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Wedding Fun

Naughty Girlfriend


7 minute read

The Wedding was done in the afternoon & after some food, speeches & steady(ish) drinking we returned to the room to freshen up for the night ahead. She had her 'night' dress laid out ready and knew that I would want her in the full stockings & suspenders attire to compliment the dress. The night went on with the usual Irish craic, plenty of Guinness and shorts were being consumed. After a few hours we took a few minutes out of the main room and were sitting by reception. I was getting horny again but there was no escaping early, it's not the done thing so I wouldn't even suggest it. My hand wandered up her leg during some tongue tennis, feeling her stocking top. I pulled away & kissed her neck, momentarily looking up and catching the lad behind reception on his own, probably in his early twenties, staring straight between her legs. I looked away and wondering if he was still getting an eyeful, pulled her legs apart a bit more giving him that perfect view. I glanced back and he was indeed engorged in the free show I was putting on, now all for his benefit. I hoped his cock was hard at the sight and would have continued but we were suddenly disturbed and she pushed my hand away. Walking past on the way back to the main hall I caught his eye and smiled, he coyly smiled back and the seed was set in my mind. It was after 2AM and the main bar had shut but this didn't mean the drinking had. A separate bar room was opened to all guests of the hotel & it was starting to fill up. We were both drunk, who wasn't, but not to the point of falling over so I suggested one more in the side bar & then too bed. I mentioned the blindfold & lingerie upstairs and she was very keen on that idea. Well, obviously, the last pint turned into three & another short. I told her we'll make a sneaky move after this one and went to the toilet which was by reception. On returning I saw the lad who had been ogling her earlier. Feeling brave, in no doubt due to the drink, I made my way to the desk and asked him how he was & did he enjoy the view earlier. Surprising me, he confidently said he did indeed & said how lucky I was to have her. I agreed completely and then in a purely spontaneous act I asked him for a pen & paper. Looking quizzical at me, I wrote down our room number and told him to give it at least half hour and if he was interested in a closer look to come up. He advised me he was on the overnight shift but did get a break shortly but had to be careful as fraternising with the guests was forbidden. I assured him if he kept his mouth shut I would to, and with that, I walked back to the bar. Soon as I returned, I gave her a kiss and said let's go. We somehow managed to sneak off, avoiding any more chance of another drink being offered. As we walked past reception he was no longer there. We headed for the lift and once inside immediately set about each other. Her hands were grabbing at my cock & mine at her breasts, our tongues entwined, before the bing of the lift broke our concentration. We got through the door and she headed for the bathroom giving me time to put the door on the latch, switch the television on for some background noise and get the blindfold & restraints out of the suitcase. Suddenly, I was somewhat sobering up. Would he arrive, I was edging on the side of no but time would tell. She came out of the bathroom, naked but for her stockings & suspenders, and slightly swaying as she headed for me by the side of the bed. She questioned why I wasn't naked as I started to place the blindfold on her, giggling as I did. Her chest heaving & nipples fully erect, I moved between her legs, leaning down to suck and slightly bite them just as she liked. Just at that point, and slightly noticeable above the sound of the music playing on the television, I looked to my left to see he had entered the room. My heart rate quickened. As dorky looking as he was, he looked quietly confident. I put my finger to my lips, he needed to be silent of course, and ushered him to the side of the bed. In moments his trousers and boxers were down and I could see his erection despite just the faint lamp & television being the only light in the room. He had a big bulbous head, just like myself. His cock wasn't as thick as mine but beat me in length if I'm honest I moved back & guided him forward towards her head. Then at that moment, he pushed himself towards her willing mouth, holding his hard length, her tongue darting forward to take a strange cock, licking his obvious pre cum, as she worked his shaft unable to touch of course due to the restraints. I backed off & unashamedly started wanking myself at the sight, pre-cum already leaking from me. After a few minutes, and getting the feeling he wasn't going to last long, I moved forward to pull him away slightly & asked her what she wanted. 'I need cock inside of me' was her adamant reply. Backing off again, he positioned himself between her wide legs. All his Birthdays had come at once he no doubt thought. A stunning woman, stocking clad legs wide open and the most inviting, wet pussy you could hope for. He rubbed the head of his long cock against my girlfriends opening and slipped straight in. I moved over to get the view I craved and he wasn't taking it easy from the off, thrusting into her balls deep. He leaned forward to get those hard nipples in his mouth, licking and sucking them. Her drunken moans and the sight of his big cock covered in all her juices now had me wanking furiously. She wrapped her stockinged legs around him, mouth wide open as if ready to cum on his length and at that point I unashamedly released my load all over the edge of the bed, cumming in droves, my groans all but covered by the music playing in the background. He looked towards me & gave a smug grin at the pervert beside him. Turning back briefly, it seemed like seconds later that said, 'I'm gonna cum'. And she did just as he let out an unfamiliar grunt to her & came hard and deep inside her pussy, thrusting on and on as to make sure she got all his fresh spunk. I doubt he'd ever felt that rush before. Pulling out, he cheekily wiped his cum covered cock on her stocking top and backed away I moved to her right against the bed and leaned down too kiss her. It was then she said the words I wasn't expecting, 'clean me up with your tongue please'. Well, we had spoken about this before, and how I'd like to do this sometime, but it wasn't my load inside of her! But what could I do, and of course the days drinking helped numb any thought process, so I positioned myself between her legs. I looked behind and he had already vanished thankfully. I tentatively licked her stocking top where he had wiped their combined juices and, feeling around them with both hands, I licked her opening all the way up, cum spewing into my mouth. He had indeed filled her up! Strangely getting into it, I cleaned up as much as I could, then moved up to kiss her again, exchanging fluids with our tongues. Both now spent we fell asleep quickly, bodies entwined. Breakfast and goodbyes finished we made our way to reception to hand the door card in. There were two girls behind the counter and as we made pleasantries, he suddenly made an appearance from the door behind, smiling like the cat that got the cream. We both thanked them for the overall service and he coyly remarked, 'You're both very welcome'. With that we exited the hotel.

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