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A story with a kinky twist in the tale...…




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By Sally_Rod OP Find posts by Sally_Rod TV/TS
2 weeks ago


"You look like you're off to the nightclub, not the local corner shop..."
"Well, you know I like to keep up appearances, we all need to make an effort during lockdown."
As I touched up my bottom lip with another d… Read more

Your wife's interested in being used? Other

Your wife's interested in being used... then let me suggest a start... Let me know if you're genuine and interested..…

Well, after we agree to meet out for a few drinks and we end up back at yours; to cut a long story short we'd get to the fun time fairly soon.

Possibly in your bedroom - maybe even just on the stairs on the way.

We'd start slow - a lot of petting etc. Then we'd get a bit more rough, I'd slap her boobs and gently bite her nips - she'd feel the excitement rising. She'd be waiting to get it in the bottom as this was the one thing her and I tal… Read more

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dreams Other

face cum…

Hi .
I keep having dreams of having sex about cum in my face,but would like to guy with Loads of Cum..
but also would like a girl also
but I like it?
But mainly ?… Read more

The Discarded (An Allegory) Other

She had grown up in the time of The Evolving. A descendent of The Endurables, but she found herself lost and desperate in the time of The Disposables.

She had spent her life trying to forge her own path. She had a reverence for the long legacy of human history that started with The Eternals – those great people of the origins of philosophy, geometry, astronomy and astrology. She completely revolted against The Everlasting – who had brough… Read more

The Minor Key (a parable) Other

One of her favourite stories growing up was Tubby the Tuba. A charming tale about a Tuba in a symphony who dreams of playing a melody line, like all of the other wind instruments in the orchestra. She felt an affinity with Tubby, she longed to find her own melody, but it was elusively out of reach.

She was always the outsider looking in, and she didn’t understand why. She didn’t see herself as different, but everyone else did. The notes s… Read more

Hostel Other

It was just another ordinary day, another beautiful hot sunny afternoon laying round the small intimate pool wiling away the day. Mike the old retired guy from Leeds had done his usual trip to the supermarket and the cold beers were going down nice n slow. Neil the guy from Manchester was talking about his ex and saying they were splitting up when he got home. Big Andy the former football hooligan also from Leeds was telling stories of his past. … Read more

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Ophelia - any port in a storm - the S4I storm bunker ... Other

aside: there was no genre 'pisstake' or 'comical' and this is entirely meant in that vein with no intended offence to any characters referenced.

Within the storm bunker that Swing4Ireland had offered those who had been lucky enough to see the post that early were spread throughout the salubrious bunker facility. Up the steps outside, it was like a scene from a disaster movie - bright sunshine, blue skies, leaves flying around in the wind as t… Read more

Catching up with ex fiance Other

I've read some of the stories on this site and thought i'd add mine to the library for your judgement. Keep in mind, this is a true story from my life that has happened some time ago. It is an experience that was so immense that it has burned into my memory, not a week goes by without me recalling the feelings I've had that night.

A little back story. I was engaged to this girl, let's call her "Fyre". We got engaged early in our lives, but lov… Read more

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Cuckolded by Jill Again Part 5 Other

Jill climbed off my cock. She had strappy platform stilettos on that I hadn’t noticed. She tip-toed around to the base of the bed in her new slutty shoes, where my head was. Mark and Brian joined her. She kissed both, as they groped her body. Mark removed her pvc bra, and she moaned with him sucking on her nipples. Their hard cocks pressed up against her, as they fingered her pussy.

