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Just the Two of Us and a Couple of Friends

"Foursome for the first time part one"

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Author's Notes

"Catherine Anastasia"

It’s late in the evening we’re sitting in a nice bar sipping on a relaxing drink…. “You look good enough to eat” you whisper in my ear.

“That better be a promise” I laugh as I see our new friends order a drink at the bar.

When they join us at the table I squeeze the inside of you thigh, I’m nervous but excited.

You and He shake hands as you greet each other. She’s less formal and I can tell more nervous as she rubs her palms her skirt before giving me a hug. We compliment each other’s outfits, causing us both to smile. She’s pretty. We feel you both watching us…

“Did these hurt a lot” she asks stroking my fully inked arm… Her skin is soft on mine I smile and take her hand in mine as she reaches my palm. “Not really… but can I tell you a secret….?” As she leans in I whisper in her ear  “I have an insanely high pain tolerance”

She leans back and laughs “Don’t tell my Master or he’ll put that to the test” I bite my lip thinking about his hands on me as both mens attention is drawn back to us.

“Don’t tell me what?” He asks

“I can’t tell” she smirks and you place a hand on my thigh… I’m getting really excited I kiss your neck and whisper to you that I’m ready… “I’m not” you whisper back

“I wanna dance, I haven’t danced in years… shall we” you ask her out and she does.

A strange wave of mixed feelings im hits over me but before I can think about it he’s sitting next to me and saying how sexy your bodies look grinding together…

His hand is on the back of my neck it sends shivers down my spine.

“ I also don’t dance” he laughs noting my silence

“Oh?” God he’s hot… I even more than she is

“We didn’t even have a first dance, I’ve three left legs” His joke is terrible but I laugh anyway

He’s put me at ease… I’m back in the mood for fun… less focused on what I can’t do… more in what I want to do

“I”ve been thinking about this since the first day spoke” his hand is on my inner thigh now mine his on his

“Oh yeah? Me too I don’t know which of you I want to suck first…” I need to feel to go upstairs so badly!

You and her are finally done dancing… we finish our drinks and place the key cards on the table.

301 is the only thing I say. We leave first. In the elevator I squeeze your already hard cock “she’s hot” I whisper as I try to unzip you “you are both very sexy women, but you are in trouble young lady” you grab my hands and I can tell you’re serious.

Inside the room you grab my by the chin and look my in the eyes “you promised nothing would make you feel inferior” then you kiss me passionately “I saw you, never feel like less than a goddess” then you lift me out of my wheelchair and place me on the bed. After you help me change into a really sexy fishnet dress and boots you spank me 10 times “that’s for giving out the keys before I gave permission”

“But daddy I’m so wet!!” You place a finger on my lips… “so you are, not good enough” you spank me once more

Three knocks on the door followed by four it’s them. That’s the agreed signal. They’ve also changed into something more appropriate. They enter, and my Domme side kicks in the first thing I do is ask both men to strip… it never seems fair that women get sexy costumes and men keep clothes on. You and he agree and it’s so much better, both cocks semi-erect… I kiss your tip and then his, she does the same…

While she’s still on her knees I grab her neck I kiss her passionately and she feels my breasts so I touch hers too… we feel you both approach us a cock on either side.. we take turns swapping between kissing each other and sucking each cock. You both have a hand  in each of our hair it’s all so hot and messy and wet… just like my pussy. I moan loudly and one of or both I’m not sure pulls me off.

“What was that” you ask smirking

“Pleasure” I smile with my red lipstick smeared all over my face.

“Pleasure? Nobody has even touched you yet?” He laughs

That’s when we all look down she’s slid a hand up between my thighs and it feels so fucking good

“What?“ she asks I grab her nipple between my teeth and pull before kissing her hard… you pull us off each other and swap partners on the bed

Written by Anonymous

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