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Massage night

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Author's Notes

"Massage night to remember"

Hi guys I have to tell you about our night

While mr c and I (mrs c) have had some lovely meetings with both couples and singles I reveal this one

Last weekend we booked a hotel in Athlone and had been chatting to new member 12 over the week

What he was offering was something that I knew mr c deserved as usually most of the meets are centred around me so skip to Saturday night we in a hotel room showered and waiting and feeling excited and the knock on the door comes

Mr c opens the door and in walks ( just to make it easy I will call our visitor Tom )

So Tom comes in and we chatted a little and explained what we might like I wanted mr c to get the attention while I looked on or took part if I felt like it

So with that sorted

Mr c and Tom striped and I had on just one of mr c shirts open of course 😁

Mr c lay on the bed face down while Tom began pouring oil over his back and started to massage his shoulders and back

I have seen mr c with other men but I believe he never really gave it his all so seeing mr c been rubbed by a naked man was lovely for me

I sat on the edge of the bed making sure that what I had under the shirt was exposed both for my man and Tom

I poured some of the oil on mr c bum and watched as Tom moved his hands down to massage my mans bum

He worked his tumb around the hole and I saw mr c move his hips up to allow more access Tom let his hand move to mr c balls and shaft while still working his tumb around my mans hole

Obviously mr c was loving this and as I watched with pleasure I could see Tom’s own cock grow

I put some oil on my hands and began rubbing my tits and stomach and listen to mr c purr with satisfaction

I walked behind our guest and starting running oil on his bum and under to his balls making sure mr c could watch me do this and seeing his reaction then mr c rolled over on his back as Tom continue to massage my mans cock and balls while placing a finger into mr c arse to milk him

I slid my right hand up Tom bum up to his head and gentle push his head down to my mans cock

Tom took the hard shaft into his mouth and began sucking while still working and massaging his balls

I was getting so excited watching this and tbh I wasn’t used to not been the center of attention I slid my tumb into Tom’s hole and started to wank him at the same speed he sucked mr c

As I said we have had other people in our bed but I never saw mr c been so fully open with another man

Finally I pulled Tom back and as I lay on the bed next to mr c I guided Tom’s cock which I still had a hold of down and into me

Tom pumped me and I loved it with my free hand I wanked mr c and then mr c surprise me he moved up on his knees and behind Tom

Tom nodded and as mr c put oil on his cock Tom’s hand guided him into his arse

My god my man was having sex with another man and I loved it as he pushed into Tom toms cock pushed into me

Then Tom pushed back so he could get to his knees to allow mr c better access and he flipped me around so he could ride me doggie

After a while mr c moved Tom to one side and took Tom’s place in shoving his cock into me but then asked Tom to fuck him

Omg I was so excited I almost blew my load at the thought of what was happening

Tom entered my man and we all fucked until I heard my man cry out that he was going to cum as he did both Tom and I both came

Amazing to love someone but not really understand what they wanted

I loved it

Tom ( newmember12) I can not thank you enough for a wonderful night and we will be seeing you again we both enjoyed riding you and been rode by you 🥰🥰

Mrs c💕


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