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Erotic Stories

Exploring your own erotic fantasies or a partner's sexual imagination can be a liberating experience. Sensualising with one another can truly add that extra spark between the sheets and change everyday sex into a passionate mind-blowing pleasure.

Erotic experiences in swinging include dressing up roleplay, adding another person into the bedroom and group gangbangs.

Explore our erotica collections below and share your own pleasures.

Bedroom Window Part 2

Good neighbor to have

Sorry guys, sorry it took so long to post part 2 of this story…… I’ve been involved with a woman for the last few months, she introduced me the world of Dogging. But that’s another story. Bedroom window part 2……… So, I got back form the shop at 2.30pm, th...

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Bedroom Window

What a Shower can do

So Guys......Took a while to write this. At the start of the year I moved house, I found a terraced house on the suburbs, thank god I knew the owner... so got affordable rent, only downside it comes unfurnished. Anyway start of the year, still dark in the...

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The Switch

Yes Mistress

'Collar up, Sub' 3 words that can set off a range of emotions. Excitement and anxiety just to name 2, I picked my phone up and walked to the stairs, I had 10 minutes to get into position, I started to undress, shoes off, then my favourite skinny blue jean...

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Rainy evening

...warm raindrops flowed down our faces...

We went for a walk in the forest. When we came back, it was already dark and suddenly it started to rain, but we didn't mind. We walked and warm raindrops flowed down our faces... We came to the edge of the forest, I stopped you and started to dance, jump...

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You're already waiting...

I whisper in your ear...

You're already waiting for me. I'm getting ready for you. Strong makeup, high heels, erotic lingerie hidden under the bathrobe for now. Hair down, just the way you like me in it. I walk slowly into the bedroom...I think you're asleep. I bend down and kiss...

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London Calling

It's all about family...

The start of another month meant another business trip. I work at the European headquarters for one of those big American tech companies that are taking over the world and my role includes going to the different European countries in turn to let them know...

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Married Lady

Best ever

Well seem that it is work Christmas party season at the moment I’ll share a story from my own work Christmas party from a few years ago. So because we all worked in the hospitality industry our Christmas party was held after Christmas, we all met up in ou...

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I never knew I liked that taste

This all took place during the single days of my early thirties. I was hopeless at meeting girls on night's out and in fact had very few sexual partners other than a couple of long term relationships where the sex had always been boring, or at least had g...

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My head sliding down You standing Against the wall pining Blind of what s happening. You feel my hand On your neckCarressing. Feeling a sensation of Cold running A ice in my hand Rubbing your tits Hot and cold feeling. My head going down Slowly In your ba...

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Just the Two of Us and a Couple of Friends

Foursome for the first time part one

It’s late in the evening we’re sitting in a nice bar sipping on a relaxing drink…. “You look good enough to eat” you whisper in my ear. “That better be a promise” I laugh as I see our new friends order a drink at the bar. When they join us at the table I...

Hi guys I have to tell you about our night While mr c and I (mrs c) have had some lovely meetings with both couples and singles I reveal this one Last weekend we booked a hotel in Athlone and had been chatting to new member 12 over the week What he was of...

Another milestone on the journey

Have you got a drill...and wear the blindfold.

A couple of weeks passed before I saw Paul and Laura again. They had returned to England for a family event and were back for a swim and sauna. I had tried to do a bit of reading on the power dynamic within their relationship and where I fitted and how I...

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Over here now!! It was his turn to be dominant and I had to obey no questions asked. Sit between my legs now. Wearing stockings suspenders and Lacy bra heels just as he liked. I sat between his rock hard thighs. He started kissing my neck cupping my tits...

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The Blowjob

When you can't resist, no matter who is watching.

As she dragged my open pants down, the momentum pulled my stiffening cock downwards with them, until it eventually snapped free from its constraints and recoiled upwards, stiff and rigid, bouncing and swaying at her eye level. She glanced up at me and gri...

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Bigcock 10

My mates recent ex

The pic says it all

Where do I start Christ So my mate best mate the like a brother mate recently split with his gf long term gf He was devastated she came across devastated aswell anyway myself and my mate went out on a mad one this Saturday got absolutely smashed drunk I w...

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