take mine off as well.” With that she lifted her skirt to expose white cotton knickers which she proceeded to peel off and toss over her shoulder. “See” she said, “easy as that.” Well of course I did the same and dutifully (but wobbly) went to be lookout. I stood there with my back to her, listening for the sound, desperate to turn around but being too scared of frightening her off. Suddenly she laughed again “if you’re going to get your revenge, you’d better be quick!” Oh my God!! I’d been given permission! With alcohol fuelled courage I spun round (nearly falling over) to catch a partial glimpse of a hairless pussy! I couldn’t believe it, I nearly passed out again! On the inside, adrenaline went into overdrive, my heart beat was pounding in my ears and I’m screaming at her to show me more, I was desperate to know if she was like me. For as long as I can remember I’ve always completely shaved my pussy and the thought that she might do the same was mind-blowing. On the outside I let the alcohol take the lead, giggled and made some silly comment about getting my revenge. When we got back to the tent, she grabbed another tin and handed it to me with a cheeky smile saying, “You look thirsty.” I had no idea what would happen next time, but I was desperate to try and have another look at that shaven pussy. It was an amazing experience sitting there in the afternoon sun with no knickers on, feeling the breeze on my naked skin which was getting wetter and wetter, knowing that if I slightly repositioned myself I might just be able to get a glimpse up her skirt. But I still didn’t know what her agenda was and was still scared of frightening her away. After wanting to pee for some time I finally built up the courage to tell her. “Mmmm, me too!” she smiled and led the way into the woods, but deeper this time. As I squatted down she said: “can I have a closer look this time?” Trying to stay calm I managed to pant a “yes” and before I knew what was going on, she was kneeling right in front of me, her hands on the insides of my knees, gently moving my legs apart as far as they would go and was staring intently between my legs! I froze, oh God, please don’t let me pass out and miss this!!! She moved here eyes up to stare into mine “go on” she said. Oh believe me I was desperate for a pee, but this was also the horniest moment of my life, there I am in the middle of woods in the afternoon completely and utterly exposed to the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on! The two situations are just not compatible! She looked back down at me and after a second or two of physiological turmoil I was finally able to start peeing. As I did, I noticed her breathing getting deeper, her breasts were moving rhythmically and rapidly and her nipples were even more prominent. Suddenly she did something which completely took my breath away, she brought her hand down into the stream of my pee. My instinct was to stop, but there was no way I could, I was too drunk and too desperate, there was nothing I could do but to pee on her hand. But it didn’t stop there, she brought her hand up until she was cupping me. It was the most incredible experience, feeling the pressure of her hand against me and the hotness of my pee washing over me. Now I couldn’t stop peeing, AND I was nearly coming! Once I’d stopped, she slowly removed her hand and smiled up at me. Alcohol had now taken control of my confidence, I smiled back and said “my turn now.” But she didn’t need any encouragement, we swapped places and she squatted down, positioning herself with her legs fully open. The vision in front of me was exquisite, I leant in to take a closer look at what I can only describe as the most incredible, pale pink, glistening, orchid, without any trace of hair. With the slightest twitch she began to pee. All I could do was stare, I wanted to remember every second, record every detail. Before I knew what was happening she had finished, and trembling, I reached out and stroked away the last few drops. We got back to the tent and laid outside on the ground sheet. The sun was setting and we were watching the stars come out when she glanced at me with that twinkle in her eye and said “I don’t know about you but I really fancy a wank.” I giggled and nodded and we scrambled into the tent. She started peeling the remainder of her clothes off and I followed suit. She was a beautiful sight, slender and firm with full breasts and petite nipples. She lay there stretched out with her head resting on one hand, running the fingers of the other delicately over her body, hardly touching it. I told her I wanted to watch her, which she seemed to approve of as she let out a small moan, closed her eyes and drew her legs open. I was so horny I was shaking and panting but I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She started running her fingers over the moisture between her legs, her lips were swollen and darker pink and she looked even more like an exquisite orchid. Every so often she’d dip her finger in slightly to collect more moisture, which she continued to massage in. Her breathing was getting deeper and her moaning louder until her fingers moved to more defined circular movements over her clit. She brought her other hand down and placed the two middle fingers inside herself but also rubbing them against her pee hole. The sight was incredible, I could feel the wetness running down my thighs as I watched her squelch and moan and work on her clit. Suddenly she was arching her back, panting and making that sound that says ‘this is going to be an amazing orgasm!’ She collapsed back laughing and I told her how beautiful she was. After a while she sat up next to me, looked me in the eyes and said “It’s your turn now.” She laid me back and opened my legs, I’d been so close to coming all day that I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out for long, but I was desperate to make it last. She lay out to the side of me resting her head on my thigh, moving her face in so close I could feel her breathing on me. I was panting and moaning with anticipation, the sensation of each breath was like an electric charge building up and up, I was gripping at the sleeping bag and thrashing my head. Suddenly she lowered her mouth onto me and with the lightest touch possible caressed my clit. I don’t know how much time passed till I started to let out that tell tale sound, but at that point she gently added her fingers and I exploded into the most amazing, electrifying, convulsing orgasm I’ve ever had. It was day light when I woke up, but I didn’t open my eyes, I wanted to re-live as much as I could of that incredible dream. But as I lay there I realised I was in a tangle of arms and legs and breasts. My eyes shot open and I found my self staring into the face of my dream. She broke into a sleepy grin and said “I’m busting for a pee!”
Written by Flufflystar

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