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You're already waiting...

"I whisper in your ear..."

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You're already waiting for me. I'm getting ready for you. Strong makeup, high heels, erotic lingerie hidden under the bathrobe for now. Hair down, just the way you like me in it. I walk slowly into the bedroom...I think you're asleep. I bend down and kiss you on the lips, neck I touch your torso. I feel you are trembling. The hand goes lower and lower and finds your giant. I touch it gently. You open your eyes, you smile. You want to touch me, but I won't let you, not yet. I throw off my bathrobe. I can see the gleam in your eyes. You look cute in it, bitch - you say to me. I just smile and get wet already. I whisper in your ear that today I will be your whore, you can do whatever you want with me, and I will do whatever you want. I get to your dick, release it from your boxers. I massage it slowly, teasing him my fingernail. I lick the tip of this equipment like the best ice cream. I want him so deep in my mouth. I slowly bring it into my mouth. Mmmm... I press my lips against it so you can feel it clearly. I stuff my throat harder on him, my hand massaging the testicles. I can see how much you like it, how much you like it. You want more? I put it all on, I choke but I like it! -You are my bitch! I like it so much when you say that. I take it out, lick it very carefully, slowly. I press my lips against him and start to suck. I hear a loud panting, you're close. I takes out and licks the testicles. One by one. I put it in my mouth and suck it. I feel like you'll come soon. I put it in my mouth and the first shot goes straight into my mouth. I take it out and wait for the rest. I have your sperm everywhere, on my mouth, tits, hair, in my mouth. I lick it and hear Undress, bitch

Written by AandA

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