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Another milestone on the journey

"Have you got a drill...and wear the blindfold."
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A couple of weeks passed before I saw Paul and Laura again. They had returned to England for a family event and were back for a swim and sauna. I had tried to do a bit of reading on the power dynamic within their relationship and where I fitted and how I was chosen, I think the local librarian though I was some kind of deviant, maybe I was.

They asked of I could help assemble a frame in their house, and that there might be a requirement for a drill, so we arranged the following Saturday I would call by with a few tools to help Paul assemble the frame. In the spare bedroom we unpacked an pile of metal work with quite nicely slotted together into a restraint device. It was placed in the centre of the room fixed to both floor and ceiling, with moveable and adjustable straps for restraining.

When we finished we had a coffee, chatted a bit about the pressure of Laura's job and their plans after the project finished and returning back to England. After a while I headed off, we had made no plans.

I was to a degree a creature of habit, and had a regular group of friends and we would meet up in a pub just of Grafton Street. That evening as normal I headed into town for a pint or two and a bit of banter. I was a couple of beers in and low and behold who is standing next to me but Paul, I I introduced him to my friends, and he joined in with he chat, neither of us spilling the beans so to say. It was not too late in the evening and he suggested that Laura would be waiting back at their's and before it got late we might join her. She was anxious to put her new toy to use.

I was aware that if I stayed much longer I might have too much alcohol on board, and it might be opportune to bail out and join them. We headed up to the taxi rank, and headed back to their's. On arrival I was dispatched to the shower to freshen up, half sober up also, those days pubs were smoky locations. Paul stuck his head and handed me a razor, "cock and balls shout if you help", it was a bit difficult to be honest but I managed, a little raw first time.

I entered the spare room where the restraint was and Laura was there dressed in suspenders Basque cat mask, the works. She watch me as I dried off and the asked me to stand within the frame. She proceeded to clamp my arms and feet, my arms were slightly raised and my legs apart, initially my legs were a little uncomfortable but I soon got used the stance.

Laura then placed a blindfold on me, she then told me the safe word, "what's a safe word' I asked, she laughed and explained. This was all new to me. She then said she was going to place some ear buds in so I would have even more sensory deprivation, I was a little nervous but feck in for a penny...

The first sensation I felt was my nipple being touched, my something soft, felt like lips caressing my nipple, then my groin was touched, a hand run gently down the inside of my leg, I could feel my heart pounding, then nothing, my back being touched , maybe a feather, something soft, then what felt like silk running over my shoulder and around my neck and down the other side. Then both nipples being slightly squeezed, a hand them running down my stomach and caressing my balls and cock. Then I felt two hands massaging my back, wow, I thought who's that they were both now working different parts of my body, I had no idea who was where...what a buzz...I didn't think I would be here where I was...but this was good. I was worked with the feather and the silk scarf slowly and methodically my body being touch with 4 hands, never knowing what part was next, I felt lips on my balls, my cock enveloped with lips, my bum cheeks being kissed, then my back every inch of my body was be caressed in turn. I was shaking with anticipation and ecstasy.

I felt my cock being held, then from behind one ear bud removed, " just let it all release don't hold back too much" Paul whispered, the ear bud was replaced, and although I could still hear some noises everything was very muffled. My back was being tickled by a feather and also being massaged by a hand, then I felt from the front a hand placed on each hip, my cock was then in a hand reached round and squeezed my nipple, my cock was being worked on, a hand on the inside of my legs moving up cupping my balls, slight pressure on my balls, but not to hard...all stop.


Minutes pass...

The feather again on my nipples, fingers tapping on my back, the feather up and down the front of my body, lips kissing everywhere left right top bottom not sure where next, a hand grips my cock from behind I think or side not sure, starts to work my penis, slowly at first, I feel lips on my back hands massaging and touching my legs and chest, lips on my nipples my ears the rhythm increasing , I feel a fabric of some kind wrapped around my cock, stoke length and squeeze increases I am starting to shake, my body suspended by my arms as my legs are getting weak...I feel the grip from either side of me as their 2 bodies move and wrap around me, the first time I feel the skin of the body's next to mine they hug me tightly from either side, holding me upright and tight to them. I explode, my cock is still being worked on, I am being totally drained, my legs collapse and I am suspended by my arms.

A few moments pass, I recover my stance and the ear buds are pulled out and blindfold is undone, Laura, undoes my arms as Paul undid my feet, "did you enjoy that" Laura asked, "did you really need to ask"...I answered.

Laura an Paul then said they where going to do some one on one play with each other, but wanted me to watch, as they had more plans for me. I was intriqued. They headed into their bedroom, there was a chair in the corner and I sat down. Paul lay on the bed as Laura opened a chest of drawers beside the chair I was sitting on. She pulled out a strap on dildo, and stepped into the strap, she turned and smiled as she pulled it into place and tightened the strap. Paul pulled a bottle of lube from the bedside locker and rolled over onto his stomach and then onto his hands and knees, and shimmied to the end of the bed. Laura said the trick is plenty of lube. Laura lubed both the dildo and Paul's ass, slapped his ass and the slowly slipped dildo in, he groaned with obvious pleasure as she slowly thrusted and gyrated her hips entering a little more each time.

"Greek studies" said Laura turning to me "think about this, I'd like you have this experience, we can take this nice and slow, we have plenty of time. But you have to happy to submit to me."

I couldn't resist starting to notice my now hardening cock, I stroked along with the rhythm set by Laura, in a bizarre case of synchronicity both Paul and I orgasming at the same time .

Back downstairs in the kitchen again we had a glass of wine, Laura and Paul chatted about submission, choice and respect and how they had enriched their lives over recent years. They suggested we would arrange another evening and it would be Laura's turn to be restrained.

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