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Rathdrum wicklow

"Had no ideq where it would go"

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"100% happened around 8 years ago rathdrum wicklow ireland"

How the story startered via an online page (john) was his name i drove to a little car park beside a playground he pulled up in a caddy van got talking and he said to me are you right to go john jumped into van shouts out stay close and follow me me driving behind him not know im getting myself in for,short drive we arrived lovely country home 2 or 3 large but friendly dogs.followed john into the kitchen where i lay my eyes on his wife brown/blonde hair small waste nice little titties john walk over kiss her,i was trying to warm myself he then grabbed her hair told her to ger on her knees and called for me i was to the other room she was there on knees giving a good going over i walk closer start touching her naked body she has some of best nipples ever she stops sucking him grabs my meat and goes at while im here getting sucked off my rhis mans wife he come with a bottle of lube and johnnies and says to me you in front or the back so he was jumping her pussy and i was in her ass so hot as ive done rhis .he gets up from under her and says lets fill her ok i said lead the way she was bent over a box or something ass up in air looked good lubed up he goes right into her ass her moan turned me on she shouts you too please couldnt say no for about 10 15 mins we both pumped her ass hole we where getting close i pulled out so did she lay down on a blanket pussy and ass on show she wanted johns cumfirst so he blew his load all over her body my turn a gave her kiss pulled her hair back and shot my load all over face and neck

Still think about this couple if you read and it yous drop me a text

Written by Seanwicklow30

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