Jill climbed on the bed, arching her body over my hea… Read more

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Toby's Sexual Journey - Chapter 2 - "His First Time" Other

Toby was adamant that his days of wanking followed by sobbing were about to come to an end. The only way to stop his semi naked step mother entering his wank bank at the crucial time was to have sex with an actual real woman. His new job at the local paper felt like a natural turning point in his life and Amber, his non old, non fat and non ugly colleague, seemed like the perfect person to end his self love misery. Today was the the day he would … Read more

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House ally Fantasy Other

I've a very sexy fantasy I'd love to make happen with Vix.
We would arrange a male (single or married) to meet Vix late at night in the ally beside our house.
She would have sexy dress, heels and be enjoying a sexy smoke.
He would arrive and she would go down on him and make him all hard. She would then put a condom on him with her mouth.
She would then light up another cigarette and he would fuck her in ally while her legs are pinned up … Read more

Cuckolded by Jill again Part 4 Other

She went over to sit on Marks knee, who was watching from the armchair. “I’m glad you enjoyed listening to me fuck Mark over the phone, and licking Brian’s cum from my pussy. “Brian? I thought this was Mark”. Brian was Marks friend, she explained, as he played with her tits. “since you weren’t up for sharing me with a guy, I asked Mark to organise one earlier, and he suggested Brian. He’ll be here in a while, and Mark and Bri… Read more

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Toby's Sexual Journey - Chapter 1 - "Still A Wanker" Other

Toby was new at the paper, straight from his journalism degree. It was a local paper, a rag in all honesty, but it was a start. Most of his new colleagues were hacks, but worse than that they were fat, old and ugly. This was normally not a problem for Toby who was partial to storing a mature plumper in the wank bank in his college days. But this collection of co-workers were so foul the thought of even one of them would cancel out the effects of… Read more

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was i mad? Other

well I didn't know weather to tell this one or not but here we go
I'm Amsterdam a few weeks ago on the first night we went to the hotel bar for a night cap not too late but we were shattered from such an early start it was 11pm sitting in the back in a dark spot chatting away when a 30something guy came over ...heard your accent your irish love the irish and say with us told us he worked in the kitchen I noticed he was very touchy feely w… Read more

cuckolded by girlfriend part 5 Other

She threw her cum stained panties at my chest, and they fell on my lap. “And you can have these to wank on, while Phil takes my pussy”. I grabbed them and hid them from the other diners. When did she take those off, I thought. Must have been in the toilets.

Two weeks ago, I had a cheating girlfriend, but now I had a hotwife girlfriend. We returned to the hotel room. She told me she was meeting Phil alone now, and that she had to ge… Read more

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Cuckolded by girlfriend part 4 Other

Things had been going well since Jill had cuckolded me with James and Phil in one night. I think she felt a bit guilty and was making it up to me with regular hot fucking sessions.
On Friday morning, after an early morning blowjob, she was getting dressed for work. I noticed she was putting on one of her suspender belts and stockings.
"I think you'll be late for work Jill", we don't have much time for sex.
"oh I'm not fucking you now, I'm alre… Read more

cuckolded by girlfriend part 3 Other

I grunted and she removed the thong from my mouth. I probably could have just spat it out, but I was enjoying the domination too much.

"Show me you did it". "How I sat on the bed for James?" She agreed as she was relieved that I was taking it this well. She got off me and tole me leave the room so she could get dressed again, without me watching.
When I re entered she was posing beside the bed in her black stilletto heels, a pair of fishnets,… Read more

Photography fun Other

My girlfriend S 30,5 ft 7, size 8 , slim with great legs and 34C boobs is a real stunner. She is very active and outgoing and keeps really fit. S and I have been swinging a good while now and have had loads of fun adventures.

Her most recent catch was with a young photographer. She went to a photography course that she bought online and met an amateur photographer who was starting off in portraits. He is in his 20s ,nice looking guy - she lik… Read more

cuckolded by girlfriend part 2 Other

I was so horny to know what she had done, I would have agreed to anything. I told her "please tell me, I'll do it".
Without hesitation, she jumped up and lowered her used spunky pussy on my face, facing my cock. The aroma was intense, the pussy juice, the cum, the sweat, the smell of cock. I could see the dried up cum on the outside, I licked it clean.

She started playing with my cock, "enjoying that baby?". "clean it all up". Her pussy start… Read more

cuckolded by girlfriend Other

My girlfriend was out for night on the town with friends, and said she'd call over to my place after. She said she wanted to show me her new suspender and stocking set. At 2am, I got a text, saying she'd be later than expected as she was going to a house party. I snoozed off shortly after.
Around 7am, I was woken up to the sound of her coming in, high heels clicking on the tiles. She kicked off the shoes and jumped into bed beside me in her litt… Read more

Me and my BFF Other

My best friend and I met each other in our late teens, we were two peas in a pod and were known as head cases as we were always out

for a good time.We drank, [Content Removed] and snogged and fucked fellas over the years.She cheated in relationships and so did I. Life

was for the taking back then and we really took it back then!

