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Cuckold Stories

A cuckold experience involves a male and female couple, where the female is sexually dominant and in control. She can have multiple sexual partners at her choosing and decide whether to include her male partner on a voyeuristic basis or a consenting submissive involvement. Cuckold is a well known interest amongst swingers.

The prominence of the male partners' involvement tends to lead to his humiliation, seeing or knowing that his wife or girlfriend are being pleasured by other lovers, superior in comparison, fulfilling her sexual needs that he fails to do so. Cuckolding relationships can happen after years of marriage. Cuckold husbands can seek their own sexual gratification hearing about their wife's string of sexual partners, which can strengthen a relationship and bring their own sex lives to a whole new level.

Have you enjoyed being a cuckold or have a tail to share? Declare your experiences by writing your own cuckold story below.


Rathdrum wicklow

Had no ideq where it would go

How the story startered via an online page (john) was his name i drove to a little car park beside a playground he pulled up in a caddy van got talking and he said to me are you right to go john jumped into van shouts out stay close and follow me me drivi...


The best

Had the best night the other night a husband let me use his glorious wife it was my first time and all I am now is hungry for more but it was a one time deal for them🤮

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On one of our residencies in Dublin, my wife arrived one week earlier than I did, and we had already planned for her to meet a gent from here. He requested if he was to pick her up from the airport, all Ashley should wear is a very short dress with nothin...

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Owning His Wife

My first night as a Bull

So back in 2018, I decided to try this lifestyle for the first time and I was luck enough to meet a couple through Kik that wanted the shared experience. They were both lovely and had that look of butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, especially "Kate". S...


Recognised on a Swinger site

Wife was recognised by her boss on a swinger site

My wife and I were contacted by a guy who said he was local to us. He told us he loved the photos of my wife and he would like to meet us for fun. We exchanged several messages including photos of my wife. The mystery guy sent pics of his huge hard cock b...

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Wedding Fun

Naughty Girlfriend

The Wedding was done in the afternoon & after some food, speeches & steady(ish) drinking we returned to the room to freshen up for the night ahead. She had her 'night' dress laid out ready and knew that I would want her in the full stockings & suspenders...

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Well it finally happened. My wife finally had another man's cock inside her pussy. It happened last week after a lot of fantasising. We were out in Dublin having a night away together for a change. It wasn't planned but after having a great night drinking...

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Cuckold Cumbang

A fictional story of one woman’s appetite for debauchery and her husbands seemingly limitless ability to accept the relentless degradation

YOU AND YOU’RE FUCKING USELESS LITTLE DICK" she screeched. "Is THIS what you wanted?" Her face was contorted into a mask of sexual impulse, as slobbery pre cum and spit was flung out of her mouth by the force of her taunting in his direction. He at this p...

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First time cuckold

She's a stunning red head, slim with nice tits

Caroline and I have been married 3 years, she is 26 and I'm 28. She's a stunning red head, slim with nice tits and a trimmed bush. For a while now we've been fantasising during sex, and the thing that gets her really hot is when I use a dildo on her and s...

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our first cuckold session lol

for many years now we have like and toyed with the idea of meeting other people for sex

for many years now we have like and toyed with the idea of meeting other people for sex. in recent years with the dogging thing coming out and some great amature websites we decided to try something. we really liked the idea but to be honest when it came...

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