Best Night of our Lives Cuckold

Finally watched my wife take all…

For twenty two years I fantasized about seeing her with another man. The fantasy always drove her wild but she would never agree to try it for real. She often enjoyed flashing her tits at truck drivers as we met them on the road or let me flash her pussy as we over took trucks slowly on the motorway at night with her seat laid back.
Then we would fantasize big time about him riding her.

Then one Friday night we arrived at a hotel in Oranm… Read more

Cousins wedding night cuckold Cuckold


So at a cousins wedding just over a year ago after tying the knot with her new husband the fun half of your standard Irish wedding began and before we know it pints became shorts and rounds we’re getting quicker. I ended up just myself and the groom having a yap and a bit of banter. Now I’m not sure how but I’m assuming it was the brandy that made it sound not so weird but it then became him telling me they wanted to make a cuckold video on… Read more

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Recognised on a Swinger site Cuckold

Wife was recognised by her boss on a swinger site…

My wife and I were contacted by a guy who said he was local to us. He told us he loved the photos of my wife and he would like to meet us for fun. We exchanged several messages including photos of my wife. The mystery guy sent pics of his huge hard cock but none showing his face. We discussed fantasies , his stories really turned us both on. After a few hours of exciting correspondence he sent us a message saying he knew my wife very well. He se… Read more

Wedding Fun Cuckold

Naughty Girlfriend…

The Wedding was done in the afternoon & after some food, speeches & steady(ish) drinking we returned to the room to freshen up for the night ahead. She had her 'night' dress laid out ready and knew that I would want her in the full stockings & suspenders attire to compliment the dress.
The night went on with the usual Irish craic, plenty of Guinness and shorts were being consumed. After a few hours we took a few minutes out of the main room and … Read more

Wife's threesome Cuckold

Mmf fun…

Well it finally happened. My wife finally had another man's cock inside her pussy. It happened last week after a lot of fantasising. We were out in Dublin having a night away together for a change. It wasn't planned but after having a great night drinking. We hit it off with a local man who was stood up on a blind date. He was great fun and when he went to the loo my wife turned around to me saying how sorry she felt for him being stood up. Well… Read more

Cuckold Cumbang Cuckold

A fictional story of one woman’s appetite for debauchery and her husbands seemingly limitless ability to accept the relentless degradation…

YOU AND YOU’RE FUCKING USELESS LITTLE DICK" she screeched. "Is THIS what you wanted?" Her face was contorted into a mask of sexual impulse, as slobbery pre cum and spit was flung out of her mouth by the force of her taunting in his direction.
He at this point watched helplessly from the floor as she was being fucked royally by a real man. Laying on his back, secured spreadeagled with spreader bars attached to his wrists and ankles, as his wife… Read more

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First time cuckold Cuckold

She's a stunning red head, slim with nice tits…

Caroline and I have been married 3 years, she is 26 and I'm 28. She's a stunning red head, slim with nice tits and a trimmed bush. For a while now we've been fantasising during sex, and the thing that gets her really hot is when I use a dildo on her and she imagines she's been pleasured by two men. I never thought she was serious but enjoyed the effect it had on her. Recently we were on a weekend away and went into a strip club, we were just drin… Read more

our first cuckold session lol Cuckold

for many years now we have like and toyed with the idea of meeting other people for sex…

for many years now we have like and toyed with the idea of meeting other people for sex. in recent years with the dogging thing coming out and some great amature websites we decided to try something. we really liked the idea but to be honest when it came to doing something we always pulled back a bit, not sure what would happen to us and how we would feel. i am not sure how i would feel seeing him with someone else it would turn me on sure at the… Read more