Fast forward a couple of years and she was with someone new and so was I, our relationships were dull and pa… Read more

unexpected Other

on a holiday in spain some years ago we got friendly with a Cpl from uk we met them by the pool with their young family ,there was a pool side quiz and she (36) won the prize (school teacher so no surprise there)it was a spa treatment for 2 in a local saloon in the town,
she came over to our apt next morning asking if I would go with her as her hubby had the kids at the beach,i was up for it and off we went,we went in not a bad place clean a li… Read more

Weekend fun Other

Last weekend Sara and I visited London for a break, and it certainly was an exciting one. On Friday after we checked in we went for a drink in the bar to relax for a bit, we struck up a conversation with an elderly man from Trinidad, he was waiting in the hotel until his son picked him up later in the day. He was in his late seventies, but was in great shape and a really warm and pleasant man. His name was Cyril, and the best way to describe him … Read more

Swinging around the World,., Part 2 Other

We left Paul and Ann and ventured down to the spa area where they only allow 5 people at a time in and 2 couples were in there. I love a spa, off you go CB said.. have fun, so I jumped in and he watched, instantly the couples got excited with a new player in the Spa. Meanwhile CB was chatting to 2 girls he was happy they disappeared into the steamroom. The sex talk and laughter started over the sound of bubbles both couples wanted a piece of me … Read more

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New friends Other

Sara and I were on a short break abroad and having a really nice time, just sightseeing and shopping. On the Saturday night we had dinner and returned to the hotel to chill out. We were in the bar which was busy with lots of other tourists, and as Sara is very outgoing it wasn't long before we found ourselves in the company of two German couples who were there as part of a business conference. One couple, Petr and Maite were about mid 50's, while… Read more

Teaching the student Other

A friend of ours places foreign students and was let down at the last minute, as we have spare rooms we stepped in to accommodate a young French lad called Henri. He was very pleasant and fitted in really well. Sara is very outgoing and made it easier for everyone. On his first weekend we took him sightseeing, which involved a lot of walking and when we got home in the evening everyone, especially Sara was tired. I said I'd make some food and Sar… Read more

I like to watch Other

My husband and I dabbled with threesomes in the past so when we go to Dublin for our sexy weekends we r on the lookout. At the hotel bar one night my husband pointed out the guy on the other side of me was checking me out, I looked good short low cut dress so tits were out there and so nearly was my fanny. Hubby winked at me to do my thing... he goes off so I turn around to talk, flirt and touch my stranger... drinks were bought and having fun.… Read more

Sexiest night of my life (part 2) Other

I sat on a chair at the end of the bed. I was light headed with the excitement of what I'd just witnessed. Siobhan lay on her back, her thighs slightly parted and I could see her pussy with a little dribble of Jason's cum running down to her arse hole. She was still breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath. The skin all over her body was flushed looking and slightly damp with sweat. Jason lay beside her, his arm was outstretched behind her h… Read more

Sexiest night of my life Other

For years I've fantasised about watching my wife with another man. We chatted about this fantasy from time to time and we had many a wild night of passion teasing each other with this fantasy, but ultimately my wife, Siobhan, ruled out the possibility of ever going through with it. You see, she's a little shy and felt she would never be comfortable getting naked with another guy, much less getting down and dirty with him! I had long given up on t… Read more

miss behaving Other

ok my huby asked me to write something that may or maynot be true ,,,u make up ur own mind,13 yrs ago living and working in dublin on nights i made friends with this one girl mad sort full of naughty chat and flirting,one might i confessed i would love to be totaly sub and get a little spanking.many weeks passed and we were to meet in a pub for a drink on our night off i was waiting and her hubby came in and sat beside me,she is not out tonight … Read more

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