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Owning His Wife

"My first night as a Bull"

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Author's Notes

"This story is 100% fact. Names have been adjusted of course."

So back in 2018, I decided to try this lifestyle for the first time and I was luck enough to meet a couple through Kik that wanted the shared experience. They were both lovely and had that look of butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, especially "Kate". She was a beautiful slim brunette with a fantastic sense of humour but you just knew she had a dirty side to her.

Myself and Kate agreed to meet in a local bar for a drink to have a chat and to make sure we hit it off before going back to their place. She was lovely company and we had banter straight away and I knew I wanted to put my hands on this woman as soon as we got back to their place. We walked back to their apartment and she text her fiance to let him know we were on the way. We got to the door outside the apartment and I couldn't wait any longer, I grabbed her and kissed her so passionately. The look she gave me after that first kiss told me she wanted me right there and then. She opened the hall door and I pushed her against the wall (out of the view of the public) and kissed her again just as deeply breaking to kiss her neck, to run my hands down to her hips and pulling them close to me so she could feel me throb against her.

We broke away, caught some deep breathes and went into the apartment. I met "Dave" for the first time and he ain't stupid, he can see we hit it off and probably knew I'd been all over her in the hallway. We chat innocently for about 5 minutes before it becomes clear that Kate has wasted enough time, she kneels down in front of me and starts to unbuckle my jeans and keeps talking to Dave about the match that he'd been watching until my throbbing cock springs out, she grabs the base, gives him a smile and wraps her beautiful lips around my head and I gasp as she takes half of me in her mouth and swirls her tongue around my head slowly but thoroughly. She pulled me out and slid down lower and devoted her lips and her tongue to my balls while my eyes rolled into the back of my head and before long she was thrusting as much of me down her throat as possible. I grabbed a handful of her hair and guided her rhythm for a few minutes before I realised Dave was rubbing himself, he was quite a bit smaller than me. I looked him in the eye and asked him if he liked what he saw. He nodded slowly. I pushed her head down until I heard her gagging on me, gripping my thighs and slowly shaking her head to try and take more. "Kate's throat is mine now" I say as I pull myself out of her mouth to allow her to take a gulp of fresh air as he mascara streamed down her cheeks. "Isn't that right Kate?" I say to her and she responds with "My throat is yours now" giving my head a kiss and looked Dave in the eye as she stands up, hikes her dress, pulls her underwear down around her ankles, steps out of them and hands them to me with a wink and mutters "and so are they"

I follow her to the bedroom as Dave tries to get his pants together to try not to miss some of the show. He walks into the room where Kate's already on her pulling my head between her thighs. Without going into too much detail, she was the tastiest woman I'd ever met. I devoured her for the better part of and hour that night but I could have gone for hours. It was their first time and he'd asked in advance for me to not linger down there for too long which I could respect (along with all rules of course). But it didn't take long for me to feel her exploding all over my tongue and lips while she held her partners hand. She didn't let go as I lifted her legs on my shoulders and pushed my now insanely throbbing head inside her. She gripped his hand as I pushed in inch by inch. I pulled out to the tip just to tease her which prompted some mild begging and pleading. I gripped her hips and thrust every rock solid inch of myself inside her, pulled out to the tip and thrust inside again and again and again. Running my hands all over her body, gripping her hips with one hand and her throat with the other giving a gentle squeeze during the rough thrusts and releasing to kiss her deeply and softly. I felt myself getting close so I needed to slow it down and flip it.

Kate eagerly turned around and thrust her beautiful ass back at me so I have to have a taste and give her clit a bit of attention with the tip of my tongue. The expressions on her face were too much for Dave to take, he dropped his jeans pulled himself out and thrust into Kate's mouth and I followed suit, burying myself inside her from behind and Kate was spitroasted for the first time in her life. I grabbed her ass, slapped it, smacked it, plunged myself inside her over and over and over again until I knew I couldn't take much more. I told Dave that I was going to cum inside her which literally made him explode immediately which she swallowed like a pro. I grabbed her hair as my thrusts became deeper and more intense. I made sure I held her in a position so that she had no option but to look Dave deep in his eyes as she moaned and groaned and pleaded with me. "Please don't pull out...please...please". I looked Dave in the eye and said "the lady gets what the lady wants" and as he nodded, the largest, most intense load of my life erupted inside Kate. She moaned "yes...yes...fill me up" over and over...and I knew, I knew in my heart and soul that I was now a Bull for life

Written by Anonymous

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